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How to do the splits in a month - health and Beauty -

Actionable advice from to improve stretch marks

Ksenia Парфенова8 April 2019 11:207560

Как сесть на шпагат за месяц - Красота и здоровье -

stretching improves zdorovetchi:

Stretching is quite a popular direction of the training. Stretching is useful not only in order to be able to sit on twine. At the same time a good elasticity of the muscles prevents joint problems, pain in back and legs, eases pregnancy and childbirth. Tell the rules of proper stretching.

What to prepare for lessons

For classes you need a Mat of rubber or foam, two foam block for yoga, elastic band and some free space. It is important to do stretching in a well-ventilated room at room temperature of 25-28 degrees. In the cold your muscles contract and relax in the warmth, so you will notice faster result. Wear comfortable sportswear does not restrict movement. In our opinion, the most convenient option — a sports top and leggings, legs thin socks or barefoot.

How much should take a lesson

Better if stretching you will perform after the main workout. It turns out is particularly effective to stretch muscles after a run or quick walk. Never start stretching without a prior warm-up of muscles otherwise you can injure them. Do joint exercises from neck to feet and hands. After the warm-up lie on a Mat and press it — so your body to prepare for exertion, raising heart rate and blood pressure. Recommend training for about an hour — 10 minutes to warm up and a press, 40 minutes at the very stretching and 10 minutes of meditation. To quickly sit down on splits, practice every day.

Как сесть на шпагат за месяц - Красота и здоровье -

do a warm-up before rastaskivat:

What exercises to perform

  • Start stretching with warming up muscles neck and shoulder — do circular movement clockwise or counter-clockwise, sitting on the Mat. Always keep your back straight, trying to connect the blades: good posture — the key to safe stretching.
  • After you do the tilts to the side from a sitting position: get down sideways on one elbow, his free hand pull in the direction leaned. You should feel a stretching of the hips and hands.
  • Then make a "butterfly": put your feet, trying to push them as close as possible to the groin. Hands hold ankles, and elbows push the knees. Can stretch hands forward, trying to drop the stomach on the feet.
  • Then do stretching in the dynamics — it is much more effective than static stretching. Kneel and extend one leg forward, placing the heel and straight at the knee. Bend towards the straight leg, lowering your back straight. You can have a little bounce, and trying every 15 seconds to sink lower.
  • Bend your straight leg at the knee and move it to the weight of the body. Bend the other leg, grabbing the toe with your hand and pull it to the buttocks. Set the phone timer: 1 minute hold in this position.
  • Straighten both legs, sitting in the splits. If you do not get your hands to the floor or Kruglaya back, grab a yoga blocks to lean on them. The body weight should fall on the groin — so stretch the muscles of the pelvis. Otherwise you will stretch the hamstrings, which does not bring splits.
  • Do the same exercise with the other leg.
  • Then turn forward. Bend your knees and spread them as widely as you can. With elbows on the floor or blocks and slowly move back and forth. You should feel a stretching of muscles of the pelvis.
  • Straighten one leg and keep doing the exercise for 1 minute. Switch legs and repeat the exercise.
  • Straighten both legs, stay in this position for 2 minutes.

Как сесть на шпагат за месяц - Красота и здоровье -

each exercise give not less minutetto:

Rules of stretching

During exercise you should feel a slight tension in the muscles. No need to stretch through strength, when you feel pain — this will lead to injury. It is also important to do exercises regularly so that the muscles get used to the load and gradually relaxed. As soon as you notice that they have become easy to stretch, ask a friend to help you — to put pressure on the back to increase resistance and further stretch the muscles.


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