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How to make a beautiful neckline - Beauty and health

Do not envy the girls on the cover, because, knowing some tricks, you can get the same tempting cleavage. will reveal some secrets

Maria Блавацкая9 April 2019 09:161270

Как сделать красивое декольте - Красота и здоровье -

you too can make perfect decollette:

It happens that you look at the girl in the photo in the catalog of lingerie and sigh that you don't have cleavage? About men is not worth saying: the vast majority considered women's neckline almost the most sexual part of women. But don't worry if your neckline is far from ideal, we will tell you how to try to make this area more attractive. In addition, with a revealing neckline, you can divert attention from the problematic parts, for example, from full hips or short legs.

Как сделать красивое декольте - Красота и здоровье -

there are some tweaks which it is advisable, smallfoto:

Choose a bra

In any lingerie store you will have a difficult choice, because the manufacturers are doing all they can to create the perfect model. Some sconce parts, connect the other breast. If your forms are not too lengthy, you can use the good old push-up. His cups are placed close to each other and themselves is quite dense, which gives the desired volume. All this helps to make the very hollow dreams.


Also an important element. Alluring neckline can be done only with the help of lingerie, you're going to show it in public, which means you need a dress or blouse that will be enough to fit your figure, revealing the neck and the area. Believe me, no man will be able to look away.

If the dress is not strapless, make sure that the top part of the bodice is quite tight to the body.

Как сделать красивое декольте - Красота и здоровье -

girls with smaller Breasts is preferable to choose a push-up-bratto:

Small tweaks

One of the most popular tricks resorted to even celebrities. If you want, you can try them for yourself:

- Scotch.

- Cosmetics.

The right style of clothing.

Duct tape works only if you have neat, small Breasts. In other situations it will be useless because they will not be able to hold much weight.

If you decide to use cosmetics, you need a matte powder and bronze eyeshadow. Further all depends on your dexterity. However, make sure that the color of powder not much different from the color of the skin, otherwise all your efforts go in vain.

Как сделать красивое декольте - Красота и здоровье -

a deep neckline requires a special, beliatta:

Choose a neckline

When choosing the neckline, you need to consider the features of your figure, shape and size of the Breasts. If your forms fluffy enough, you can fit the square neckline. The owners of the short neck shows the neck in the form of V. But the girls with smaller Breasts should choose slant cuts, or dresses with bare shoulders.

If you prefer a plunging neckline, a note on bra cups which are connected by a thin strip of silicone.

Discard wide coloured straps, if you choose open models of dresses and blouses. It is better to refuse from strapless, even from silicone, since linen should not be seen under clothes.


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