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How to start running health benefits - health and Beauty -

Helpful advice from coaches and

Ksenia Парфенова9 April 2019 11:52880

Как начать бегать с пользой для здоровья - Красота и здоровье -

running is a great alternative to the gym zulufoto:

When the temperature rises above zero, with snowdrops in the parks appear runners. Aerobic exercise in the warm months — great for sports. Tell how to add regular exercise in daily routines and run with health benefits.

Suitable for running form

No, we're not talking about your figure. Form running is clothes, shoes and accessories that will be useful to you for training. Professional athletes say the most important thing here — sneakers. It must be a model of breathable synthetic fabric with flexible soles on a thick laces or without laces. Jogging sneakers are lightweight, so as not to burden the foot. If to speak about clothes, it is most convenient to do in leggings with a high waist — these pants will not sleep with you while Jogging, distracting from lessons. In the spring we suggest to wear over a sports top shirt light jacket to avoid. Buy a small Fanny pack — it can be folded up water bottle, phone and keys.

Как начать бегать с пользой для здоровья - Красота и здоровье -

buy special running, crossovert:

How to start training

If you're in the gym, start with a brisk walk. At the speed of 5-6 km per hour walk, first 30 minutes, then increase to 60 minutes. Then stick to the allotted 60 minute workout and gradually decrease the walking time by replacing it on an easy run at the speed of 7-8 km per hour. Usually, the adaptation of the cardiovascular system to aerobic training in girls takes 2-3 weeks. In actively exercising women, less than about 2 weeks. When you realize that can easily run 60 minutes at 8 mph, gradually increase speed to 10 km per hour.

How do you motivate yourself to run

No amount of talk about the benefits of sport, but it is difficult to accustom your body to constant stress. To make it easier, set a specific goal. For example, to run 10 km in 2 months. Either pay for the participation in the mass race is an effective practice motivation. To make it easier to get used to running, will give several advantages:

  • A quick weight loss. An hour of running burned 600-800 calories, and after 15-20 minutes of monotonous exercises the body begins to take energy straight from fat. If you eat properly and train regularly, you will soon notice how quickly left the extra inches.
  • Improving the functioning of the brain. During exercise the brain is in tension, because you have to constantly keep under control co-ordination, to plan a course of training and take into account the peculiarities of the environment. Simultaneously, the brain forms new neural connections that reinforce the information received, and in the long term improve memory.

    Как начать бегать с пользой для здоровья - Красота и здоровье -

    running improves nastroenie:
  • The inspiration and motivation. No wonder many businessmen engaged in Jogging. People who run for a long time, say, that noticed the development of useful skills. They have become more creative, interested in and motivated for a result.
  • Meditation. As soon as you accelerate and run at the same pace, heart equalizes pressure and heart rate. You go into a state where both active and relaxed, so you can switch to philosophical reflection and to find a solution long been areas of concern.

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