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How to exercise with an aching back - health and Beauty -

On back pain people complain of different ages, for some it becomes a part of life. European champion figure skater Anna Pogorelaya most of his awards were won with a serious spinal injury and gave advice on what to prefer workout

Vitaly Шанга15 April 2019 12:005790

Как заниматься спортом с больной спиной - Красота и здоровье -

How to exercise with a bad back?Photo:

With a sore back workouts can be and should be, important to be careful and realize that you bear responsibility for your health. Before playing any sport you need to upload "a muscular corset" on the back. Very suitable for this exercises such as "plank", "boat" for the back muscles and the "side plank".

It is undesirable to deal with heavy weights, and carry very heavy bags. When I played sports, I was even forbidden to run, because at this time there is a shock load on the spine. In such cases, I saved the ellipse — trainer, which is a cross between a treadmill and an exercise bike on which you perform the cardio.

Как заниматься спортом с больной спиной - Красота и здоровье -

Skater Anna Pohorilove: materials of press-services

The most important thing after receiving a back injury when restoring is your stop! Always start with the foot — with its warm-up, strengthening and injection! To warm up the feet will fit a tennis ball. Place your foot on it and roll the foot forward and backward, pushing hard at him. Injection of ankle, calf, you will need a small podium, stand on it to heel down, and rise twenty times three times, it will strengthen your muscles of feet and calves. Stop — this is your core, your feet will depend on the health of your entire body. When your foot is overloaded, it will affect the whole body, including the back. When I restored my back with the experts, I first just started to relearn to walk and learned to unload and load the muscles of the ankle.

It is very individual. Again, the main thing — not to despair, when back injuries do sports can and should be. The question is how to do it.

You need to watch how the person moves and what causes these injuries. And then we select the optimal set of exercises for movement without pain and strengthening back muscles. For this there are special clinics. In Moscow not so much. Helped me to recover and get the maximum from the pain in one of them. I went there just under a year, twice a week.

To maintain and to upload your corset back it should be every day, otherwise it will be back to where you started. But how many times a day to repeat the exercises — this is not so important. You can at least half an hour to do the exercises and it will be very good support. But we should not forget that muscles also need stretching, and this will help you to thrusts, folds and posture "mountain". To implement it is quite simple. Stand up straight, feet together. The body weight should be evenly distributed over the surface of the feet. Pull your shoulders back and down, open chest. Tighten your abdominal muscles, push the hips forward (rotate the coccyx). Hands down at sides, palms outward, or fold the palms in front of chest. Pull the neck, reach the top of the head and whole body up. Relax and keep your balance.


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