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Winning heaviness in the legs

A few simple rules that will quickly lead to normal tired legs

A feeling of heaviness in the legs today familiar to most of the people who came out of College age. This is not surprising: sedentary work impairs blood flow in the lower extremities. In women, the normal unpleasant sensations in the legs can be raised and even hormonal changes associated with the menstrual cycle.

Quickly improve condition will help simple exercises. For example, rolling a marble foot (it can be smooth or with soft spikes), rolling from heel to toe in a standing position, actions aimed at stretching the calf and feet. If possible, you should lie down and raise legs above the level of the body and then describe five circles clockwise and five circles counterclockwise foot of each leg. These exercises can be used to prevent discomfort in the legs.

Even though these tips have brought you relief, do not delay visit to the doctor. Heavy legs may be due to varicose veins, flat feet and other conditions that should be kept under control. Timely advice and treatment can help to get rid of much of the unpleasant sensations.

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