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Rules of selection of shoes

Physical activity has benefited, it is necessary to choose the right shoes

Greatly increase the chances of buying comfortable athletic shoes maybe a visit to offline shop. There you can try on all your favorite models and choose the suitable size. Try on sneakers, you must immediately on both legs and try to walk around the room. Please note that the feet in the shoes should be snug (too large can cause leg injuries) but not tight.

If you use orthopedic insoles in sports, take them with you and replace the factory insole. If this kind of sneakers were comfortable — check them one more thought plus.

Be sure to try to bend sneakers along the soles. If this is successful — this couple do not buy. Quality Shoe bends only across. But the arch support you may not need if shoes are purchased for classes in the hall.

It is desirable that the sneakers were not made of the so-called "leatherette" — faux leather. In the foot will sweat. To avoid this effect, will help shoes of leather or modern synthetic materials.

It is not necessary to give money for bad smelling shoes or one which has clearly visible traces of glue, uneven stitches. These sneakers can be short-lived fake.

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