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Irina Turchinskaya: "This is a huge misconception that you have no time for sports"

Nutritionist and Vice-champion of Moscow for body fitness — how to lose weight for the summer

Summer is near, and many, thinking about swimsuit season, start hard to lose weight and exercise. But to be in shape, lead a healthy life should always be. Trainer of the project "Balanced people", a nutritionist and Vice-champion of Moscow for body fitness Irina Turchinskaya constantly proves it by his example. asked Irina how to achieve the desired results.

— Irina, you are participating in the third season of the "Balanced people". Viewers see how to change the program participants. But what did you learn?

In the third season, the first time I encountered a pair of slimming: it is like a child with a four-wheel bike is transplanted to the two-wheeled. (Smiles.) Of course this is good for participants, of course, additional support. But there is one important "but": now these are harder to change. My goal is to radically change the attitude of guys who just need to be born again. Therefore, the fresh weight loss in this case is working against me. And this is a new experience, and new tasks and new challenge for me as a coach.

— Who are the heroes you already managed to surprise?

— Remember mom with son and dad with daughter. In these pairs, it was immediately clear that parents participate in the show just for the sake of their children, although they themselves need help. But generally most impressed how at such a young age to look their children.

Ирина Турчинская: «Это огромное заблуждение, что у вас нет времени на спорт»

Daughter Irina Ksenia finishes school and is tanzanite: materials of press-services

— You keep in contact with former project participants? Made friends with someone really?

— Coaching the main task of "can't" do "able and willing", to the final guys liked to live as we taught. Therefore, the participants of the previous seasons with us no longer consulted, but occasionally I write, tell me how you're doing. For example, Jacob Povarenkin became a coach recently sent me a certificate of completion of coaching courses. In fact, they are already the experts on his body, the coach was no longer necessary. (Laughs.)

— You are a very busy man. How do you relax? Where do you like to go?

— Recently returned from Thailand, and there I was, incidentally, already eight times. The same kind of palm trees and sea, but each time my perception of this country changes. In General I try to see everything as an amazing miracle, to appreciate the moments, because happiness is inside us and depends on us, what colors will be painted the world around us.

— You have time for household chores?

— I have a great assistant — and this is my daughter. By the way, when I returned from Thailand, I was immediately on the doorstep said, "Mom, sit down, you'll get a soup". And she's not asking, not demanding, not suggesting. She understands everything, so everything was happening naturally.

Ирина Турчинская: «Это огромное заблуждение, что у вас нет времени на спорт»

With many participants of the show "Balanced people" Torchinsky continues to communicate after shimokita: materials of press-services

— Your daughter Ksenia is 17 years old. You can say that you guys were friends? Or do you adhere to the scheme of education "parent — child"?

This year Xenia is produced, as you know, this is a difficult period. However, I can safely two weeks to go on vacation and not to worry. By the way, my parents don't understand: "Well, She's still a minor". And I am sure of it, because the daughter is very independent. She knows what discipline is, how to make dinner and take care of yourself, home, about cat. Unlike many other parents I am not totally in control of your child, give them the freedom and She is very proud of this. However, she understands what her responsibility: she decides what is good and what is bad.

One of the main excuses people who don't do fitness, lack of time. What can you advise people who have really "work-home-family-child" from morning to night?

— You can always find at least one hour a day and spend it the most useful. For example, in the morning to do 15-minute exercises and evening exercises (40 minutes). It would seem that only an hour, but believe me, this allows you to run the correct processes in the body and helps the functioning of all organs and systems.

Ирина Турчинская: «Это огромное заблуждение, что у вас нет времени на спорт»

In 2009, Irina lost her husband: sportsman, actor and TV presenter Vladimir Turchinsky died of infertile Sharlovskoe

— Some Housewives think that working at home can replace the sport.

— Training in any kind of physical activity, whether swimming, running, fitness, dancing, nothing can replace. Physical activity must become a daily practice, not an emergency measure "to lose weight" or "get into jeans." This is a huge misconception that you have no time for sport. Everyone has family, work. I don't know the lucky ones who can devote themselves entirely to the care of the body.

— To train better in a quiet pace, or wear?

I know people who go missing in gyms, but never achieve the desired results. Therefore, it is possible to allocate only 15-20 minutes on the same morning exercises, but to fulfill them to the maximum.

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