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Fatigue and lethargy: causes and ways of dealing

If you have no strength in the daily activities, do not write off all the weather changes and magnetic storms — get healthy

The weather changes and magnetic storms, of course, also have an impact on health. For example, the increase in atmospheric pressure leads to the growth of blood. But if you that day could barely get out of bed and doing the work via force, should look for other causes of fatigue.

Part of the reason could be easily eliminated, which will quickly lead to improvement. So, normalization of sleep can make you significantly fitter. Think about what can interfere with your sleep. Perhaps you too long watching soap operas in the evening and you have enough time to rest. Or healthy sleep prevents the noise of neighbors whom you can ask to be quiet or, at worst, to acquire earplugs.

The positive impact can have the use of a larger amount of water, the rejection of coffee in the afternoon, regular exercise and vitamin and mineral complexes.

If these measures do not help, you should consult a doctor, because prolonged tiredness and fatigue can indicate thyroid disease, depression and other health problems. In such cases, the unpleasant symptoms will not go away without proper treatment.

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