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The excess light makes ahead of time

Particularly vulnerable to the negative impact of artificial lighting in the big cities

All the matter in the light pollution — the clouds of light and dust that accumulate around the cities. They do not give the night to be truly dark, prevent us from seeing the stars and sleep well.

Light coming into our bedroom in the night, inhibits the production of melatonin, the substance, youth-preserving body, which supports all biological rhythms, and even providing the prevention of obesity.

Studies conducted in Germany, Russia and Israel showed that increased illumination 30-80% increases the likelihood of developing different types of cancer in mice and rats. It is likely that such a pattern is present in humans.

In order not to suffer from the effects of artificial light, hang it in the bedroom, the blackout curtains, which will be able to find, and close them at night. If the effect of complete darkness was not achieved, buy a sleep mask. Try not to light the main light in the room after 19 PM.

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