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Give battle beriberi simple but effective ways to help your health

Expert beauty and health, business woman and beauty blogger Julia Engel shared with the main secrets of enriching your tired body with vitamins after long winter

How to help skin after winter?

Unfortunately, the spring avitaminosis has not only in our mood but impact on the whole organism. The most notable fatigue, of course, reflects our skin. The blame for the lack of vitamins and hydration, this leads to the fact that the skin becomes dry, weak, looks dull. Most effectively to restore skin health, supporting living skin cells from the inside. If we want to immediately help the body and get visible results on the skin, you should:

1. To drink water. Aging is primarily dehydrated, the cells lose water and the body dries out. Consequently, yourself need to be watered;

2. Cellular nutrition from the inside, because virtually all nutrients come in the skin from the inside through the blood:

one of the best drugs for the treatment of kidney, liver and skin — the artichoke. It can be taken in capsules;

— vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that performs many functions for the skin;

— alfalfa food in capsules, it is rich in vitamins and minerals rejuvenates skin cells;

— selenium = skin health. In order for the skin could avoid aging, it needs to store energy. This is due to the presence in the cells of the enzymes and the main component of enzymes, selenium.

Perfect skin is a healthy body. We can maintain healthy skin from the inside using the above described means. But more profound way:


— healthy eating;


— regular program of cleansing the body;

cell food inside;

— quality cosmetic care.

Enrich the body with vitamins!

What else vitamins to nourish your body during the spring of beriberi, when the sun and the motion is small when often treat SARS, eating monotonous food, and vegetables in storage have already started to grow significantly. Of course, with vitamins and nutrition!

For example, vitamins omega 3 I take is constant, but some dietary Supplements course. But I strongly object to you yourself picked up his vitamin complexes, more efficient and safer to trust in this question the doctor. Though, because vitamins and minerals are best taken at different times of the day, because some substances can slow the absorption of the other, and Vice versa.

If you for some reason against supplements, it from early spring to include in your diet as many herbs, sprouted grains, all types of cabbage, cereals, dried fruit, flax seeds, nuts, fish, cold-pressed oil. Instead of tea, I suggest brewing Rowan, rosehips, cranberries, correctly using only hot water, not boiling water cool. Also take care of the liver — its primary role in the metabolism of vitamins, to drink more water, eat leafy vegetables to add to meals milk Thistle. Try to minimize processed foods — often use a steamer, bake vegetables, meat and fish in foil, eat only freshly prepared foods!

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