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Synthetic vitamins can be harmful

Scientists suspect that these substances accumulate in the body

To drink vitamins if not year round then at least in the offseason, has a habit of Russians. It is believed that preformed vitamins can replace those that we did not get from food. Pharmaceutical companies also claim that vitamins improve our health, give courage and protect from colds.

Today synthetic vitamins are not only in the composition of pharmaceutical preparations, but also in many food products. They are added to the curds, yoghurts, breads and so on.

But recent studies show that the absorption of nutrients from synthetic vitamin complexes is significantly harder than the absorption of vitamins from vegetables and fruits.

Moreover, the American scientists came to the conclusion that some components included in the composition of tablets and capsules, can accumulate in our body and lead to problems with health. So, among the negative consequences of taking vitamins called poisoning of varying severity.

Scientists recommend not to panic and not to remove from the diet all foods and drugs containing synthetic vitamins. But take care of getting most of the nutrients of real food would be nice.

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