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Exercises that harm women's health

The work in the gym can not only adjust the shape, but also lead to gynecological problems

As we would not want to feel equal to men in everything, in some areas of life still should not try to fit in. Thus, certain types of physical activity that is valid for men, women's body will do more harm than good.

We are talking about exercises with weights, gaining popularity among Russians. Yes, they do help to quickly build muscle. But, for example, squats, deadlifts, lunges with the load and other exercises with free weights adversely affect the condition of the pelvic floor and lead to the omission of internal organs. Particularly harmful heavy lifting in the critical days.

Overdo it with the loads you can get incontinence when sneezing or laughing and even problems requiring surgical intervention.

Exercises with free weights, done incorrectly or in too large quantities, cause damage to the spine, for example, may cause displacement of the vertebrae and the formation of intervertebral hernias.

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