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With a dream about India have collected the best beauty tools that will remind you about this beautiful country

Since the days of Vasco da Gama, and then Afanasy Nikitin mysterious India Manila to themselves travelers from around the world. Say, from someone who has visited this country once and for all change the perception. In such delicate matter, we are not going to go and talk today about the Indian beauty.

It is believed that the basic principles of safe and at the same time incredibly effective cosmetics have been formulated by the Indian experts on Ayurveda for over six thousand years ago. The main principle: as part of all funds must be exclusively natural ingredients — flowers, herbs, milk, fruits and vegetables, and powders (Basma) precious metals, stones and minerals.
Today, these principles successfully used by beauticians of all countries. So to touch a little to the ancient beauty the culture of India, not necessarily to go to distant journey. We will tell you about those tools that you can find in Russia.

Collect cotton

After a protracted cold weather our skin requires active hydration. Of course, you need to fully review the contents of their cosmetic bags, changing day and night care. And for extra assistance perfect alginate masks, which every year appears more and more fans.

С мечтой об Индии

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In a base of moisturizing algae mask "India" from the Russian brand GI BEAUTY — flower extract, cottonseed and avocado oil. The extract is produced from the cotton grown on the plantations of India. This ingredient is responsible for the formation of high-grade collagen, and normalizes intracellular metabolism, increases cellular immunity. And avocado oil, which is a storehouse of nutrients, vitamins and minerals, nourishes the skin, restores damaged and weakened cells.

The mask is sold in powder form: it is only necessary to pour the contents of room temperature water, stir to avoid lumps, and apply to the face. Wait for about twenty minutes. If you feel a tingling sensation, then everything goes fine: this is a normal reaction of the skin to the influence of biologically active substances. When the mass hardens, it will turn into a rubber mask that is easily removed in one motion. Oh, and don't forget: the effect of the application of the mask will be more noticeable, if you pre-applied before a serum or a nourishing oil.

Specialists advise to use this mask two to three a week. But the result — soft, hydrated, velvety skin will be noticeable after the first time. Tested!

Lotus flower

Since ancient times in the Indian cosmetics used Lotus extract. Because it is rich in flavonoids — natural antioxidants that contribute to the preservation of health and youthful skin. Lotus extract tones and restores the skin, strengthens intercellular membrane and enhances blood circulation. Therefore, in India, the Lotus extract used for skin whitening, get rid of dots and spots on the skin, as well as to moisturize. But today's cosmetic industry professionals rely heavily on this ingredient to their vehicles.

С мечтой об Индии

Photo: materials of press-services

It is the Lotus extract contained in the line MAKE-UP EXPERT from NIVEA for a simple and effective care for different skin types the use of makeup. 2-in-1 moisturising cream fluid with vitamin E to protect normal and combination skin. 2-in-1 moisturising cream fluid with calendula extract cares for dry and sensitive skin. In addition to the primary care created a cream with grape seed oil for sensitive skin around the eyes. Every woman can choose the tool that is appropriate for her skin type, and will be in complete confidence: it will get a full daily care.

Coconut Paradise

Coconut oil in India is used as food for hair and for skin body and face. Also coconut oil is a natural sunscreen protection from harmful UV rays. That is why before you go on holiday in a hot country, you should prepare your skin. For example, to go to the Solarium. But definitely taking this for a couple of jars.

С мечтой об Индии

Photo: materials of press-services

From MegaTan there is a whole line of "Coconut Tropic", the products which help to get the perfect shade, to prolong its durability and at the same time to moisturize the skin. Lotions for tanning from MegaTan provide effective sunburn, as carefully caring for the skin during the tanning session and after it.

In the manufacture of cosmetics MegaTan using only quality ingredients, the finest oils, natural plant extracts and vitamins. In addition to coconut oil ""Coconut Tropic" contains vitamin E, aloe extract, bisabolol, Shea butter, cocoa butter and almond oil. As a result, you get quick and lasting tan, and the skin becomes soft and velvety.

С мечтой об Индии

Photo: materials of press-services

And in the line "Sexy Black" presents the lotion powerful tanning accelerators with bright, juicy tropical flavors, too, which is so famous in India and other countries in the region. The basis of the series is harmoniously matched components that will help to acquire a gorgeous natural brown shade.

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