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Go to summer foot care

It's time to remember the rules of keeping legs in top form

Until the time when the sandals become our best friends, not too many left. In the court of the last month of spring, and hence need to attend to the appearance of your feet and toes. We have done this a many times before the previous summer seasons, but for the long Russian winter wonder and forget the rules of care.

First and foremost, throw away the blade and the blade, resembling a grater for the carrots. Their use is too stressful for heels, after they rapidly covered with a rough skin. After a week on the pedicures nothing like. Prefer a pumice stone and scrub.

When the excess skin from the sole of the foot is removed, it is necessary to moisturize. Otherwise it would be like a cracked desert.

Nails podpilivaya only quality nail files. Those that are already asking to dump there and send. They gently treat nails and lead to delamination. Before you cut the skin around the nails, dissolve it with a special tool. Then the fingers will look more carefully, and the removal will be easier.

The only one of the above advice won't suit girls who are prone to ingrown nails. It is better to go to a pedicure to a competent master who will take care of the feet and explain how to prevent ingrowth in the future.

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