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Go to sleep to lose weight

Scientists from the U.S. have figured out how to lose weight without the stress

Many people want to lose weight but postpone this process for later, because it requires strict diets and grueling workouts. It turned out in loads no need to lose weight without doing anything in my sleep.

New methods of weight loss has been developed by scientists from the United States. For the experiment were recruited two groups of volunteers. The first is engaged in fitness several hours without a break. The second was interrupted for 45 minutes to sleep. The result found out that sleep reduces the levels of fat in the human body by 50%.

Regular rest is necessary in order to get rid of extra pounds. Fat loss during sleep is due to the fact that the hormone testosterone continues to be produced.

To weight better went, experts recommend 18 hours to take a hot bath, which will speed up the metabolism. In 22 hours, wear warm socks that will help you sleep and at 22.30 go to sleep on your left side — this way you can lose weight while sleeping.

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