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Anastasia: "During pregnancy, I soared in a bath three times a week."

The main star of "attendant" told all the secrets of the correct pair

Salt rocks — a new trend

Bath should be lined with stones. Now there's a new kind of stones — salt. They are called "mountain of salt". When you stepped on them water in the bath appears soft salt vapor, which is useful for joints, and breathing. These salt stones in the steam room short-lived, but ten procedures you enough.

Contrast shower — shower baths

The basic principle of the bath — the contrast of heat and cold, it is very useful for vessels. Therefore, you must have ice water. It can be hot, a cold shower — that is the bucket, which jerks the chain, he poured ice water. This procedure immediately gives vivacity, talking from experience — you go to bath since I was thirteen. I'm not committed to steam and sit in the warmth of the robe, turning the body into a sponge. I have a fairly fast process of stay in the steam room.

First entry — calm and warming

The temperature in the steam room in the middle 80 degrees. Definitely need to spray water on the walls and, of course, succumb to the stones quietly. Splashing on the rocks is best decoction of broom. I prefer oak broom and fir. The first time is kind of still and aromatherapy. It can be dry. On a broom you can sprinkle a few drops of oil, then turn up on the stones and to disperse the dry broom with oils.

Sparkling water and "hat Santa Claus"

During hover, when it gets hot, can be poured on the head and the face of the usual soda water. That is sparkling water gives the desired effect for the face. Can use the "hat of Santa Claus": when it gets hot, the felt cap water is dialed and fast on the head. Very refreshing. It is also desirable to put on the cold head fir twigs.

Salt and honey is the best body scrub

For me, there are two ingredients without which a bath is impossible. It's honey and salt. You can use them separately. First honey, and then rubbed with salt. Salt increases sweating, so this is a very good scrub. And she softens the skin. You can combine honey and salt in the ratio of 50: 50 and RUB their face. Ensure that the honey and the salt does not get into the eyes.

Анастасия Волочкова: «Во время беременности я парилась в бане три раза в неделю»

"The basic principle of the bath — the contrast of heat and cold, it is very useful for vessels. Therefore, you must have ice water", - says Volochkovoj: personal archive of Anastasia Volochkova

Olive oil not only for salads

Hair is very useful olive oil. As we soared in the bath, this oil is well absorbed into the scalp and hair. Later, however, it should be well washed off with shampoo. For the body with olive oil to use is not desirable — it closes the pores, and perspiration decreases.

What is forbidden

Before bath you can not drink alcohol, and in time — too. Also while taking a bath procedures do not allow heating of the head. Well, after the bath can not be supercooled. If you use the ice bath, then it is desirable to keep the body warm. Also not recommended is during the bath process. High — fruit. And it is better to drink water or herbal tea.

How to finish a treatment

After the bath, if you have fir or birch broom, very well just go to the steam room and RUB the body. Then no need to apply neither oil nor cream. And, you can pour the broth that is left after oak brooms — he is very helpful. I was in the bath brew mixture of herbs — sage, oregano, lavender — and let the body breathe them.

Can you bathe children?

I Arish of eight months he took a bath. She was not sitting on the highest shelf, of course. I taught her to make this contrast of temperatures. Quietly, gently.

By the way:

Anastasia never listened to the advice of doctors about her passion for bath. "During pregnancy, when the doctors told me to go to the Russian bath and the massages harmful, I soared three times a week — with brooms, hard. And then poured ice water. So I know that the bath will never hurt, just need to intelligently approach the process."

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