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How to eat

If you follow the quite simple guidelines and correct your diet, you can not only lose weight but also improve health, improve health and create a more conducive environment

Despite the fact that there are a large number of food systems, diets are selected exclusively individually. So, do not think that a particular diet helped one person, it will certainly help other people. However, to follow the General rules still stands, while it should be done throughout life.

The pursuit of balance

Throughout life a person can try dozens of different diets, including protein and low in carbs. But the result of dieting can be frustrating, as instead weight a serious health problem.

The truth is that food must be completely balanced and of high quality. Excellent health depends on the spectrum of nutrients. We are talking about all kinds of trace elements, vitamins, proteins, etc.

Important to know: the renowned nutritionist Robert Haas of the USA believes that every day person should consume 50 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent protein and 25 percent fat.

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Vegetables and fruits are necessary in rationate:

Monitoring of diet


The role of fats in the body is very important, because they participate in the creation of new cells, water metabolism and other important processes. Unsaturated fatty acids have a positive effect on the body, but saturated have an adverse affect on the walls of blood vessels.

Of course, you need to try to to the daily food ration consisted only of healthy fats. For example, many of these fats in olives, fish products, fruits, etc.


This building material as a protein, it strengthens the muscles and improves the structure of hair and makes nails more durable.

According to most scientists, people should regularly eat not only fish, meat, but also beans, vegetables, and beans. Animal and vegetable proteins are equally useful for the body.


About 50 percent of daily diet should be carbohydrates. Lasting energy giving complex carbohydrates. So in the morning is recommended to eat oatmeal.

As for simple carbohydrates, they have a positive effect on the body with the recovery process. For example, the rapid flow of energy gives chocolate or soda.

Important to know: to get an instant influx of energy, it is necessary to eat something sweet. Sugar is a simple carbohydrate, which gives the maximum energy in the shortest time.

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There is a need in the same framephoto:

Meal at one time

A healthy lifestyle enables a person to optimize the performance of the internal organs, keep the body in good shape and provide the necessary energy to the body. The average person needs per day to eat 2-3 thousand calories. However, it should be remembered that in each case, their vital signs, they should be considered when the energy balance.

To resolve energy imbalance and get rid of excess weight, you need to eat at the same time each day. Breakfast is not recommended to pass, as this is an important point on the way to a healthy lifestyle.

Important to know: dinner is for two or three hours before bedtime, otherwise you may have problems with digestion.

Physical training

Sports or fitness support metabolic processes. At high physical exertion the person needs more energy. To quickly restore power after an exhausting day, you need to drink a glass of fresh fruit juice. It will help to quickly saturate the body with energy. Although we should not get involved in products with high sugar content.

In hot weather, physical labor takes twice as fast, so is more likely to use the liquid. Water balance it is best to maintain normal drinking water.

Как правильно питаться

The snack should be pravilnoe:

Correct snacking

Sometimes hunger comes on suddenly, and before lunch for a few hours. In this case it is not necessary to throw on sandwiches or buns. Bite must be correct: fruit, nuts, yogurt, boiled eggs or cheese products.

Important to know: a professional dietitians recommend not to keep at home junk food or unhealthy food. Normal, such food as salted nuts, chips, snacks, popcorn may at any time have a negative impact on the General state of health and bring a lot of discomfort.

Changes will come later

Do not expect instant positive results, as slim and healthy are not the day, not even for one month. Most people fall into this mental trap when trying to balance the ration.

Correct power system requires a certain amount of time, effort and methodical work. Positive changes, lightness and harmony will come gradually.

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