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Select diet age

To reduce weight and feel good, you need to follow the diet which suits your age

So, if twenty years to get rid of a few extra pounds, enough to stop eating sweets, fast food and processed foods, thirty, this room will not pass. It requires a more serious approach.

Recent studies have shown that to achieve the result of thirty years you should limit the fat content of food consumed and the amount eaten meat. To become vegetarian is not necessary, but make only plant one meal won't hurt. It will be good to accustom ourselves to eat nuts, not biscuits.

After forty you can not watch the fat content of dairy products. Can finally stop buying low-fat cottage cheese and go to one that has a fat content of 5-9%. At this age the female body in ensuring the smooth operation of organs and maintaining youthful skin requires much more fat than before. On lean tissue (primarily vegetables) — this will help your digestive tract.

50 pay more attention to legumes, fish and meat: extra protein will be very useful.

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