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Found a replacement BMI

The body mass index is recognized as a sufficiently informative indicator

Scientists have found that BMI does not take into account a lot of factors and cannot serve as a universal method of evaluating how safe for human health.

Experts say that great concern must not cause the total body weight, and the weight of his torso (the area from the Breasts to the hips). Studies have shown that people having an increased amount of body fat on the abdomen, sides and back, at risk of fat is 22% more than those with weight concentrated on the hips.

It also became known that among people of high body mass, those who possessed the figure of type "Apple", had diseases associated with obesity, more often than holders of the shapes under the provisional name "the triangle", "rectangle" and "pear".

Moreover, BMI has been criticized for the fact that only evaluates the total body mass, and not its composition. Fat has a lower weight than the muscles, so pumped man may weigh more complete.

To assess the risks to their health is possible, in terms of simple data: divide the circumference of waist to circumference of hips or chest (need to choose the greatest dimension). If the result is below 0,85 — body fat on your body fairly equally distributed, there is no cause for concern.

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