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The truth about crossfit

Tell about all the nuances of some of the most effective workouts

Even if sport is an integral part of your life, you've probably heard about this type of training as crossfit. Thanks to crossfit many girls have dream body: toned, slender and strong. Crossfit has become so popular that worldwide there are a huge number of gyms that focus only on him.

One training session at crossfit may include stretching, running, jumping, strength exercises and more. The benefits of crossfit are obvious: the study of all muscle groups is varied, not boring exercises, the element of competition and rapid results.

But do not hurry to run in the crossfit club. Professional trainers warn that such training is not for everyone. They are contraindicated to those in recent years as the maximum fiznagruzki was walking and climbing stairs. Without any harm to health to run the program, classes required good preparation. You can't do crossfit and those who have health problems: painful joints, high blood pressure, varicose veins and so on.

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