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This food makes you tired

What you eat, are frequently the cause of the breakdown in the middle of the day

And, oddly enough, it is primarily the sweets that contain a lot of sugar and calories and, we think, should give us energy. But the reality is different. Candy, cookies, waffles and cakes are full of fast carbs, which raise the blood sugar level. But to stay at the desired height, he is not able and quickly falls down, making us sleepy.

The same effect is produced sugary drinks like juices, soda, and chips, crackers, candy bars with cereals and berries and other fast food that you can eat immediately after removing from the packaging.

Qualitatively to make us feel better in the afternoon could not even coffee. It works well in the morning, but in the second half to become the cause of ailments and headaches. Therefore, it is better to prefer green tea. It will have a tonic effect and helps you to remain in service until the end of working time.

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