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What consequences threatens breast lift

Plastic surgeons warn that this operation is even more complicated than the increase in bust with implants

When a woman gets her breast shape which she had before giving birth and breastfeeding with the surgeon, they all say "Oh, she just pulled chest." But really all this was not easy. Much more complicated than breast augmentation with implants.

A breast lift requires more incisions, because the essence of the operation consists of removing excess skin. Whereas if you increase often requires a single small incision through which the implant is introduced.

The more joints, the more pain in the postoperative period, as well as scars on the body. But it's not the most important. When lifting is quite difficult to make the breast (including its nipple and areola) is completely symmetric. After surgery may reduce the sensitivity of the halo and the impossibility of subsequent breastfeeding.

However, there are advantages. Well done facelift will almost never have to redo it, because the result from one operation is saved life.

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