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The secrets of effective body wraps

Effective body treatments can be done at home

The first thing to do is handle scrub brush or stiff areas of the body for the wrap. It will literally pave the way for useful substances contained in the composition wraps. By the way, weight for application to the body as you can buy and cook yourself. Home most popular coffee, oil and honey recipes wraps.

Carefully smeared himself with composition, wrap in plastic wrap. This will create a special atmosphere that contributes to a better absorption of nutrients.

If the wrap is aimed at hydration or skin rejuvenation, you can get under a blanket and stay like this for up to 40 minutes. Ate you want to lose weight, select a wrap with warming or cooling effect and go on the treadmill. Or make a SPA treatment after exercise.

Remember that the effect of one procedure beautiful but short-lived. To achieve a more lasting effect, requires a course of not less than five sessions.

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