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Harmony and motivation: how not to leave the chosen path

What is the secret of those who live in harmony with one's own body permanently, not just lose weight before the beach season

Movement — life, health and beauty. But somehow most of us remember on the eve of the hot season, trying on swimsuits and short shorts. Once a year, awakened in us the desire to Excel — and we furiously begin to work up a sweat, trying for a matter of weeks "to build a body." Expect many retirements early, disappointed in his desire and forget about it until the next "attack". In contrast to these comrades, there are those who live in the so-called PP (i.e. proper nutrition) and healthy lifestyle and "sports" around the clock, day after day, and I get this real pleasure.

So, you're unhappy — that's usually how it starts. Only a very conscious person is able to overcome itself in circumstances when the appearance and feeling completely satisfied. Look at the facts: eat right and exercise usually start those who are faced with problems, whether health problems or with their own reflection in the mirror. And here lies the main cause of all the frustrations and failures that await us on the difficult path to a healthy lifestyle.

The selection of motifs

The case, which we target with a negative setting, is almost always doomed to failure. "When a person rushes into battle with excess weight, it works against the current. It is not surprising that your being opposed to this war," says sports psychologist Anna Shvay.

Стройность и мотивация: как не сойти с выбранного пути

The main motto should be the phrase "there is No limit to perfection"Photo:

How to be? According to Anna, start any process in which you are going to change, it is important to start with the full and unconditional acceptance. Woman suffering from lack of love to himself with all his weight, will suffer further. In each of its "useful" action — restriction and workout — she will find a reason to reproach himself. This happens because of the wrong motivation.

Remember, how often have you started a diet or running to the fitness club, because I caught his glances colleagues, or felt that you have wronged spouse? "Not last role in formation negative motives that force us to work on the body, plays a society. With all the tolerance of modern society cultivates and recognizes a very specific type of beauty. Considered the most beautiful young and slim. Other options are accepted but they are not perfect," says Shvay. Getting to work on a "by popular demand", you are likely to go the distance ahead of time. Moreover, knowing the bitter taste of failure, you may develop a fear following attempts to lose weight, become healthy and strong. Guilt and a desire to please the environment definitely will break you right attitude.

Experts suggest a simple but effective strategy that helps to create a positive inner motive. The main motto should be the phrase "there is No limit to perfection". So you admit that you are good in any form, but plan to do better. "It's important to really feel the acceptance and love of his own person, no matter how you look and feel," assured Anna. And the main bonus that we get inspired to yourself, beloved, in deepest sympathy, — this is the internal, real and sincere desire to work on yourself for yourself. This is the motive which will guide you on the path to the goal.


Understanding psychological subtleties, are going to act. And the first advice given by everyone from coaches to nutritionists: forget about the scales! For many all about the numbers — volume and kilograms, centimeters and grams of fats, proteins and carbohydrates in portions. Maniacal desire to Express their lives in numerals is unlikely to lead to success — as evidenced by the overwhelming number of psychologists working with motivation. Stagnant pounds is able to confuse the novice athlete, so we focus on the subjective moment — the reflection in the mirror.

Стройность и мотивация: как не сойти с выбранного пути

An important aspect is the choice of location and type of trenirovochno:

In the construction of the body it is important to choose the disposal of the subsidiary products and tools that will facilitate change. Let's start with the form in which you are engaged. Beautiful and convenient, it can become an additional source of motivation: if you like how you look in the top and leggings with stylish sneakers, the likelihood that you will often try on this outfit increases significantly. Suggest to buy two sets to change the images.

Another important aspect is the choice of place and type of training. Remember: you don't want to force yourself constantly to overcome difficulties. Everything we do, we do for fun. If slow and steady yoga "is not", change the type of loads. Like the feel of muscle and sweat? Sign up for crossfit. Need cardio, but don't know how to run? Your path lies in the pool. Want to not only become leaner, but also to stretch, to be more mobile and sleeker — a direct route to the dance. Extroverts are easier to do in the company, as introverts, to be expected, alone with his thoughts.

To stay on that turns out what you do with full dedication and passion, is half of your future success. Remember the goal: we are going to be better for myself, not for someone, and the sport that you give your free time should be suitable for you.

You can not throw in the pool with his head, otherwise the body will react with protest. "Beginners-enthusiasts often happens so-called overtraining: because of excessive loads, there is apathy to the next lesson. To overcome this feeling is extremely difficult, because it occurs more because of psychological than of physical fatigue. If so, remember that you exercise for yourself in pleasure", — said the head coach CrossFit Msk & ight Club, an instructor for functional rehabilitation Alexei Tuzhilkin.

Let's not forget about cosmetics that apart from sporting exploits are unlikely to work for all hundred percent. We are talking about the use of anti-cellulite, lifting products for the body, helping the skin to recover after a workout, protecting it from marks and irritation and returns skin tone.

Стройность и мотивация: как не сойти с выбранного пути

To change food habits is difficult, but neobhodimogo:

Food for thought

Anyone who adheres to a healthy lifestyle, will definitely say to you: the cornerstone in this case is the proper nutrition. The muscles that begin to evolve and take shape, just will not be visible under the fat layer, and it is not clean without "cleaning" your diet. And here most neophytes HLS be a big problem. But anything new will not tell you nor a nutritionist, nor a psychologist. Until you learn to get out of the rhythm of life and the menu is the joy and satisfaction while you are planning to go on diets (which don't work) instead of having to completely give up sugar and junk food, any attempts to lose weight are doomed.

The secret of those who manages with a smile on the face of crisp celery, that they really like it. Addiction to "dirty" food, as the adherents of a healthy diet is one of the most powerful. "To change food habits formed in childhood is very difficult. Even the habit of physical activity is better amenable to correction", — says development Director of the company GrinDin Alisa Shabanova. But the facts — a stubborn thing: after thirty years for women reduces the level of metabolism, and to keep in shape, you need to make great efforts. In addition, the body stores fat for protection of blood vessels. Thus, age-related weight gain physiological and to some extent useful. It is important to understand.

Change is a process without which life is impossible. But to break itself for the sake of illusory notions of beauty or the pursuit of approval — a road to nowhere. Most happy and harmonious happy not because of its volume and curves, but on a much more noble reason: they were able to understand and love ourselves. And sports nutrition is just one of the ways to gain mental and physical balance and harmony. Be healthy!

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