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Be like Kim Kardashian: increase the buttocks correctly

Стать как Ким Кардашьян: увеличиваем ягодицы правильно

On what buttock augmentation surgery, and about the intricacies of this operation, says plastic surgeon Alexander SokolovMany women are dissatisfied with the shape or firmness of their buttocks. No matter how much they tried to fix it with special diets or physical exercise, the result is often far from desirable. It is much easier to correct the situation by the methods of plastic surgery. The operation, which will make you the winner of the priests like a Kardashian, called gluteoplasty

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What points on the palm to massage to feel better

Какие точки на ладони массировать, чтобы чувствовать себя лучше

Tell about the ancient art of massage, which helps to remove headaches, improve mood and overall well-beingEastern healers have developed a science of body massage, by which pressing certain points on the body reacts cessation of pain in a specific area. Reflexology studies the structure of the body as a whole, but special attention to ears, feet and hands — they all focus points, each one is responsible for your body

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Perfect Boobs: everything you need to know before you go to the doctor

Идеальная грудь: все что нужно знать перед тем, как обратиться к врачу

Plastic surgeon Stanislav Yekimov, which is included in the list of "Top plastic surgeons" innovative techniques for correcting the shape of the breastInnovative techniques of correction of a breast represented by the following types of procedures:Mastopexy — breast lift by removing excess skin and move the areola and nipple to a more aesthetic position.Endoscopic breast augmentation — a method in which insertion of implants is carried out through the armpit

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3 reasons for the mandatory trip to the gynecologist

3 причины для обязательного похода к гинекологу

Talk on the delicate subject? How often do you visit the gynecologist?Undergo regular inspections is important, even if you feel fine and not experiencing any discomfort. If you notice in the body of one of the following symptoms, a gynecologist in St. Petersburg will help to establish the reason for its appearance:1. Bleeding outside the menstrual period. If you notice unscheduled bleeding and it continues for several days, immediately consult your gynecologist

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Everything you wanted to know about waxing

Все, что вы хотели знать о депиляции

Almost every woman goes through this painful procedure. will tell you how to minimize the costs and the pain of its implementationProbably every woman dreams about smooth, slim and sparkling in the sun with legs. But the path to the feet of the dream is thorny and difficult: not all methods of hair removal sparing, to be honest

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How to beat winter Blues

Now we all feel fatigue from the darkness, cold, lack of sun. Many at this time, developing the so-called winter depression. figured out how to resist itWinter depression develops mostly due to lack of sunlight, because the body decreases the production of serotonin, the well-known "happiness hormone". Serotonin not only affects our mood, but also sleep and appetite

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Without any vitamins to do after 30

Без каких витаминов не обойтись после 30

With age to maintain your body requires more vitamins. Lifeline vitamin-rich foods. Will tell you what to eat and drink, to always be in bloomUnfortunately, over the years we are not getting any younger... But don't worry, because to preserve the skin elasticity and fresh colors of the face with the proper diet and training enough to drink vitamin supplements. The sooner you start to follow a balance of macro - and microelements in the body, the faster you will see the effect longer save it

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Baby fitness: 5 exercises, which will help the child

Беби-фитнес: 5 упражнений, где вам поможет ребенок

The child will laugh while you do crunches — option for circuit training is 30 minutes for mothers with children. Exercises will help you quickly get in shape after childbirthFrantic pace of life after the birth of a child catches women by surprise: how to make time for yourself? Doctors suggest trendy baby fitness exercise, where the weighting instead of dumbbells to be your child. Training can be done at home, performing exercises in between household chores. Shall we?The warm-up

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Choose perfumes with a touch of honey

Выбираем парфюмы с аккордом меда

Thanks to that note of the composition becomes soft and velvety, and the scent you want to wrap, as in a blanket — what more could you want cold in the winter?In our country, natural bee honey since ancient times is not only a delicious dish but also a cure for illness. About its healing properties, you can write books. If you delve into the history, it turns out that the sweetness prized by many ancient civilizations

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IsNaN: all about the ancient way to warm up and rejuvenate

Ишнан: все о древнем способе согреться и омолодиться

Teacher of Kundalini yoga Alexey Merkulov told about a method which many centuries known to mankind. The main thing is to apply itBest way to warm up is cold, even icy water. Within each person there is a huge amount of energy that is just waiting for it to manifest itself. But usually this energy is blocked and not used. And one of the ways to awaken comes down to following a very ancient tradition called isNaN

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