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Coverage: how to apply varnish and the difference between expensive and cheap

Зона покрытия: как правильно наносить лак и чем отличается дорогой от дешевого

As a manicurist has opened for your secretsWhat is common between nail Polish and a machine? Is it only an anecdote in which lady doing manicure in the color of the next Porsche? Not at all. It turns out that if not for the invention of four-wheeled iron horse, women would still be painting her nails a mysterious blend of oils, derived from red clay. Yes: Lac — not that other, as a derivative of the vehicle's paint

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Coveted silhouette: how to reduce waist size

Желанный силуэт: как уменьшить объем талии

Effective methods for beautiful proportionsConcepts of female beauty in different times very different, but a slender waist has always been in fashion. It tightened corsets, emphasized with a special gown silhouette. Today, when corsets and crinolines were gone, in the Arsenal of the struggle for a thin waist were only special exercises and plastic surgery

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Perfumes with a note of lilac

Парфюмы с нотой сирени

Aromas are strongly associated with spring and romance never go out of fashion for several centuriesWhen the lilac blooms, everything smells and breathes in the spring. Its fluffy branches sets us in a romantic mood, returning to youth as if by magic.Photo: materials of press-servicesTransfer sweet and heady whiff of lilac strive famous perfumers, for many years, creating fragrant masterpieces. Let's talk about this delicate floral note more

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Time to check moles

Twenty first of may, Russia celebrates the day of the melanoma. On this day in specialized clinics, you can check your moles completely free. find out who is at risk for melanoma and what suspicious signs you need to pay attentionMelanoma is the most aggressive form of skin cancer. In many cases people die because they went to the doctor too late and did not pay attention to warning signs

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No dementia: tips for improving memory

Every third complains that people forget the simple things, can't remember where and what to put on and off if the iron before leaving the house. In most cases, dementia can be avoided if you train your memory. About how to do it, says psychologist Olga RomanivLearn poetryIt is proven that learning poems do develop memory and thinking. And the more verses you memorize, the better. If you have not practiced in memorizing verses, first, try to recall something from the curriculum

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To tip: perfect manicure at home

До самых кончиков: идеальный маникюр в домашних условиях is the best beauty tools for your handsA perfect manicure is like the cherry on the cake. The one final touch that completes the whole image. It is therefore important that you look flawless from top to toe — in the truest sense of the word. What are there trends in manicure?For a start, about what should be the form of the nail. For several seasons the trend of naturalness. This also applies to manicures. The length of the free edge should not be large

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Is it possible to cure allergies to bloom

Можно ли вылечить аллергию на цветение

To alleviate the sufferings of the spring is capable of specially selected therapy. recorded recommendations of a specialistThe most dangerous plants for people with allergies are birch, poplar, alder, dandelion, chamomile and quinoa. Experts claim that if both parents suffer from allergies, then the child this disease can manifest itself in 50 % cases. Also an allergic reaction can be due to poor diet and polluted environment

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Julia Mikhalchik told about how I almost died

Юлия Михальчик рассказала о том, как чуть не погибла

From the lethal outcome the participant of the project "Factory of stars" saved parentsJulia Mikhalchik after participation in the project "Factory of stars" initially was a very popular artist. Her tour schedule was planned for months in advance, and she as seemed, was happy how her career is moving. However, at some point, she suddenly disappeared out of sight of journalists.Only now, years later, Julia admitted why she suddenly dropped out of the race

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6 secrets of vitality in the morning

6 секретов бодрости с утра

We will teach you how to sleep less and sleep betterSecret # 1Ventilate the area before bed, and it is better to leave the window open all night. At a low temperature of the brain falls into a deep sleep and longer it was. Namely, it most affects sleep or not. During this phase, toxins, regenerate resources, and checked the bodies.Add воздухаpixabay.comSecret # 2Buy blackout curtains and draws them on the night. Will help produce the sleep hormone melatonin

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The opening in the glass: the unique properties of hydrogen and hydrogen of water

Открытие в стакане: уникальные свойства водорода и водородной воды

The stars of show business, who usually are the first to know about the most interesting beauty products and a new hobby — hydrogen water. What it is and whether it really helps to stop the race of time, says beauty blogger, expert in beauty and health Julia EngelToday, in the age of technology, it seems to us that the most revolutionary discoveries were made. However, every day the most inquisitive minds refute this misconception

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