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Problem areas figure — what and how to work on them - health & Beauty -

Проблемные места фигуры — какие и как над ними работать - Красота и здоровье -

The recommendation of the coaches for the slimness and elasticity of the skinKsenia Парфенова1 APR 2019 15:4919810any problems shapes, relativeto: pixabay.comIn the process of weight loss is not only important to follow the diet, but also recourse to additional procedures. Don't be afraid to experiment in a safe part of the leather during weight loss should be elastic, that is to reach in any way. Talking about places of the figure, with fatty deposits which are struggling the most

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I care about nails - health and Beauty -

О чем просят ногти - Красота и здоровье -

Thin, dry, splitting and brittle nails in the spring are a vexing problem for many women. In the offseason we need to pay particular attention to the Horny platesTamara Астапенкова2 April 2019 11:1830750Spring nails need special rhodette: Everyone knows that all problems, including cosmetic coming from inside. This also applies to nails. Therefore, the spring diet should be rich in vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts

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How to lose weight with laughter, Beauty and health

Как похудеть с помощью смеха - Красота и здоровье -

Coach joy, laughter yoga Ambassador in Russia Dmitry Efimov explains why laughing is useful, and also answers other questions about this unusual form of yogaMitya Ефимов27 March 2019 12:2443630Is it possible to lose weight through laughter?Photo: materials of press-servicesYoga of laughter have three objectives. The first is of course health promotion. By scientists it has been proven that laughter really prolongs life and improves its quality, strengthens the immune system

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Salon at home: reduce waste - health and Beauty -

Салон на дому: сокращаем траты - Красота и здоровье -

Trips to the beautician require a big investment, but you can repeat many of the procedures yourself. have compiled for you a listMaria Блавацкая2 April 2019 09:1018140many of the procedures can be repeated without leaving domfoto: requires effort, time and financial investments

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5 beginning symptoms of brain cancer - health & Beauty -

5 симптомов начала рака мозга - Красота и здоровье -

Listen to your body, it may be time to run to the doctorJulia Гончарова29 March 2019 11:3262230When it's time to go to врачуpixabay.comScientists from king's College London conducted a study among Oncology patients. They were wondering what the first symptoms appear in people suffering from brain cancer. It turned out that they were so insignificant that the Respondent initially they gave no attention, says the journal PLOS One

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Defects of appearance that don't notice men health and Beauty -

Недостатки внешности, которые не замечают мужчины - Красота и здоровье -

Many girls panic at the slightest inflammation on the face or in the recruitment of a few kilograms. And what he thinks about your partner? tellMaria Блавацкая29 Mar 2019 08:547774617the shortcomings that we preuvelichivaete.: the morning you come to the mirror and see their flaws. Many consider it the end of the world, as, in the opinion of the girls, what they notice, be sure to see all the others, especially men

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How to detect overtraining - health and Beauty -

Как обнаружить перетренированность - Красота и здоровье -

Excessive sports activities can be hazardous to healthKsenia Парфенова27 Mar 2019 09:3922921sport is good, if you engage them, profilephoto: pixabay.comThe culture of proper nutrition and regular training imparted to the youth of today to be the correct basis for maintaining and strengthening health. True, some in taking care of yourself reach extremes, starting to pace everyday activities. Tell how to understand that you are training too much

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5 ways to speed up your metabolism - health and Beauty -

5 способов ускорить метаболизм - Красота и здоровье -

Tips fitness trainers that will help you to gain slim figureKsenia Парфенова28 March 2019 15:1878993A fast metabolism does not panatipata: pixabay.comMetabolism, in simple terms, is metabolism. The more he works, the faster you lose weight. Fat cells attract water molecules, which accumulate in the body, forming a swelling. At the same time consumed calories more slowly converted into energy. The result you see on the scales increase, while the reflection mirror is not a perfect figure

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Why spring need to start with the examination - health and Beauty -

Почему весну нужно начинать с диспансеризации - Красота и здоровье -

It became warmer, and we slowly began to think, how to bring yourself back to the beginning in order. Even to glance in the direction of the fitness room and to read about newfangled diets. But experts give other recommendationsTamara Астапенкова20 March 2019 13:0616900Medical examinations need to take place, ezhegodnogo: start preventive examination with the therapist, who will paint the next steps

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How to tighten Breasts without going to a plastic surgeon - Beauty and health

Как подтянуть грудь без похода к пластическому хирургу - Красота и здоровье -

Nutritionist and certified Wellness coach Anna Makarova shared with options exercises that will help to visually enlarge the Breasts and make the chest area more attractiveJuliana Калашникова26 Mar 2019 10:2744810Is it possible to tighten the chest without going to a plastic surgeon?Photo: expression "tighten the chest" we mean it's a pectoral muscle, not the breast, — Anna

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