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How to strengthen nails at home

Как укрепить ногти в домашних условиях

The deterioration of the quality of the nail plate indicates a failure in the body. picked up a few simple recipes to fix the situationThe nails — a reflection of the internal state of the organism. If you notice any changes of the nail plate — stratified, scaly, spots appear — it's time to think about their recovery. And it can be done at home

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5 errors in the treatment of angina

5 ошибок при лечении ангины

The doctor-the otolaryngologist told us how to avoid complications from the diseaseMistake # 1Often we think: well, what of this: a sore throat, slight temperature, but I'm not dead, and quietly go to work. We provide a very bad service, but the angina — an acute infectious disease that is transmitted from person to person by airborne droplets. It is possible that in a few days with a sore throat already keepeth his half of the division.Stay домаpixabay

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Holiday detox: all about new year's diets

Праздничный детокс: все о предновогодних диетах

Less than a month to prepare for the main night of the year. But this time was enough to lose a few extra pounds, if you follow the guidelines WomanHit.ruThe new year is getting closer. But time enough if to start a new life now. Or rather today. And it does not need to starve, to sit for days on buckwheat and choke unloved yogurt. You just need to become disciplined in nutrition and eat as much as you want.And you need to start small: consider your menu at least a day ahead

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The right underwear: how to choose

Правильное нижнее белье: как выбрать

Well-chosen bras and panties do not spoil the overall image and is able emphasize all advantages of your figureBraTo choose a perfect bodice, you need to know your exact parameters. The size and shape of Breasts change throughout a woman's life. This may be due to the loss or weight gain, irregular hormones and pregnancy. To precisely avoid mistakes, before purchasing, you should measure two parameters — the underbust girth and the circumference at the nipples

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"Cold" detox: what to eat, when the street slush and cold

«Холодный» детокс: чем питаться, когда на улице слякоть и холод

How should change the diet in the next few monthsDetox in the cold season differs from that which we hold in the spring, the presence of a large number of warm, warming dishes with fragrant spices.If in the summer we put emphasis on fresh fruits and vegetables, now is the season of root vegetables. Two "superfood" autumn pumpkin and sea buckthorn

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Malkova Julia: How to sleep

Юлия Малкова: Как правильно спать

If you approach the organization of the autumn hibernation with the mind, you will avoid the November depression, and low immunity, and seasonal weight gainAccording to the book of revelation, the end of the world must precede the phenomenon of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. On the eve of winter in the lives of most of us come depressed mood, low immunity, the seasonal weight gain and perpetual drowsiness

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Start hunting on "sunshine" vitamin

Начинаем охоту на «солнечный» витамин

Scientists have found that from 27 to 90 percent of Russians, depending on place of residence — suffer from a lack of vitamin D. found out how it affects health and what to do with itAs you know, vitamin D is synthesized in our body through sunlight, so it is called the "sunshine vitamin". Also a source of this important vitamin are fatty fish and good quality milk and cheese. On the advice of doctors a person needs to get about 600 IU of vitamin D

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Yoga 15 minutes from Karina Gubanova

The young actress all sports activities prefers yoga. Especially for the girl recommended a few simple but effective exercises for each dayYoga introduced to me by my dad when I was sixteen. Reason: pain in the back and legs. It is in this age! But it was yoga and a properly selected set of exercises helped me to reduce the load, strengthen muscles and reduce pain. Yoga helped at the Institute, when the physical and moral burden sapped. The body said "thank you

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How to prepare for pregnancy: advice for expectant mothers

Как правильно подготовиться к беременности: советы будущим мамам

Katerina Berezina, a specialist in the preservation and restoration of health, made specially for the readers valuable advicePregnancy is a beautiful time in any woman's life. And really, what can compare with the exciting expectation of a miracle? But do not forget that the gestation and birth of a child requires the mobilization of all forces of the female body. That is why already during the planning stage of pregnancy should take certain measures

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Fragrances with autumn berries

Парфюмы с осенними ягодами

In the cold instead of the usual strawberry, black currant and raspberry bouquet of the spirits appear autumn fruit. In the first place is cranberries, rose hips and hawthorn. As perfumers we address these naughty ingredients?Despite the enormous popularity of berry notes in the perfume, successful combinations in fact it turns out quite a bit

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