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Evgeny Kulik: "do you Want to do sports in the morning, get a dog!"

Евгений Кулик: «Хотите заниматься спортом по утрам — заведите собаку!»

The star of the show, the Team knows what the skating, daily Jogging, parachute jumping, and even Hiking to the beautician. recorded the rules by which the actor generates your lifestyleTo keep yourself in good shape, I have to give up a lot. From going to clubs, for example. Of course, my friends and I sometimes go to bars. But spending every weekend in Nightclubs I do not want.I usually get up at seven in the morning and go for a run

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The secret harmony Evgenia Shcherbakova

Секрет стройности Евгении Щербаковой

At the request the actress spoke about his diet, and the technician commented on her dietEugene Shcherbakov starred in the popular TV series "Pyatnitsky", "Salsa" and feature films "In anticipation of Charlotte Corday", "Major Thunder" and others. And Eugene is an award — winning beauty. She has won several beauty contests.— Eugene, probably, all participants of the contests are sitting on a strict diet?— Up to 24 years of age I was eating everything

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Beautiful figure after childbirth: what can plastic surgery

Красивая фигура после родов: что может пластическая хирургия

Igor Gulyaev, a plastic surgeon in detail action plan for young momsThe birth of a child brings not only joy, but also major changes in the female body. Something can be corrected in the gym or sitting on a diet. But in some cases, to return beauty to the figure of the young mother will help just a plastic surgeon.Most changes during pregnancy is the abdomen. It significantly increases does not always return after childbirth

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What to do to not get sick

Что делать, чтобы не заболеть

Indian summer is over and it is time to prepare for this fall, when the cold and slush comes the fluIn the first place should not themselves undermine the health, weakening the body's resistance to alcohol and Smoking. Of course, completely eliminate alcohol and cigarettes are able to a few, but to reduce their use is a must. You also need to adjust the power: remove from the diet of fast food, fried and smoked. Drink plenty of fluids: pure water, cranberry juice, tea with honey and lemon

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Filesmelt-Hello: best beauty tools for those who are involved in sports

Фильзкульт-привет: лучшие бьюти-средства для тех, кто занимается спортом — that should take you to the fitness club, in addition to sportswear and good moodUniversal gel for body Menthol-camphor from ELEMISPhoto: materials of press-servicesA powerful complex based on extracts of Arnica, birch and buckthorn in combination with camphor and menthol instantly refreshes and tones. Arnica extract improves blood circulation, relieves swelling — that is why he is considered one of the best remedies from bruises

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Stop time: study the types of aging

Остановить время: изучаем типы старения

It turns out that there are four types of age-related changes and need to know its to prolong the youthfulnessCoco Chanel once said a phrase, which has become winged. It sounds like this: "At twenty you have the face that gave you the nature; in thirty years, you have a person that molded your life; and in the fifty you have the face you deserve". Although this statement is so fond of quoting in women's magazines, we respectfully still disagree with the unforgettable Coco

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Training sugaring: the choice in favor of experienced professionals and quality materials

Desire the beautiful half of humanity to perfection is present at all timesIt is already thousands of years ago was devised so effective a means to achieve their goals, and some of them apply to this day. One such tool is sugaring, the former armed with ancient Egyptian women, famous for their well-groomed in everything. This method is aimed at efficient removal of unwanted hair literally on any part of the body, it helps to make the skin perfectly smooth

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Greek Fig tree: perfumes with chord sweet figs

Греческая смоковница: парфюмы с аккордом сладкого инжира

It is worth remembering this attractive aroma that instantly takes us to the shores of the Mediterranean sea — and just want to get a new perfume with this noteThe Fig tree (Yes, exactly what otherwise can be called Fig tree) is one of the oldest plants on the planet

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Diet for immune system: tips from a beauty-blogger Yana Stepanova

Диета для иммунитета: советы от бьюти-блогера Яны Степановой

Proper nutrition is the Foundation of our health and youth, especially in the offseasonMany people don't think about what they are eating, often buy products without reading their composition. And then you go to the pharmacy to buy handfuls of pills. According to the blogger, the expert Yana Stepanova, if you eat right and be physically active person, no drugs and synthetic vitamins are not needed.The best diet for the body — fresh food of high quality and natural products

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Why karaoke causes problems with the voice

Почему караоке становится причиной проблем с голосом

Jazz singer Anna Buturlin always keep your voice in shape and shares rules that will help to Shine karaoke, and during the negotiationsThe most important thing is our voice, healthy long sleep. At least eight to nine hours a day, and best ten. If the human body is overtired, then the voice is affected: it becomes dull, weak, range is reduced, you begin to cipet. And then, even in ordinary conversation at work or with friends voice can treacherously let you down

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