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5 cases when antibiotics are dangerous

5 случаев, когда антибиотики опасны warning: do not self-medicateCase No. 1Antibiotics do not help colds, flu and SARS. If you are a doctor makes one of these diagnoses, listen carefully, what medication you are prescribed.It is only necessary to knock down high температуруpixabay.comCase No. 2Cause of acute respiratory disease viruses, not bacteria. Antibiotics do not affect viruses, can destroy and kill.Antibiotics are not панацеяpixabay.comCase No

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Five steps to healthy joints

Пять шагов к здоровью суставов

It is believed that joint problems appear in the elderly. But statistics shows that these diseases are getting younger. figured out how to protect your healthCauses of joint pain are numerous: bipedalism, age-related changes, trauma, illness. For joints affected by lifestyle, nature of work, nutrition, physical activity and time of year. In autumn and winter, the joints begin to ache more intense, can worsen chronic diseases

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5 signs of ageing from the point of view of science

5 признаков старения с точки зрения науки

Scientists explain what happens to the bodySign №1DNA is the genetic code that are passed between cells. With age, this process appears failures and errors that accumulate in the cells. When a large number of such errors, the cell degenerates into a cancer.It looks like our ДНКpixabay.comSign №2Thousands of genes in one cell determines what it can do and how to behave

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Possible and impossible: what procedures are shown during pregnancy and lactation, and what should be discarded

Можно и нельзя: какие процедуры показаны в период беременности и лактации, а от чего нужно отказаться

Amina Berdova, dermatologist cosmetologist, held for readers beauty educational programWhat not to doDuring pregnancy and lactation the use of hardware and injection cosmetology contraindicated. This is due to the possible negative impact of procedures on the fetus, and is subject to change hormone levels in the woman's body. To assess the negative impact on the health of pregnant women is impossible, since the actual research was conducted

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Choose perfumes with ambergris

Выбираем парфюмы с амброй

Few people know that under this name hides another note — amber. How not to get lost?Amber is one of the most interesting components in the compositions. With its help you can completely differently to reveal the familiar notes, giving them depth and richness. It is known that a perfume with this ingredient different unprecedented resistance. However, few people know that the name amber also hides other perfumery note — amber. That is their "double nature", we'll talk

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How to survive the flu season

Как пережить сезон гриппа

Experts consider the period from October to March the most dangerous on the incidence of respiratory infections. figured out how not to get sick, if a family is already someone picked up a virusAs you know, the flu virus is constantly changing. He is represented by two types A and b mutate, which almost everyone at least once a year, sick with influenza

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7 tips on cleansing the body

7 советов по очищению организма

Excess sugar causes diabetes, obesity, heart problems, liver and other organsTip # 1The transition from decision to action is the most difficult thing in any case. But if you are determined to cleanse the body of sugar and start to feel better, write on a piece of paper the reasons why you need it. His notes spread out all over the apartment — they will be your constant reminder and will not stray from the right course

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4 principles of proper nutrition

4 принципа правильного питания

Food that guarantees longevityPrinciple # 1Italians follow a Mediterranean diet, the Japanese eat raw fish, and the peoples of the North, slightly rotten meat and it all goes to their advantage. However, this does not mean that you can lose weight by eating one pasta. Any kitchen has been shaped from the climate and way of life of a people, so the food stick to the traditions of their region.Stick традицийpixabay

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Intimacy: going out on a date

Очень интимно: собираемся на свидание have collected the best beauty tools that come in handy during the preparation for a romantic rendezvousHollywood stars in the face of Julia Roberts and Cameron Diaz may play for naturalness. But the open secret: men are still more pleasant to deal with girls who have bikini area pristine. Therefore, removal of excess vegetation — the first paragraph in the serious business of preparing for a romantic date.In order for the process of hair removal was painless, perfect Dr

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4 reasons to start eating flax seeds

4 причины начать есть семена льна

It's time to get healthy habitsReason # 1Tablespoon of flax seeds, eaten on an empty stomach will significantly enhance your health, you will forget about doctors. This is a real storehouse of useful minerals: calcium, manganese, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, sodium, copper. In flax contain vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, E as well as fiber, fatty acids omega 3, omega 6, omega 9 and amino acids.Flax is rich in витаминамиpixabay.comReason No

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