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What is a mommy makeover or why you need plastic for young mothers

Что такое mommy makeover или зачем нужна пластика молодым мамам

Plastic surgeon, PhD, associate Professor of plastic surgery of people's friendship University Irina Konstantinov said on the integrated approach to the recovery of women after childbirthPregnancy is the most important event in a woman's life. But often the joy of motherhood overshadowed by the changes the woman's body in pregnancy and breastfeeding

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Safety rules in the Solarium

Правила безопасности в солярии

Not far off beach season, and many are preparing for it by attending a Solarium. How to get a beautiful tan without harm? shares recommendations of a dermatologistThe Solarium is a procedure that requires preparation. You need to remember that at least two days before the session it is not recommended to do waxing, peeling or scrubbing the skin. This can lead to burns, uneven tan or cause pigmentation

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Golden onion: perfumes with the main spring flower

Золотая луковица: парфюмы с главным весенним цветком

Why every composition with Tulip brand unique?For the first time raised the main spring flower in Persia, and in this country it is always been a special relationship. Not accidentally, the most popular Persian name that sounds like a Lale, which means "Tulip". Generally, in the East it is very respected, he is depicted in the frescoes and mosaics, and so many verses dedicated to him!.

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Of life losing weight: fashion diet this spring

Из жизни худеющих: модные диеты этой весны

For many women, the pursuit of harmony has turned into a way of life. They follow trends in fitness, food trends, etc find out what diets discuss this seasonKetogenic dietThe gist of it is that sharply reduced the amount of carbs and replaced with fats. Losing weight puts your body in ketosis, when there is the breakdown of stored fat for energy. Due to this metabolic condition is the reduced level of sugar and insulin in the blood

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How to deal with allergies in the sun

We missed the warmth and joy of an in-person spring rays. But to enjoy them. Allergy radiation affects about 20% of the population. Specialist gave them adviceAllergic to the sun, or photodermatitis develops if the human immune system has the fault by which the body perceives solar radiation as hostile. As a result, even after short sun exposure appear redness, peeling, rash, swelling and itching

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Who will win — you or the cellulite

Кто победит — вы или целюлит

The holiday season is around the corner, and many women have sat down on a diet to look your beach best. But what to do with the dreaded "orange peel"? learned how to get rid of this problemCellulite is a secondary sex characteristic in women, so characteristic relief on the buttocks and legs can be observed even in lean models. If the surface of the moon became more dramatic and pronounced, it may indicate the presence of endocrine disorders

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In India now free to enlarge Breasts

The Department of health of the country took the revolutionary decisionThe government of India have decided that breast surgery should be available to all. So now there is an operation absolutely free.This is a revolutionary decision was taken by the Department of health of the country. According to Minister Vijay Bhaskar women of the poor who have not enough money for implants, should not feel deprived

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U.S. scientists test the pill harmony

There are already substances that contribute to weight loss without exerciseMany of us dream of "the tablets of harmony" when the former diet and regular active activities actually reduce the weight. So, it seems that dream is finally will soon become a reality.The publication Science Alert reports: scientists at the California Institute Salk (this world famous biological research center that promotes a holistic approach to health) are now experiencing a connection, indicated as 516, and 14

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What to do if you got a voice

Что делать, если сел голос

For singer Lauren's voice is the most important tool, and so the girl knows the tools that can help in cases where it is difficult even to say HelloSilenceIf you got a voice, then the first thing to do is to shut up. Your vocal cords need to rest and recover, but if you will be more of them to strain, the problem with the voice will be delayed. To speak only in the most extreme cases, and then in a whisper

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Morning thoughts of a working mom

Утренние мысли работающей мамы

Thinking about the same thing — it's like wearing the same thing! Not feminine!Folk wisdom Oh, my God, Wake up!To think that he will again act up — I don't want to get up, do not want to brush your teeth, don't want to eat! Every morning the same! Not a child, and the punishment! Although it is a pity to Wake him and force him to get out of a warm cozy little bed

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