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Ready for summer: methods of dealing with cellulite - health & Beauty -

Готовимся к лету: методы борьбы с целлюлитом - Красота и здоровье -

With the onset of heat we have less clothing, but not all can boast of a perfect figure and skin. tell me how to put in order the body for beach seasonMaria Блавацкая20 Mar 2019 00:5419710prepared to letefoho: is coming, which means clothes will become thinner and shorter. For girls it is a signal that it is time to take yourself to all the women turned around after you

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The sea is calling: the most effective butt exercises - health & Beauty -

Море зовет: самые эффективные упражнения для ягодиц - Красота и здоровье -

Are you ready for beach season? If not, to help you find itMaria Блавацкая25 Mar 2019 08:43117710prepared to letefoho: soon become warm, and you will begin to gather for a holiday. However, unlike buying a beautiful swimsuit, time to prepare your body for the summer season will take a lot more and we should start now. We have selected for you 5 most effective exercises for the buttocks that you can easily do at home without much effort

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Essential oils that help to lose weight - Beauty and health

Эфирные масла, помогающие похудеть - Красота и здоровье - will tell you what it is and what they "eat"Ksenia Парфенова19 March 2019 12:5116950studies have proven the effectiveness of terrestrial Masetto: pixabay.comWhen we think of weight loss supplements and the lose weight process, hardly anyone pays attention to the essential oil. Usually people look at diet pills, powders diet and teas. However, recent overseas studies have shown that essential oils can truly help in weight loss when complying with a balanced diet and exercise

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Put work on pause: 5 minutes exercises - health & Beauty -

Поставьте работу на паузу: 5 минут на зарядку - Красота и здоровье -

Trainers recommend the right exercises to perk me upKsenia Парфенова22 March 2019 13:1715610the workout will do you, polizotto: pixabay.comThe most common problem among people who lead a sedentary lifestyle, extra weight and a pain in the back and legs. To feel good and be energetic during the working day, you need to take breaks to warm-up. tells you what exercises you can do without attracting too much attention

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Kettiya: it works - health and Beauty -

Кетодиета: работает или нет - Красота и здоровье -

Foreign nutritionists have considered the popular diet system foodKsenia Парфенова20 March 2019 13:5819170the ketogenic diet is almost samfoto: pixabay.comMass obesity is one of the global problems of modern Russia. Doctors are really concerned about the health of compatriot and plan to take serious measures. If you care about your appearance and health, but probably at least once tried to limit the power

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How to sleep properly to avoid back pain - health and Beauty -

Как спать правильно, чтобы не болела спина - Красота и здоровье -

Effective advice that will help you sleepKsenia Парфенова12 March 2019 13:3226350if you follow the tips, you will be faster, visualisatio: pixabay.comIt would seem that the secret is simple — go to bed on time. However, for people who have lower back pain and spine is not associated with temporary fatigue, and is present constantly, all is not so simple. Not only is it important to follow the doctor's recommendations, but also to help the body to rest and recover during sleep

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Training diary: record of progress - health & Beauty -

Дневник тренировок: фиксируем прогресс - Красота и здоровье - talks about an effective method of controlling the growth of musclesKsenia Парфенова18 March 2019 13:1416740the diary as a way to develop your telephoto: pixabay.comAbroad, the practice of keeping a training diary is more common — foreigners slightly different attitude to achieving goals. Compatriots are getting used to write on paper or in the app on the smartphone of your successes, which only contributes an example of well-known coaches and athletes

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What is dangerous "syndrome of office" - health & Beauty -

Чем опасен «синдром офиса» - Красота и здоровье -

For many, life passes in front of the computer and on the road, and home. Currently, scientists are sounding the alarm, as office workers harming their health. find out howTamara Астапенкова12 March 2019 11:0728230Office work accelerates the aging of organizatio: would seem that it can be dangerous in bright, warm office for the modern man? Doctors explain: air conditioning, artificial lighting, constant work with a computer and a sedentary lifestyle

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5 reasons to meditate every day - health and Beauty -

5 причин медитировать каждый день - Красота и здоровье -

It is scientifically proven that meditation has a positive effect on human healthKsenia Парфенова15 March 2019 11:3321790useful for health practicate: pixabay.comBecoming increasingly popular habit to meditate — foreign psychologists and influencer social networks encourage everyone to complete this exercise. Over the last twenty years, researchers carried out experiments which compared groups of people who practice meditation and not

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Tattooing of the areola: the "pros" and "cons" - Beauty and health

Татуаж ареолы: все «за» и «против» - Красота и здоровье -

Valeriya Barchenko, the legislator of fashion and aesthetics Permanent Make-up in Russia and Europe, says who need this procedureValeria Барченко11 Mar 2019 19:2898190All the "pros" and "cons" of tattooing, areolite:, the Breasts should be beautiful not only in form but also visually, and this means that clothes, you should not be ashamed of the look of your areola

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