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5 ways to increase metabolism

5 способов повысить метаболизм

With age metabolic processes slow downMethod # 1Eat more often but less. Meals should be at least five times a day, very small portions. Fractional nutrition is the basis of most diets, it helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels and prevents overeating.Take a small порцииpixabay.comMethod # 2Eat proteins. Do not deny yourself the steak, but the dessert is superfluous. Try to avoid simple carbohydrates.Eat мясоpixabay.comMethod # 3Always eat Breakfast, morning meal not to be missed

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7 foods that help to lose weight

7 продуктов, которые помогут похудеть

Going on a diet, drop the poundsProduct No. 1The body needs protein, so be sure to eat lean beef, Turkey, eggs.Eat говядинуpixabay.comProduct No. 2Fish is also required in the diet. Choose the sea variety: salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines — there are many fatty acids omega-3, which positively influence the metabolism and regulate leptin levels — the hormone responsible for rate of metabolism and burning fat in the body.Don't forget рыбуpixabay.comProduct No

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Master class: SUP-yoga by Valerie Kozhevnikova

Мастер-класс: SUP-йога от Валерии Кожевниковой

This yoga helps relieve stress, improves balance, posture, strengthen the nervous system and the vestibular systemFor actress Valerie Kozhevnikova sport is the guarantee of health and good mood. She prefers the quiet types of fitness, yoga and Pilates. And recently tried classes, SUP yoga this kind of yoga is becoming very popular, his asanas are performed on the water on a wide, stable Board.Some General guidelines for lesson, SUP yoga:1. Take your time

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5 unusual beauty treatments which can be done using the epilator

5 необычных бьюти-процедур, которые можно сделать с помощью эпилятора talks about the unexpected ways to use familiar to all deviceWe all know what epilator and how to use it. It seems that us has already nothing to surprise. But this device can not only remove the unwanted hairs from the body and make the skin smooth and smooth for a long time, but with the help of attachments and additional functions allows for many useful beauty treatments

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5 myths about nutrition

5 мифов о правильном питании

Why we get fat by following themMyth # 1Brown sugar is healthier than white, we think. But scientists have calculated that even one calories more than usual, the only difference in the taste. If you have decided to lose weight, it is better to give up sweets completely.Instead of sugar, use медpixabay.comMyth # 2Breakfast is the main meal of the day. Habit to eat in the morning porridge, not helpful. A diet of packaged oatmeal lead to weight gain, because it includes too many carbohydrates

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How to lose weight before the cold weather

Как похудеть до наступления холодов

It is proved that in the summer and early fall, when our table is so rich with fruits and vegetables, the metabolism is active, and means goodbye to excess weight easierSummer work helps shape nature itself. less hungry, consumed more liquid. Consequently, the body more easily excreted toxic substances. Large daylight helps align circadian rhythms (the biological processes associated with the change of day and night). We sleep better, Wake up easier in the morning

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5 reasons to go for a swim

5 причин пойти поплавать

The weather has to visit the pondReason # 1Despite the warm days, the water is warmed not by much. If you want to lose weight, daily swimming in open water. The maximum you will lose weight swimming butterfly stroke.If you freeze, warm bulge океанpixabay.comReason # 2Problems with posture — another reason to go swimming. In the process of sports training in the water the spine receives less stress, while strengthening the muscles of back, chest and lower back

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What to do in cases of poisoning by mushrooms

Что делать при отравлении грибами

Unfortunate consequences can occur not only because of the venom, but from-for incorrectly prepared edible mushroomsMushroom poisoning is one of the most severe and deadly. Unfortunate consequences can occur not only due to poisonous mushrooms, accidentally fell into the dish, but incorrectly cooked edible.There are common signs of mushroom poisoning, regardless of their kinds: cramping abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, dizziness, fever, headache, blurred vision

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Catchers sun: best beauty-means to protect from ultraviolet radiation

Ловцы солнца: лучшие бьюти-средства для защиты от ультрафиолета

August is vacation time. However, in pursuit of the coveted tan, do not forget about safety precautions. tells about the main onesIncidentally, before the twentieth century, the word "sun" uttered with a hint of contempt. To be different from women of the lower classes, society ladies tried to keep pale skin, hiding her face under an umbrella on Sunny days

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