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5 causes of excessive sweating during sleep

5 причин излишней потливости во сне

This physiological problem can be a signal of illnessMenopauseSweating often occurs with hormonal changes. It can be a signal of the beginning of menopause. The woman you want to draw on this characteristic attention to consult a doctor who will help to correct this new condition for the body. Sleep in a well ventilated area, wear clothes made from natural fabrics.The cause may be возрастpixabay

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Party in the fresh air, day a simple office and a sensual night on the beach: what flavor to choose

Вечеринки на свежем воздухе, день в строгом офисе и чувственная ночь на пляже: какой аромат предпочесть have collected the best fragrance this summerLimited edition Summer flavors Festival from MEXXPhoto: materials of press-servicesSummer is a season of festivals, parties in the fresh air, violent emotions and bright colors. Especially for hot days, the ASICS brand has released two legirovannykh fragrances for Her and Him.Juicy floral-fruity fragrance, enclosed in a light coral-pink bottle, like reflects the playful summer mood

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How to use perfume on hot days

Как правильно использовать парфюм в жаркие дни

Summer is inflicted on the body aromas can purchase a heavy train. find out how to avoid itLooking for clues on the bottles. Aromas with notes, summer, ice, light, fresh specially created for the summer — they are light, unobtrusive and not very persistent. If you want freshness, and flavor stability, use extracts of perfume — Extrait de Parfum. They have less alcohol, which evaporates, it carries the smell and the body it smells like perfume all day

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How to create perfumes with a marine character

Как создаются парфюмы с морским характером

In summer, dramatically increases the interest in fresh compositions. But how perfumers managed to conclude in the glass the spirit of the ocean, after all the notes of salty water does not exist? Deal with WomanHit.ruWater (or, as they are called, aquatic) scents appeared on the perfume horizon only in the nineties, but have already got lots of fans and admirers. Still, after they like magic, moved to the seaside, walk along the sandy beach and feel the waves

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Strike a pose: 5 effective exercises from Natalya Lesnikovskaya

Встать в позу: 5 действенных упражнений от Натальи Лесниковской

Actress and mother of two children, believes that to find 15-20 minutes for sports you always and everywhere. The star said about your healthy lifestyle habits5 healthy lifestyle habits Natalya Lesnikovskaya:I never eat immediately after waking up. Start the morning with a glass of warm water to "make" the organism. It can also be water with lemon and teaspoon of honey. And Breakfast in 30-40 minutes.Remember about the compatibility of the products

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Anything extra: study the rules of hair removal

Ничего лишнего: изучаем правила эпиляции found out what today there are methods that you feel fully prepared on the beachTo begin to understand the difference between the translations available. When epilating removes or destroys not only the hair shaft but also the hair follicles. When hair is removed only the hair (it's shaving or cream hair removal). After shaving the hairs start to grow back the next day and the chemical compositions of the creams can cause allergies. It's not what you need in holiday

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Pink sapphire, Magnolia and Jasmine: fragrance that you will fall in love

Розовый сапфир, магнолия и жасмин: ароматы, в которые вы точно влюбитесь is the best perfume best sellers of this summerThe inspiration for the Pink Sapphire Omnia fragrance from BVLGARI was pink sapphire. As you know, this stone in some cultures symbolizes youth. Therefore, addressed a new perfume generation Z, and heroines of steel advertising campaign bloggers Amanda Steele, Margaret Zhang and singer Madison beer.Photo: materials of press-servicesOmnia Pink Sapphire — fresh, bold and bright

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5 myths about weight loss

5 мифов о похудении

Marina Altovsky — therapist from St. Petersburg, an expert on weight loss based on the practices of mindfulness with practical experience of 13 years, author of several scientific publications on psychotherapy, motivational coach, about the main misconceptions on the way to a slim figureOverweight is a story about respect for Yourself and your Body. The good news is that this attitude can be changed. Sometimes the changes are the myths that I want to tell you.Myth N1

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Secrets biorhythms: how to lose weight without doing anything

Секреты биоритмов: как похудеть, ничего не делая

According to experts, nutricology Irina Pisareva, to gain slim enough to listen to the internal clock of the bodyHave you noticed that the periods of recession and the surge of your vital activity are interleaved as if on schedule? Probably noticed that sometimes you just can't get off the couch — so tired though and slept, and nothing too time consuming did not. And an hour later a second wind and you are ready to move mountains

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How to avoid intestinal infection found out why it is so important to wash hands before eating, and assistance with the first symptoms of the diseaseIntestinal infection develops very quickly after the ingestion of pathogens. Using 6 to 48 hours in humans, rapidly deteriorating health, fever, pain in the abdomen, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea.First and foremost, the patient must give adsorbing the drug that will begin to release the body of toxins. If vomiting occurs, you must restore the water-salt balance

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