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Doctors who need to attend every year - health & Beauty -

Врачи, которых нужно посещать каждый год - Красота и здоровье -

Take care of health you need to carefully talk about each of the necessary examinationsKsenia Парфенова13 March 2019 17:3326371a timely inspection prevents blessitt: pixabay.comWe are constantly told that it is better to prevent disease than to treat it in its advanced stage. However, few people undergo regular preventive medical examination. Basically, the profile of the doctor we turn to when we feel pain or malaise

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Not in fashion: 5 antitrend plastic surgery - health and Beauty -

Уже не в моде: 5 антитрендов пластической хирургии - Красота и здоровье -

Vladimir Blakhotin, plastic surgeon, talks about the outdated aesthetic views and techniquesVladimir Плахотин12 March 2019 13:54969805 antitrend plastic chirurgiae: medicine is an area about which you can say that today it is developing by leaps and bounds. Replaced most of the old techniques in cosmetology and plastic surgery came brand new. A huge number of opportunities and new equipment for treatment and elimination of certain aesthetic problems

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5 reasons why you do not lose weight - Beauty and health

5 причин, почему вы не худеете - Красота и здоровье -

Not always a problem weight loss associated with malnutrition. will tell you that stopping to find a figure of dreamsKsenia Парфенова11 March 2019 12:5846150only diet, nedostatochnoe: pixabay.comYou eat strictly by the hour, long excluded from the diet of sweets and snacks, play sports, but the weight goes too slow. Familiar? The reasons can be several — describe each of them and explain how to act

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Protect skin from chlorine: safety rules in the pool - health and Beauty -

Защищаем кожу от хлорки: правила безопасности в бассейне - Красота и здоровье -

In an effort to obtain the figure of dreams, we sometimes forget about the biggest and most delicate organ. tell me how to preserve the beauty from exposure to harmful substances in the waterMaria Блавацкая11 March 2019 16:1540030protected coutto: girls in pursuit of a beautiful body is engaged in various types of physical activity. One of the most popular ways to tidy up the figure — weekly swims in the pool

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Fragrant gifts: the sweet life and cleaning products - Beauty and health

Ароматные подарки: сладкая жизнь и чистящее средство - Красота и здоровье -

If you haven't decided on a present for March 8, feel free to choose one of those flavors that we have testedJulia Амелина7 March 2019 13:2438030Choose fragrant, Powerkite: updated line of fragrances BVLGARI Omnia #CHOOSEYOURTREATPhoto: materials of press-servicesAll the well-known Italian passion for dolce vita. That is why BREITLING decided to refresh published since 2003 line Omnia, drew attention to the famous Italian sweets

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Than to indulge in on March 8 - Beauty and health

Чем порадовать себя на 8 Марта - Красота и здоровье -

Best fresh new items that are perfect to spring holidayJulia Амелина5 Mar 2019 19:1643360Eva Modestto: materials of press-servicesThe aroma of Avon Eve Truth from AvonThe mineral magnetite, may seem not the most appropriate component of the flavor, however, it is literally "fuses" the notes of the new perfume in a single unit. A bouquet of this composition is amazing

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Reasons why you Wake up in the night - Beauty and health

Причины, почему вы просыпаетесь среди ночи - Красота и здоровье -

Do not always get a good night's sleep, but if the problem bothers you a long time, advise what to doMaria Блавацкая6 Mar 2019 06:3146350why it is difficult for us to sleep?Photo: that happens from time to time? If your answer is "Yes", maybe you can help a small adjustment in life, such as changing the mode of the day. However, you should pay attention to the problem and to visit a specialist if you Wake up regularly and you did not help

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6 ways to get rid of excessive sweating

6 способов избавиться от повышенной потливости

Stop bacteria to multiply and cause an unpleasant smellWe are waiting for the spring and summer — days are hot. And the temperature will increase the perspiration process. The liquid has no smell, but when interacting with the bacteria living on the skin, can cause specific smell. To be confident, take care of your pits beforehand.DEODORANTSWhile they are on sale in every store, the choice is great: want for white clothes, you want to black, with the smell of perfume in the tone, or neutral

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Laser hair removal: the pros and cons

Лазерная эпиляция: плюсы и минусы

Before deciding on a costly procedure, it is necessary to consider all the factors. says who it will suit and what results to expectThe wave of popularity of the procedure for removal of unwanted hair by laser has swept the social network. Salons and then offer individual and joint sessions of laser hair removal — the amounts vary widely

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