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Master class: yoga with Karina Gubanova

Мастер-класс: йога с Кариной Губановой

The young actress specifically for showed a set of exercises that you can do at homeThe young actress Karina Gubanova began practicing yoga four years ago. When she was eighteen: heavy load in a theatrical Institute, the rehearsal in the theatre — to relieve the tension and learn to relax quickly, she drew attention to yoga. Since then, can not imagine a day without morning exercises. A set of exercises that you can do at home, Karina shares with

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Threat workout: how not to hurt joints

Опасные тренировки: как не навредить суставам

Traumatologist-orthopedist, candidate of medical Sciences, doctor at the joints, the founder of astrotherapy Yuri Glazkov said how not to get injured in the gymWe go to the gym to strengthen the body and spirit. But, alas, often get the opposite. Due to lack of experience and negligence, many are injured and stop training and not reaching the desired results

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Weed: the myth of Narcissus fragrances

Дурман-трава: овеянный мифами нарцисс в ароматах

What perfume used notes of flower, which became a symbol of a love relationship?The court in March, and bloom the first spring flowers. Legendary Narcissus came to us from the Mediterranean, where he became a symbol of a love relationship. He enjoyed the respect and in other countries. It is known that the Persian king Cyrus, the first green thumb of Iran, called the Narcissus the creation of beauty, the immortal delight

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Chest: should we intervene in what has given you the nature

Грудь вперед: стоит ли вмешиваться в то, чем наградила вас природа

Beautiful bust is a subject of female pride and male lust, so that the care of the décolleté is particularly importantLet's face it, breast a woman was given not only for rearing progeny. If this were so, the shape and size did not care. But, according to polls of sociologists, every second woman unhappy with their Breasts.Think about where Paul is looking strong in the first seconds of Dating? Certainly not in the eyes. It is more interested in your cleavage

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Spring no surprises: what you need to know about the prevention of colds in the spring

Весна без неприятных сюрпризов: что нужно знать о профилактике простуд весной

Spring is the time when the snow melts actively, rings drops, the days are getting longer, birds begin to sing impatiently, calling warm...We've been waiting for this long winter! But still spring is a traditional time of surge in the incidence of colds, but rather, acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI). The symptoms of SARS such as coughing, runny nose, headaches, muscle pain and sore throat, copious watery eyes, weakness and fever can seriously impair our optimistic spring plans

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A novel with food: 5 steps to beauty and health

Роман с едой: 5 шагов к красоте и здоровью

Maria Skryabina, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, chemotherapist, wellness coach, told why we become addicted to the rolls, and gave advice on how to get rid of food addictionWomen are unique in all its manifestations. They are emotional, passionate and from time to time indulge in adventure. But because of his natural emotion constantly looking for support and assistance

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How to fight food addiction

Scientists at Yale University claim: food addiction like drug. So you need to treat it responsiblyIt turns out that the brain centers equally responsive to both illegal substances and favorite but harmful food (salty, greasy, sweet). And since to control yourself people sometimes can not, as a result — the extra pounds and health problems. Therefore, experts say: if you notice that you eat not when hungry, we have to sound the alarm

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5 tips for those who are constantly sick

5 советов для тех, кто постоянно болеет

Support the immune system in good conditionIf every winter you suffer from colds, then that's fine. There are 200 respiratory viruses, they often mutate, and affect the body.Tip # 1All, of course, not once heard that vitamin C will help get rid of a cold in the winter so lean on lemons. Meanwhile, it much more is contained in a sweet pepper, black currant and sea buckthorn. In addition, the immune system to fight the disease, needed vitamin D. it is abundant in fish and seafood

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Forgotten foods of the past

Забытые продукты прошлого

Advertising and media every day we broadcast the image of the ideal woman: beauty, clever, successful worker and a loving motherBut from year to year, standards of beauty change. Today, more and more people are realizing that chasing them is a bad job

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Flu epidemic: how to improve health through food

Эпидемия гриппа: как укрепить здоровье с помощью еды

Expert talks about what products should be included in the diet for prevention of viral diseasesIn early February, according to Rospotrebnadzor, in Russia began the flu epidemic. In many regions of closed kindergartens and schools in quarantine, it is recommended to not to attend mass events, and to engage in the prevention of disease.It is believed that the best prevention of flu is vaccination, which is carried out several months before the beginning of the epidemiological season

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