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5 drugs that have no place in your medicine Cabinet

5 лекарств, которым не место в вашей аптечке

Save money on useless drugs1. Antiviral drugsThe most common diagnosis in the autumn and winter season of SARS. Putting it, the doctor cheerfully writes you prescriptions for 5-6 drugs, which you defeat dangerous virus. However, as proved by scientists, antiviral medications do not exist, they are not effective. The disease goes away after a week and treat her there was no need.Viruses are not лечатсяpixabay.com2

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Malkova Julia: "is it Dangerous milk?"

Юлия Малкова: «Опасно ли молоко?»

Our author and blogger decided to look into conflicting myths, which has acquired the drinkA modern guru of healthy eating are reminiscent of the medieval witch hunters. As before the crop failure was the fault of that redheaded in front of the house, so today the cause of various diseases is declared a single product. First I went to cereals containing gluten. Now the root of evil is found... in milk and products based on it

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Antidepressant without a prescription: how to get rid of the autumn Blues

Антидепрессант без рецепта: как избавиться от осенней хандры

Rainy autumn anyone can drive them into depression. Many resort to the proven way to lighten the mood — empty refrigerator. learned how to eat with benefitTo deal with stress or depression is possible and a small amount of food and most importantly — useful. Probably many of you know that the products-antidepressants stimulate the production of so-called happiness hormones — serotonin and endorphin. Their lack leads to chronic fatigue and depression.The bitter chocolate

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The basic rules of travelling with kids

Основные правила путешествия с детьми

Travel with a small child sometimes so frightens the young parents that they either abandon this idea or leave it at a very uncertain time.Fears are justified: the smaller the child, the harder it is to adapt to a changed environment, the more he is naughty and crying, affecting rest to themselves and others. We dedicate this article to those brave who still is not afraid of possible difficulties and planning your vacation, boldly looking into golubeyuschie given

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Garlic is not only afraid of vampires, but also the toxins

Чеснока боятся не только вампиры, но и токсины

A popular method of cleansing the bodySedentary urban lifestyle contribute to the accumulation in us of harmful substances. About the need for detoxification has been known since ancient times. Of course, now sell special tools, but sometimes their price is unreasonably high, and signs of toxicosis occur in many. This fatigue, problem sweating, irritability, and many others.I advise you to stock up on garlic new урожаяpixabay.comAbout the use of onions and garlic can talk endlessly

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5 recipes to lemon cured body

5 рецептов, чтобы лимон вылечил организм

Folk medicine remediesRecipe No. 1If you want to treat heart, buy cesoc and lemons. Squeeze the juice of six large fruit and mix it with chopped large head. The mixture should keep in the refrigerator and take courses tablespoon on an empty stomach, drink water.The lemon will help from any болезнейpixabay.comRecipe No. 2For bowel useful the following tool. 8 lemons, 400 g of garlic, 4 kg of celery, need the root and the leaves, 400 g horseradish

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Evgeny Kulik: "do you Want to do sports in the morning, get a dog!"

Евгений Кулик: «Хотите заниматься спортом по утрам — заведите собаку!»

The star of the show, the Team knows what the skating, daily Jogging, parachute jumping, and even Hiking to the beautician. recorded the rules by which the actor generates your lifestyleTo keep yourself in good shape, I have to give up a lot. From going to clubs, for example. Of course, my friends and I sometimes go to bars. But spending every weekend in Nightclubs I do not want.I usually get up at seven in the morning and go for a run

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The secret harmony Evgenia Shcherbakova

Секрет стройности Евгении Щербаковой

At the request the actress spoke about his diet, and the technician commented on her dietEugene Shcherbakov starred in the popular TV series "Pyatnitsky", "Salsa" and feature films "In anticipation of Charlotte Corday", "Major Thunder" and others. And Eugene is an award — winning beauty. She has won several beauty contests.— Eugene, probably, all participants of the contests are sitting on a strict diet?— Up to 24 years of age I was eating everything

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Beautiful figure after childbirth: what can plastic surgery

Красивая фигура после родов: что может пластическая хирургия

Igor Gulyaev, a plastic surgeon in detail action plan for young momsThe birth of a child brings not only joy, but also major changes in the female body. Something can be corrected in the gym or sitting on a diet. But in some cases, to return beauty to the figure of the young mother will help just a plastic surgeon.Most changes during pregnancy is the abdomen. It significantly increases does not always return after childbirth

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