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As for perfumes appeared leather components

Как в парфюмерии появились кожаные компоненты

And that makes this the flavors are so unique?When choosing a perfume, we use it on your wrist and wait a few moments until he will be revealed. And how, pardon the tautology, will be revealed on our skin aroma with a note of leather in the squad? Certainly worth a try! But first, let's see how the spirits appeared leather components and what makes them so unique

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The secrets of essential oils

Thanks to the beneficial properties they are added to cosmetics and used in aromatherapyAnflerazh. On a glass substrate applied animal fat or wax. Top evenly distribute the raw materials from flower petals or herb mixture, cover with a glass plate and pressed. This press is maintained for some time while the grease (wax) will not absorb at the maximum amount of oil. Then it is replaced with a new layer several times. Saturated oils fat called aromatic lipstick

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Velvet hands: 5 simple steps to perfection

Manicured hands are the calling card of every woman and they require your attentionDaily use hand cream. Many women think of the hand cream only when there is dryness and tightness. To prevent this, place one tube near the bed, leave the other at work, and third put it in her purse. This will help keep hands hydrated during the day and night.Don't forget about the cuticles. If your cream does not include cuticle care, treat it separately

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New year's manicure from Lena

Новогодний маникюр от Лены Лениной

Editor told about the most interesting trends of the upcoming holidaysAbout the winter trends in the manicure, we were told the Queen of the manicure and the high hair, the owner of the franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena — Lena. In her opinion, essential components of winter style will be manicures with the characters and attributes in a winter Wonderland: snowmen, Santa Claus, hearts, bears, and winter patterns

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How not to gain extra pounds during the new year holidays

Как не набрать лишние килограммы в новогодние праздники

Julia Angel — beauty blogger, expert on beauty and health, business lady to share with tips on what is the day to choose to after the winter holidays to get into your favorite dressThe Christmas holiday week is getting closer, the city is decorated, Christmas markets have already started their work, and in the air for a taste of the upcoming tales. It also means that soon will begin and nomadic week when you will visit each other's homes, meet at the holiday table

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What are natural fat burners

5 foods that will help you lose those extra poundsFor cleaning the body need to buy special dietary supplements of unknown origin. It is better to use natural products, which are perfectly cope with this task.Water with lemon juice. Lemon contains large amount of vitamin C, and therefore is struggling with the problem of fat. Substances in the fruit reduce hunger and accelerate metabolism.So I regularly drink lemon water to keep your body in great shape

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10 ways to force yourself to exercise

Follow these rules and you will no longer have to throw a workoutSet deadlines to accomplish fitness goals. For example, set a goal to lose two inches on your waist in a month or to pump up the buttocks for six months. This will eliminate the postponement of training "on Monday".Do not waste your time in social networks. Watching other people's pages leave hours that can be spend on running and squats.Plan your day. Schedule so as to have enough time to visit the gym.Prepare training in advance

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TOP 4 drinks that will restore your strength after a workout

To quickly bring your body in tone, enough to drink the right drinkChocolate milk. This drink, which the children love so much, not only has a pleasant taste. It contains the ideal ratio of carbohydrates and protein (4:1), which helps the body to quickly restore muscle glycogen levels. The high content of calcium will strengthen bones and give endurance to the muscles.A protein smoothie. This rejuvenating drink is prepared in some gyms. But you can cook it at home

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Aluminum foil: a potential threat to your health

It is proved that the use of aluminum products in food preparation can cause serious diseasesFoil aluminum is in almost every kitchen. A hostess baked the meat and vegetables, use it for sharpening scissors and other domestic purposes. Although the world health organization does not consider aluminium to the category of toxic substances, the use of products made from this metal for cooking can harm your body. And we'll tell you why

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Forever say goodbye to joint pain

This amazing tool consists of only three ingredientsJoint pain caused due to trauma, poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle. It is aching or cutting, increases with physical exertion. In folk medicine, have a prescription effective remedy that will eliminate pain in the joints of the hands and feet.For preparation will need:- 25 gr. beeswax;150 ml olive oil;- ½ Cup of dead bees.Heat the olive oil in a water bath. Beeswax, cut into small pieces and add to a container of oil

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