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5 healthy habits to avoid getting sick with a cold

5 полезных привычек, чтобы не заболеть простудой

Strengthens the immune system and the whole bodyDrink more waterOur organism more than half consists of water, which we lose daily. So moisture must be constantly replenished, otherwise you risk dehydration, which leads to a decrease in the immune system, disruptions in the digestive system, fatigue syndrome. Competent drinking regime — a guarantee of good health.Watch out for the water балансомpixabay

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What scents do you prefer blondes, brunettes and redheads

Какие ароматы предпочитают блондинки, брюнетки и рыжие — how to choose the right perfume as a giftValentine's day, Fatherland defender's Day and international women's day — all these holidays are United by the concern of selection of gifts. One of the most common gifts for such holidays is perfume. Actor Sergey Gubanov, who has several years of experience in the production of spirits, shared the secrets of a correct choice of flavor.Sergey is convinced that the trend of the season — unisex perfume suitable for both men and women

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How to fill the lack of sun in winter

Как восполнить недостаток солнца зимой

According to experts, in the cold season the Muscovites are sorely lacking in the sun, and hence vitamin D. find out how to fix this situationVitamin D develops and strengthens the human immune system, helps fight inflammation, improves brain function, good effect on the nervous system. Only in the presence of this vitamin in our body absorb calcium

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Formula active winter

Формула активной зимы

Waited! Winter has completely come to its rights: in the street the frost and drifts of unmelted snow! Began to appear in the sun!And though daylight already added, feel fatigued and want tangible support. Over the weekend to rest and recover really does not work, and fatigue from the cold and gloom leads to a weakened immune system, frequent colds and SARS

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Aromas of passion and joint SPA: what to give the second half for Valentine's Day

Ароматы страсти и совместное СПА: что подарить второй половине на День святого Валентина

Coming the most romantic holiday. have collected the best beauty innovations that will tell about your love more than usual "Valentine»Of course, the "right" perfume, prepodnesenny Valentine's Day — the win-win. Funny! MOSCINO if created for a romantic holiday. Daring, stimulating, dazzling and exciting is probably the way to describe this fragrance.Photo: materials of press-servicesTop notes is of sparkling fresh fruit: bitter orange and red currant

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Named the world's best diet

Researchers from US found out what power system is the most effective in the fight against excess weight and not harm the bodyAmerican scientists from the National Institute of heart, lung and blood NIH (NHLBI) for the eighth time we have identified the most efficient in the world of diet, which, on the one hand, it doesn't harm you, on the other — helps to reduce weight.First place was shared by two of the power system. The first — known, perhaps, to everyone

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Male question: how to choose a perfume that will appeal to your chosen one

Мужской вопрос: как выбрать парфюм, который понравится вашему избраннику

On the nose the holidays, and not one, but two: Valentine's Day and February 23. So in all growth raises the perennial question — what to give a loved one?The best men's perfume, according to experts, are the ones that when they come in contact with the skin, as if a continuation of the image of your young man. Therefore, in order not to be trapped, to start a revision on his dressing table

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We go to the bath. But what to choose

Идем в баню. Но какую выбрать

Turkish Hammam, Finnish sauna, Japanese barrel — versed in the peculiarities of different types of pairedWinter is chomping at the bit to go to the steam room and then do a surface dive in a cool pool. But what to choose? After all, their variety is striking: first come to mind, classic versions like the Russian bath, the Turkish Hammam or the Finnish sauna, but then there is the exotic — Japanese ofuro barrel or Indian swedana

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6 points on the ear which will help to improve your health

6 точек на ухе, которые помогут поправить здоровье reveals the secrets of Chinese medicineAnyone can feel bad, get sick, get tired — this is normal. But if the Europeans in this case immediately start to drink tablets, Easterners are more attentive to their health and better understand their own body. The opinion of Chinese experts in reflexology, for example, by pressing on certain points on the ear, it is possible to achieve health effects, impart vigor and energy to the body

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