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How to achieve healthy harmony

Want to lose weight? Diet — not a panacea. Expert, nutricology Irina Pisareva, talks about more effective waysTo have a slender body every girl wants. But what to say, men also care for their appearance and want to look slim and toned. But not all are successful. Many excuse themselves saying, "I Got a bone broad, our family are all full, it's all genetics"

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Yana Stepanova: how to prepare your body for beach season

Яна Степанова: как подготовить тело к пляжному сезону

Beauty blogger gives the effective rekomendatsii on nutrition and shares a set of exercisesSummer brings many wonderful: a long-awaited vacation, sun, sea. Let's be objective: if you spent the entire winter ate the extra pounds, then a couple of days before the bathing season should not expect miracles. But there is good news! If you are ready for daily work, the figure will be much better and you will give a great start to create the body of your dreams

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How to care for hands in summer

Как ухаживать за руками летом

Now we have more time in the air, sunbathing, doing the garden, and therefore our skin needs special ritualsAs you know, the sun is the main enemy of youthful skin. So before going outdoors apply on hands sunscreen with SPF of at least 20. This cream not only protect from harmful UV rays, but also protect the skin from drying out. In the evening, before bedtime, it is recommended to use a moisturizer.Probably many have noticed that frequent washing of skin of hands becomes dry

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5 ways to go to sleep early

5 способов уснуть пораньше

Doctors suggest to go to 23 hoursAromatherapyMany essential oils are sleep and improve sleep quality. Try in the evening to pour in aroma lamp lavender oil. Put some twigs in the headboard. Dry sachet to put under the pillow. You will be able to relax after a hard day, this scent is recommended even for people with depression.Use ароматыpixabay.comAlcoholIt is known that a glass of red wine helps to calm down and to forget troubles of the day

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Kira Dikhtyar: "to Begin to follow a diet easy. Difficult not to relax when the first results"

Кира Дихтяр: «Начать соблюдать диету несложно. Сложнее не расслабиться при первых результатах» recorded tips on losing weight from the modelLovely shape Hollywood stars and models is suggestive of the fact that overseas celebrity sitting on some superdate. Model Kira Dikhtyar been living and working in America and familiar with popular diets.I eat almost all take a nutritional Supplement, like organic fresh food. But no sweets and almost no flour. Same thing with alcohol. I can afford a glass of red wine or champagne at the party, but nothing stronger

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Chemistry and life: aldehydes in perfumes

Химия и жизнь: альдегиды в парфюмерии

Let's see what is this component, through which the light appeared the iconic fragrancesIn the description of many modern fragrances you can find mention of some "aldehydic" notes. According to the perfumers, thanks to her perfume adjust to the natural body odor, sounding differently on the skin of different people. And without aldehydes impossible to create a multi-piece toilet novelties

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Carefully vitamins: not all people fresh fruit and vegetables benefit

Осторожно, витамины: не всем людям свежие фрукты и овощи идут на пользу

The advice of a gastroenterologist for the adjustment of the diet in summerSummer is a time of grace for those who are trying to live a healthy lifestyle. Due to the abundance of high-quality vegetables, fruits and berries you can adjust your diet and make it as a vitamin. However, there can be in danger.Berries. Experts say that the berries are more rich in vitamins. Especially the black currant, which contains huge amount of vitamin C

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5 reasons of heaviness in the legs

5 причин тяжести в ногах

It's time to take care of the health and beauty of the lower extremitiesLoadIf you spend half a day on the feet, for example, working as a salesman, hairdresser or teacher, i.e., a long are in a vertical position, it leads to violation of the outflow of blood from the lower extremities. It encourages the development of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis and thrombosis.Give your feet отдыхpixabay.comTemperatureSummer hot season, can give a lot of trouble

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Manual therapy for infertility

Neurologist, chiropractor Andrey Rusakov says that in our body everything is interconnected and any imbalance may lead to unexpected consequencesManual therapy is qualified the impact to the joints and soft tissue, aimed at improving the elasticity of tissues, increase range of motion, relaxation or mobilization of muscles and joints, relieve pain, reduce swelling and inflammation

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Elixir of cheerfulness: how useful green smoothie

Эликсир бодрости: чем полезен зеленый смузи

A well-known blogger is an expert in the field of healthy nutrition and sport Yana Stepanova explains why you should start your day with this magical drinkWhat is the best morning? Cheerful, full of energy and charge for the whole day. So what need to do for this? First, prepare a delicious and healthy Breakfast. Many do not eat in the morning or on the run, intercept a sandwich with coffee... About the consequences, of course, I don't think

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