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Yulia alipova shared the secrets of beauty

Юлия Алипова поделилась секретами красоты

I think titled beauty does nothing for the slim figure? Nothing of the kind! Almost all of them admit that they are forced to abandon their caloric foods in favor of healthy nutrition. Blue-eyed brunette Julia alipova, officially recognized by the most beautiful girl in our country, shared with WomanHit their beauty secrets and gave some tips on how to get in shape after a long winter. Yulia Alipova. photo: materials of press-services

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Weak strong gender: choosing a perfume loved

Слабый сильный пол: выбираем парфюм любимому

Men in General were "people are lazy. At least with regard to care for yourself. Although today most of them are carefully watching his appearance (and do not rejoice, agree), they will not waste time in perfume and cosmetics shop for hours to choose a fragrance. Photo: Fotolia/ Usually men act according to the scheme "gushing-liked-bought

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Master-class: defy gravity

Мастер-класс: бросаем вызов гравитации

The attraction of the Earth inevitably affects each of us, but we can strengthen the contours of the face and body "reinforcing" physical exercise and prolong their youth. Personal trainer Eugene Mazur offered an effective exercise program. Defy gravity. Photo: Fotolia/PhotoXPress

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Spring call: choose new fragrances

Весенний призыв: выбираем новые ароматы

On the calendar already appears in the month of March. I can't believe we pulled finally, until spring. And let before joining real warmth is still very far, now can't wait to update clothes, including perfume. You should not indulge in such weakness

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Spring waters: choose Cologne

Вешние воды: выбираем одеколон

Our knowledge about the Cologne often limited to a very vague associations with the Soviet Union. But in the perfume industry this phenomenon, in fact, is unique and has a long history..

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What kind of smell real men?

Чем пахнут настоящие мужчины?

It is everyone decides for itself. Yes, that each, as a rare gentleman is so scrupulous and picky in choosing their smell, how his heart lady. The main components of perfumery cocktails for true dandy - through the eyes of women

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Master class: family training

Мастер-класс: семейный тренинг

Joint training of parents and children can improve family relations, increase the level of trust and understanding, to develop power endurance and strengthen your health. Personal trainer Eugene Mazur offers a complex of exercises for fathers and their sons

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