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Sport for two

Спорт на двоих

Our new blogger Anna Сalipsodellmar, incidentally, the winner of the first category in power for many years, successfully studies all the methods of the sport control over the female figure. His thoughts and conclusions is ready to share with the readers WomanHit

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The SPA at home? Easy!

СПА-салон на дому? Легко!

Have you ever wondered why someone manages to «reboot» for an hour, and someone does not have enough and two weeks away from work, family concerns and bustle of the big city? The secret is simple: it is not important how many time you rest, it is important how you do it! The particular importance of this issue takes on New year's eve. In the endless stream of «must» find at least an hour for the promised «want» and go... to the SPA at home

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Aroma massage - «Medicine» for all diseases

Аромамассаж - «Лекарство» от всех болезней

Essential oils are applied in various forms of medicine for centuries. However, it is believed that the discoverer of their miraculous healing properties is the French chemist Rene Гаттефосс. According to the legend, at the beginning of the 20th century, he has burned his hand, working in the laboratory, and placed it in a standing next to the vessel with lavender oil. Surprisingly blunt the pain, and damage to quickly passed

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Select the actual shades of nail polishes

Выбираем актуальные оттенки лаков

With fashionable manicure you can safely forget about the rings and bracelets - sparkling coating with metal Shine will replace most exquisite jewel. Is selected from the popular gold and silver schemes, as well as from the classic red palette, not surrendering their positions from season to season

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Day and night: the best duets fragrances

День и ночь: лучшие дуэты ароматов

Someone is using one perfume, and someone changes their as gloves in search of a loop that will make fall in love with it forever. In any case, aroma require pair - day compositions are complemented by rich evening. We пофантазировали and picked up six ideal combinations

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The iconic fragrance Chloе‛ celebrates fifth anniversary

Культовый аромат Chloе‛ отмечает пятилетие

Suitable by the end of 2013 fashion House Chloeе‛ held in endless chores - brand celebrated the sixtieth anniversary of summing up more than half a century of creative activity. Together with the highlight of your personal anniversary celebrated and the most popular perfume brand - gentle and multifaceted Chloе‛. For five years he lived through six editions, which are invariably successful and beloved fans of the «pink» smells

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