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Choose shower gel

Выбираем гель для душа

Formula morning cheerfulness: charging, light Breakfast, pleasant music and a warm shower with aromatic gel, which for a long time to recharge your batteries and forces. WomanHit provides an overview of delicious novelties

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Life without stress: myth or reality?

Жизнь без стресса: миф или реальность?

The townspeople live at breakneck speed and under constant pressure from the outside. All of this ultimately leads to fatigue, depression and illness. Our body is fighting to the last, clamped in a Vice stress, gradually surrenders

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Hit of the season - perfumes with a note of peony

Хит сезона - парфюмы с нотой пиона

White, pink and purple hats pions, summer decorating all Moscow gardens, once considered a sign of prosperity and a respectable position in society. Because afford to buy these flowers could only wealthy people. Their nimbuses exude a delicate, slightly sweet fragrance, which nothing can be confused. Perfumes with a note of peony touch my heart, because they have a special softness and a bit of romanticism, they remind of the most lighthearted period of his life - his youth

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Paint fingernails on «Feng Shui»?

Красить ли ногти по «фэн-шую»?

The street until the summer, you can continue to afford small hooliganism. The truth, of course, trying not to disturb the working dress code, if you have one. Today let's talk about such a wonderful way to cheer yourself up as beautiful manicures

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CH Sublime from Carolina Herrera: modern classic

CH Sublime от Carolina Herrera: современная классика

Accessories sometimes play an almost a greater role than the clothes. Shoes and handbag can make the most simple dress in a real masterpiece. And spirits - they complete the image, put an end to the «i», if you want. In this sense, a new perfume CH Sublime from Carolina Herrera is your perfect companion on any party, because it is enclosed in a bottle in the form of a clutch and perfectly complement your outfit

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Orange blossom - the constant companion of brides

Флердоранж — неизменный спутник невест

Translated from the French fleur d'orange means «flower померанцевого tree»or bitter orange. Even the name of the language of love melodious sounds as if you hum a line from any romantic songs. Once the bride weaved delicate white flowers in their wedding wreaths and decorated them dresses. And today this tradition is still alive, although to get a sprig of living Seville, you have to try

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Save the beauty of the heat

Спасаем красоту от жары

«Poplar fluff, heat, July...» These words from unpretentious songs of the Russian boyband as possible reflect the essence of the Moscow summer. However, to survive the hot days in the metropolis without any losses for looks! Share our experiences

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Sunscreen: the rules of operation

Солнцезащитный крем: правила эксплуатации

Styled legendary Coco Chanel Golden tan for a long time remained a sign of success, health and financial well-being. Alas, in those years did not know that excessive enthusiasm for sun baths leads to the appearance of spots and premature aging. So that extra protection we do not interfere. And as you'll turn into мулатку-chocolate, will require different tools. And this refers not only to successfully serving on the sea, but also to those who remain in the urban jungle

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