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Shopping could replace fitness?

Шоппинг может заменить фитнес?

It turns out June marked not only the beginning of summer sales, but the fact that he is the best time for getting rid of extra pounds. About how to combine pleasant with useful - read our article

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Master class: running from the office

Мастер-класс: бегом из офиса

A recent opinion poll showed that the most vulnerable to stress employees of big corporations, conducting daily for eight and more hours in the office. Sedentary work, although red from the monitor eyes, lots of coffee, a little fresh air... Personal trainer Eugene Mazur has developed special exercises for office workers - both men and women

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Le Labo: «freshly» fragrances

Le Labo: «свежеприготовленные» ароматы

The authors perfume brand Le Labo Fabrice foam and Eduard Роши. photo: materials of press-services.In the world of perfume, where almost all of today delivered on a commercial basis and is subject to one big goal is to get the potential buyer, two enthusiast and romance decided to go against the flow and do something special. Fabrice foam and Eduard Roshi a fair amount of time worked in the beauty industry, and in one and the same creative team of successful perfume brand

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Bath as a national pastime

Баня как национальная забава

It completely removes fatigue and stress, helps get rid of excess weight, strengthen immunity, after her feel born again, and the skin there are real miracles. It, as you can guess, about the Russian bath. Each of us at least once in a lifetime Yes experienced its beneficial effects. About the features of this national amusements will be discussed

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The Golden rules of manicure from Lena Lenina

Золотые правила маникюра от Лены Лениной

Lena Ленина. photo: materials of press-services.Though the weather lately not happy, and the number of colds almost reached the critical point, approaching the most romantic months of the year to February and March, in time for the holidays lovers. It is a time in every woman, despite of frosts, wants to look particularly beautiful. We asked Lena to Lenin share with us the secrets of perfect manicure.Rule # 1. The beautiful woman should be beautiful handsBeauty is, first of all, grooming

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All in your hands

Все в твоих руках

Well - groomed hands synonym of success. Smooth, soft skin by shaking hands. Perfect nail form and relevant coat colour. If you make a habit of regularly take care of hands, the result can surpass all expectations

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Do body to fly

Сделай тело к лету

Perhaps nothing ruins a presentiment of spring and heat, as the echoes of winter cheer with abundant feasts, which managed to become a extra pounds. Smart devices will not only help get rid of unwanted inches, but at the same time to give a smooth skin, will provide powerful detox and eliminate cellulite

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