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La Vie Est Belle: the essence of happiness

La Vie Est Belle: эссенция счастья

Victorious tandem brand Lаnco^me and Hollywood actress Julia Roberts continues to conquer hearts. A year later, after triumphal premiere of perfume La Vie Est Belle, in autumn 2013, the brand has released a new version of the fragrance. Is it still the same charming «pretty woman» with a smile

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Aromas off-season: the most interesting novelties

Ароматы межсезонья: самые интересные новинки

They help to overcome autumn spleen, confusion of feelings and desires, warm and simultaneously give fond memories of hot days. Perfumes of the off - season works of art, unique and, like a true classic, suitable for any situation. Play fragrant antidepressants like the Shine of precious metals - calm, thorough and bright. The best representatives of perfume houses in the compilation of WomanHit

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Master class: correct gait

Мастер-класс: исправляем походку

Personal trainer Evgeny Мазуро offers a complex of functional exercises with the use of isometric loads, which include the work of all small muscles from head to toe

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The perfect menu for your body

Идеальное меню для вашего организма

On the topic of balanced nutrition is written very much. Our expert chose the main and amounted to an optimal set of dishes for those who tracks not only the slim figure, but also for their health

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Many-sided girl in the new Giorgio Armani fragrance

Многогранная женская сущность — в новом аромате Giorgio Armani

Maestro Giorgio Armani looked at the woman through the prism of contrasts. The heroine of his new fragrance Si spontaneous and calm inflexible and soft, ready to boldly say «Yes» to any call. With the role of a decisive beauties in the style of Armani managed very well «the Oscar winning» cate Blanchett

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Ultrasound lifting ULTHERA SYSTEM in the clinic TELO'S BEAUTY

Ультразвуковой лифтинг ULTHERA SYSTEM в клинике TELO’S BEAUTY

Today there are many medications and procedures capable of supporting the youth of the skin (biorevitalization, biorepair, laser rejuvenation, radiowave therapy and others), but if you have to lifting the fabric, then the most effective way today is the system of Ulthera. Now this unique technology was introduced in the clinic «Telo's Beauty»

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