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All in your hands

Все в твоих руках

Well - groomed hands synonym of success. Smooth, soft skin by shaking hands. Perfect nail form and relevant coat colour. If you make a habit of regularly take care of hands, the result can surpass all expectations

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Do body to fly

Сделай тело к лету

Perhaps nothing ruins a presentiment of spring and heat, as the echoes of winter cheer with abundant feasts, which managed to become a extra pounds. Smart devices will not only help get rid of unwanted inches, but at the same time to give a smooth skin, will provide powerful detox and eliminate cellulite

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Master-class: the body of «turnkey»

Мастер-класс: тело «под ключ»

Personal trainer Eugene Mazur together with кинезиологом Alexandra Репетенко developed a set of exercises that regulate the body and face. No, this is not the editorial error or a publicity stunt. Our face looks like he feels the body

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Master class: do waist

Мастер-класс: делаем талию

It is slim waist and a smooth transition to your hips make a figure of a woman so seductive. Unfortunately, because of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diet, waist may disappear. Personal trainer Eugene Mazur showed some effective exercises are able to return waist

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Удовые aromas conquer the world

Удовые ароматы покоряют мир

Perfume with chord удового wood someone cause indescribable delight, even euphoric, and someone - a strong disgust, but they don't leave indifferent exactly. The most ambiguous ingredient in perfumes - UD - now experiencing a real boom. Find out what is the reason for its wide popularity

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