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Master-class: the body of «turnkey»

Мастер-класс: тело «под ключ»

Personal trainer Eugene Mazur together with кинезиологом Alexandra Репетенко developed a set of exercises that regulate the body and face. No, this is not the editorial error or a publicity stunt. Our face looks like he feels the body

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Master class: do waist

Мастер-класс: делаем талию

It is slim waist and a smooth transition to your hips make a figure of a woman so seductive. Unfortunately, because of sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy diet, waist may disappear. Personal trainer Eugene Mazur showed some effective exercises are able to return waist

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Удовые aromas conquer the world

Удовые ароматы покоряют мир

Perfume with chord удового wood someone cause indescribable delight, even euphoric, and someone - a strong disgust, but they don't leave indifferent exactly. The most ambiguous ingredient in perfumes - UD - now experiencing a real boom. Find out what is the reason for its wide popularity

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Want to know how to smell like diamonds?

Хотите узнать, как пахнут бриллианты?

Then open the perfume bottle with a laconic name «1932» Chanel. They will take you in the same year in Paris, in the famous mansion of Gabrielle Chanel on the street Fabourg Saint-Honore, 29. Get on luxury presentation of the jewelry collection Bijoux de Diamants Chanel. Remember Shine fine brooches, rings in the form of stars and necklaces comets

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Summer care: skin deep hydration

Летний уход: коже необходимо глубокое увлажнение

Loss of water in summer is on the first place in the rating of negative factors which are drying up the skin. Here add sea salt, scorching sun, get dryness and nasty roughness. WomanHit chose proven tools that moisturize the skin of the face and body

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