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The pursuit of the ideal forms

Стремление к идеальным формам

Every woman at least once in a lifetime feels like to lose weight. It becomes a permanent and shapes the future life, someone flashes and goes out like a red traffic light. All about diets and how to keep your body in our new blog expert on the figure of Svetlana Zakharova

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Collect perfume harvest

Собираем парфюмерный урожай

Early fall is like a clean sheet of paper on which you can write a new Chapter of life. And to make it more exciting, should brighten her a drop of spirits. Moreover, that the "harvest" of the latter clearly deserves attention

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Les Contes - the scent of magic

Les Contes — аромат волшебства

«Who owns the smell, he owns the hearts of the people...» - This phrase Jean-Baptiste Гренуя from the novel by Patrick Suskind can be attributed to a weird парфюмам this brand. They not only teach you how to influence others, but also cause to believe that fairy-tales really exist

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Master-class: the secret of the perfect posture

Мастер-класс: секрет идеальной осанки

Beautiful hands, toned shoulders and straight back, create an image of a successful and active person. Not to mention the fact that the slim figure looks great with any outfit. And so she became so well, we just have to persevere. Personal trainer Eugene Mazur told and showed how to bring yourself in a full order

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