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Green noise: select aroma with notes of fern

Зеленый шум: выбираем ароматы с нотами папоротника

Summer is the best time to try on so-called an aromatic fougere fragrance. They help through the midday heat and gives a feeling of coolness. Just open the lid of the bottle to be in a shady forest, where growing mysterious fern. Choose a fragrance with notes of fern. Photo: Its name an aromatic fougere fragrance owe to the French word ' la fougere", which means "fern". Actually reminiscent of lace greenery, this plant is almost no smell. Such is the paradox

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How to overcome hunger?

Как побороть голод?

Want to lose weight familiar Golden rule: do not eat after six in the evening. Alas, not all the strength of will to comply with it. Simple tips will help you to repress the feeling of hunger that occurred before sleeping. How to overcome the feeling of hunger? Photo: The stomach is the capacity that we "put" food for digestion. Stomach still, it is fatty, sweet, nutritious... He reacts only to volume. Therefore, it is easy to deceive

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Little outfit: choose a swimsuit

Маленький наряд: выбираем купальник

The holiday season has already begun, it's time to look at bikini. However, health professionals warn that not all swimwear harmless. What swimwear harmful to health? Photo: Fotolia/ When choosing a swimsuit will not be superfluous to listen to recommendations of doctors. Do not buy a bra underwire! They break the flow of lymph in the breast and, as consequence, increase the risk of breast cancer. The once popular Thong unsafe for women's health

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Svetlana Surganova: "the Body cannot be ignored"

Светлана Сурганова: «Телом нельзя пренебрегать»

In a recent interview with the singer told that in her life she underwent six operations have overcome cancer and, despite this, full of energy and positive. WomanHit met with the artist and decided to learn how to learn to live with full force. Svetlana Surganova. photo: materials of press-services. I'm 45 years old, I have a genetic tendency to be overweight - medically many years I am sitting on the hormonal drugs, and every day I just keep myself within

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The naked truth: what method of hair removal to choose?

Голая правда: какой способ эпиляции выбрать?

Doctors have named the most effective method of removing unwanted hair, the effect of which comes after four procedures. Which method of epilation is the most effective? Photo: Fotolia/ The beach season is not far off, and the problem of hair removal are as relevant as ever. Which method to choose? Shaving is the fastest method. Although it has several disadvantages: the skin is easy to injury and infection. Hair becomes tougher and can start to grow inside

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Make your vacation manicure

Делаем каникулярный маникюр

Socialite and writer Lena Lenina told WomanHit about how to properly prepare your nails for the coming holiday season. Lena Lenina. photo: materials of press-services. In anticipation of the holiday season we mentally planned, what summer dresses, shoes, hats and glasses will take with us. But these elements of our identity are changing several times a day. But the fingers of the hands and feet remain. Therefore, it is important that our manicure-pedicure were perfect

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Manicure: trends warm season

Маникюр: самые модные тенденции теплого сезона

Writer and socialite Lena Lenina told readers WomanHit about what kind of nail design will be in trend next summer. Summer will be in fashion bright manicure. photo: materials of press-services. "The coming spring and summer season - the most bright and bold in all respects. In addition to the colorful outfits became fashionable and bright manicure - gold, silver, white, black, orange, multi-colored and, of course, classic red

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Of stars that do not threaten the excess weight

Звезды, которым не грозит лишний вес

In spring all trying to lose weight. But there are those who, on the contrary, it would be nice to gain a few pounds. Recently on the sidelines discussed excessive leanness singer Maksim. Impressed, WomanHit decided to make a hit parade of the most slender of representatives of the Ukrainian show-business. Zemfira. photo: Natalia Muslinkina ZemfiraThat the singer looks like a skeleton, say for a long time. It all started in 2008, when Zemfira noticeably thinner

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