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Don't do it during the critical days

To keep your balance, you must follow some rulesDiet. To stay energetic, you need to eat regularly. To recover lost strength eat foods rich in iron like meat and fish, legumes, nuts, and greens.Eliminate fast food, too greasy and spicy food so as not to overload the already "suffering" body.Exercise. Avoid heavy physical work, especially if you are experiencing pain in your back or stomach. Lifting weights, you risk to get complications or even aggravate bleeding.Work

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7 reasons for your lack of sleep

In our day, few can boast the morning vigor, and it's not just fatigueQuality sleep is the key to attractive appearance, good health and high productivity. It's time to get rid of habits that disrupt your sleep quality.The bedroom too hot and stuffy. The optimum temperature for sleep is not more than 20 degrees, otherwise the body will not be able to relax, and you will not be able to sleep normally. Make it a habit to air the bedroom before sleep.You go to bed with a full stomach

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Be sure to wash new clothes

Dress worn immediately after the purchase, can cause serious problemsSometimes clothes shopping is spontaneous, and as soon as you pick up your new outfit you want to wear it straight today. But do not hurry to jump in a dress, taken straight from the counter. Dermatologists recommend carefully to wash new things before wearing them. This is true for several reasons.There is a huge risk to Allergy or skin irritation

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Flax seeds: useful properties and contraindications

All fans of a healthy lifestyle is dedicated to: the product can work wondersThe Latin name of the flax sounds like the "most helpful". And indeed it is. Flax seeds are a storehouse of nutrients. They contain high amounts of omega-3 and lignans. The latter are hormones, according to research by the national Cancer Institute (USA and Canada), can be used as a preventive tool for breast cancer. Seeds enriched with selenium deficiency is often observed in urban residents

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What if I overtrained at the fitness club

Some tips for recuperation after an exhausting physical activityTraining is always a stress to your body. Bringing your body in shape, you spend a lot of energy and create microtrauma on the muscles. In the process physical activity releases massive amounts of endorphins, which cause the so-called "runner". This leads to a reduction of pain, and you may not feel when to stop. If you have already "overdone" and I feel bad, should adhere to the following rules

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Sugaring: how to do waxing at home shares simple pasta recipes for treatments that you can prepare in your kitchenSugaring is the most simple and painless procedure of hair removal, which quickly and permanently helps to get rid of unwanted hair. With these recipes you will be able to hold it independently, not resorting to services of beauty salons.Express pasta with lemon. For cooking use 5 tbsp of sugar, the juice of a quarter lemon and 1 tablespoon of water. Mix the ingredients in an enamel saucepan

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What you need to know about diabetes

Что нужно знать о сахарном диабете

About this disease, which in Russia was diagnosed in 12 million people, there is still a lot of speculationDiabetes there are two types of diametrically different origins. The onset of type I diabetes — severe weight loss. People "melt" in the eyes appear fatigued and thirsty. After stress, infections and a number of other reasons for the pancreas abruptly stops producing insulin. Therefore, the required insulin

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Cologne water: as colognes won the first men and then women

Кельнская вода: как одеколоны завоевали сначала мужчин, а потом и женщин

The history of colognes originates as much as three hundred years agoIt is clear that the prerogative to wear them belonged only to men (they were mostly kings and politicians, as you can guess). But in our age of universal emancipation, these light and fresh fragrances with citrus notes appeal to women.Photo: materials of press-servicesAccording to one legend, the laurels of creating the colognes belong to the Italian Giovanni Maria Farinet

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Emotional hunger and how to fight it

Эмоциональный голод и как с ним бороться

Julia Angel — beauty blogger, expert on beauty and health, business woman — how to overcome addiction to foodParents taught us to eat well, that is meatier and satisfying. And the more the better — nourishing soup on the first, mashed potatoes with butter and cutlets for the second, a sausage sandwich and a bag of sweets for tea..

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Attention to magnetic storms: what to do to not fall out of the normal rhythm of life

Meteorologists predict in November 2017 powerful geomagnetic variationsMeteopathy all have become commonplace. And regardless of age, all of us in varying degrees suffer from magnetic storms.This natural phenomenon occurs in connection with increased solar activity and is accompanied by flashes on the Sun's surface. The Earth's magnetic field is experiencing the strongest vibrations that causes poor health

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