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Say Yes to morning dance

Scientists have found that rhythmic PA in the morning work better than conventional chargingRemember how many times you promised yourself that tomorrow morning will do exercises. But the drowsiness prevailed, and the morning fitness went by the wayside. found a solution to this problem — immediately after waking up and play soft rhythmic music. Hearing your favorite music, your body will move to the beat, and after a couple of minutes you will already be warmed up

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Top 9 foods for improving brain function

Топ-9 продуктов для улучшения работы головного мозга

What should be in your diet for normal brain activityBecame forgetful and dropped productivity at work — it is likely that you are not eating healthy. talk about the categories of products that normalize brain.Greens. Lettuce, cabbage, spinach and other greens should be on your Desk at least 6 times a week. They improve cognitive functions of the body and saturate the blood needed trace elements.Fish. Sea fish is very important to have not less than 1 time a week

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What is vocal yoga

Что такое вокальная йога

An expert in this field is an Australian singer Peruque, methods which can be called original. She told about the unusual practiceWhat is vocal yoga?This methodology based on knowledge about breathing and sound. Its principle is based on the fact that the ancient pranayama (breathing exercises) and the vocal exercises effectively eliminate the blocks and clamps in the body. The power of voice destroys internal blocks, updating on a physical, mental and emotional levels

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Discovered the reason for the constant lack of sleep

Scientists have found that diet may adversely affect your sleepMorning has not come yet, and you already feel defeated and without sentiment. All night you couldn't sleep though, Wake up early and go to bed terribly tired. As shown by studies of the University named after George Washington, the culprit may be your diet.The thing in the biochemical context, hunger and sleep. Dieting is not only harmful to the body, but also affect the structure of genes

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Tips perfumer: 6 points which you need to apply your perfume

The perfume on each person sounds different. The smell depends on the characteristics of your skin, but not only...It is also important how you apply your perfume. Here are six points that are "right" take the flavors and help them to open up fully.The area behind the ears. These points are veins that heat up very thin skin. Therefore, the spirits in this area "heat" and evaporate intensively.The inner side of the elbow

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How to enlarge breast without plastics

Scientists claim that green tea with milk and honey stimulates the growth of bustMany women are dissatisfied with the size of their Breasts. But do not rush to consult a plastic surgeon. According to research by American scientists, for the growth of the Breasts women need to drink hot tea with honey and milk. Green tea contains enzymes that affect the growth hormone in the desired area. Milk and honey improves blood circulation in the breast and stimulate its growth

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5 ways to help yourself overcome stretch marks

You should change the diet and beauty toolsThe stretch marks are a problem for many women. They arise as a result of pohudenii, sudden weight gain, pregnancy or genetic predisposition. It is not harmful to health, but bad for my computer's appearance. will talk about how to deal with them.Food. The right diet is the Foundation of our health and beauty. If you want to fight against stretch marks, make sure that your skin has received all the necessary vitamins and minerals

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5 signs of early degenerative disc disease

5 признаков раннего остеохондроза

Why is it important to monitor your spineThe last decade, doctors are sounding the alarm about the fact that low back pain significantly "younger" — that is, they suffer all the people at an earlier age. Therefore, it is important to monitor your spine and be sure to take measures to prevent this serious disease

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Anastasia Barashkova: "it is not where and how you rest"

Анастасия Барашкова: «Важно не где, а как ты отдыхаешь»

Model and TV presenter shares with their secrets of beauty and harmony— You're always in great shape, you have special secrets?— No special secrets, you need to always be in a good mood, drink plenty of fluids and in the morning to do breathing exercises.— On diets sit, honestly?— On diets do not sit, and never sat, just trying to eat right. Don't eat wheat (I do not like it), don't eat sweets (don't like too sweet) and drink plenty of fluids

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To learn your competition: 5 differences colds flu and SARS

Узнать врага в лицо: 5 отличий простуды от гриппа и ОРВИ

A runny nose, fever and sore throat... How to understand what we are dealing with a cold or acute respiratory viral infections, including influenzaColds and the flu at first glance very similar. They traditionally come in the spring and fall, and can put the person to bed for a period of 1-2 weeks. But if you look closely, you will find that it is very different afflictions and approaches to dealing with them differ too

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