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Pavel Zanozin: "for me, Sport is a family affair"

Павел Занозин: «Спорт для меня — дело семейное»

The commentator told how to always stay in great shape, right exercise to do at home protein shakeSports commentator Pavel Zanozin know about sports almost all. And he gladly tries himself in different forms. Even in the rare. had heard the story of Paul on his way of life and recorded some helpful tips.Professional athlete I become failed. Although, of course, in childhood I really wanted to go to the big football

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Why the school year should begin with a visit to the dentist

Many parents do not understand, why go to the dentist with kids: they will still fall out baby teeth. find out why even young children need a reorganization of the mouthSanitation involves a range of procedures, from bleaching and ending with tooth extraction. The reorganization required to children not only in front of the school or kindergarten, and before going to summer camp

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The smell of Shakira and Philip

Чем пахнут Шакира и Филипп Киркоров testing the aromas from the popular artistsThey say talented people are talented in everything. Just two stars — U.S. and Russian — produced three unique flavor. Beauty Department by testing innovations, reports: that's what you need to purchase butyricum in the near future.Diamonds Dance by ShakiraPhoto: materials of press-servicesFirst, you will fall into the vial — bending of a slender female figure with necklace

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How to bring the chest to the ideal

Are there other ways, besides plastic surgery to lift the bust and add a little volume?Humanity has conquered space, nanotechnology sweeping the planet, but still open to a little insulting procedures that can give beauty to the female breast. And this despite the fact that she is the subject of the dreams of most men!Many commercials offer us treatments, promising a stunning effect. However, it should be understood: if the result will be, it will last a short time

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What you need to know about crystal healing

Что нужно знать о кристаллотерапии

Millions of people believe in the healing properties of stones and charms. Based on what these beliefs are and if there's any scientific basis? With the help of a specialist in bioenergy therapy tried accentsCyril Tokarchuk, a specialist in bioenergy therapy:— About the healing properties of stones known for a long time. To refer to this phenomenon even has a scientific name: crystal therapy. That is, treatment through healing stones and minerals

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What not to ask, choosing perfume

The sellers in the perfume stores constantly hear questions, outstanding incompetence of the buyers. What annoys you the most?Do I need to ask in a large, expensive store, not a fake do they sell? You obviously don't. Serious manufacturers do not engage in fraud, to doubt the authenticity of the goods appropriate in small shops and street stalls.Please advise "expensive smell" for gift puts the seller in a difficult position

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Caught up: everything you wanted to know about breast lift

Подтянулись: все, что вы хотели знать о подтяжке груди

After childbirth and lactation, drastic weight loss, and simply with age, the bust of any woman is "blown". About ways to raise it again told the candidate of medical Sciences, plastic surgeon Vladimir Zlenko- Is it true that a breast lift can do absolutely any girl, and for her not to need a special medical condition?- Indications for braces mostly aesthetic plan, but not a medical one. We do surgery for ptosis: sagging of the breast, when stretched skin or areola

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Gymnastics for pregnant women

To prepare the body for childbirth with exercises, of course, desirable, but it should be done with great careFirst of all, you need to consult a gynecologist to discuss exercises that will be useful to you. Important rule — load must not be higher than what you had before pregnancy. If you are new to gymnastics, now it is better not to start. Exercise during the first three phases of pregnancy can afford only professional athletes

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5 surveys that need to be held regularly

5 обследований, которые надо проходить регулярно

Women's health after 40 years — it's time to pay attentionUndeniable fact: over time, the needs and capabilities of the body change markedly. But it is possible and necessary to preserve the health and well-being. gives important tips that will help you get used to a full life.Keep health help regular passage of key preventive examinations:1

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In actual manicure fashion easy

Nail design in the coming season will be done in the style of minimalismSimple, clean lines of graphic pattern, restrained colors — nail trend of the coming fall.This style can be compared with the paintings of artists Suprematists. The combination of colors — modest: black and white, gray and pale blue. Even among the pastel colors choose the most muted: milk, lavender, beige

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