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How to care for your nails in the cold season

In winter, many women notice that their fingernails become thinner, begin to break down and exfoliate. What to do — tell WomanHit.ruWinter requires special attention to nails. Cold, lack of sun, cold wind — all this has a negative impact on their appearance. First and foremost, you need to reconsider your daily diet, which needs to include eggs, chicken, beans and lentils. You need to drink sufficient water and also vitamins.After washing, the hands should be thoroughly DAB with a towel

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White sail: revealing the secret of intoxicating white flowers

Белеет парус: раскрываем секрет дурманящих белых цветов

Perfumers distinguish them as a separate group components. And although it would seem, Gardenia, tuberose, Jasmine, Lily of the valley or freesia smell quite differently, still a perfume with these ingredients invariably have some kind of mysterious shadeWhite always carried the lofty and aromas of white flowers, composed of refined and heady — allocate its owner and no accident are popular for decades

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How to get back in shape after a long holidays

Как вернуться в форму после затяжных праздников

Beauty blogger, expert on beauty and health, business lady Julia Angel gives step-by-step tips for all those who have gone too far with new year's feastsReturn to you in the usual biorhythms! The holidays are over, the fireworks have died down, time for work. No, not only in offices, but also for work. For those who have followed the regime all this time, there is nothing complicated, and for fans of these Christmas get-togethers it is a tough time

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Lose weight correctly: how to avoid sagging skin during rapid or substantial weight loss

Dermatologist Sona kocharov advises readers what treatments are essential during getting rid of extra poundsWe always want to get the maximum result in the shortest possible time. To lose weight quickly and without consequences is one of the main desires of the modern woman. But it is worth considering the features of the body. In weight gain the skin stretches and sometimes do not have time to catch up with the dropped pounds

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4 reasons to exercise at home

If you do not like crowded gyms, you have an interesting alternativeIn our days, the increasing popularity gaining sport online at home. The Network is already there are many programs from coaches from around the world. It remains only to find the house enough space, a couple of free hours and schedule of exercises appropriate intensity. You simply take a comfortable position, include videos, and the training began.After the first class you will realize that there is a lot of advantages

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How to avoid winter injuries

Как избежать травм зимой

5 tips from a professional trauma specialist that will help you survive the ice and snowWinter injury increases dramatically. It knows every orthopedic trauma, forced even after hours seeing patients in the emergency room. The colder it is outside, the more snow and ice — the longer the queue to the doctor. If, however, there is no ice, the abundance of injuries is becoming an epidemic

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5 effective recipes for nail growth

These methods will help you strengthen and improve your nails in winterWinter nails are just not getting better, they begin to stratify and break. To strengthen your manicure at home, we recommend the following recipes.Gelatin bath. Dissolve 1 package gelatin in water according to the instructions on the package. Dip in a solution of nails and hold for 15 minutes. Rinse off the remaining fluid. Repeat this procedure up to three times per week.Massage. Prepare soapy emollient soap brush

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Conduct detox after the holidays

Проводим детокс после праздников

New year holidays have zakonchilis. Enter into the usual rhythm of life with restoration of proper nutrition and sleep. It is best suitable for this fasting daysOption 1Breakfast: porridge on the water (buckwheat, oats), 200 g of Herbal tea. 1 piece of dark chocolate.Snack: baked apples with honey, 1-2 pieces a Decoction of rose hips.Lunch: salad with squid, egg (whites), Chinese cabbage and fat-free sour cream, 150-200 g of Green tea

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How not to get infected in the gym

A list of the most "dirty" places on the territory of fitnessDaily your favorite gym is visited by hundreds of people. This is not only a place for a useful exercise, but also a source of huge amounts of dangerous bacteria. We'll show you how to protect yourself from them.The locker room. This place is the most dangerous, especially the shower. Here go barefoot, leaving on the floor surface spores, and thrown on the bench sweaty things, where bacteria as well

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6 reasons to visit an endocrinologist

Some signs that your thyroid gland is working properlyHormones regulate all metabolic processes in our body. Their allocation fails in adolescence, during pregnancy or puberty. In other cases, it may be a symptom of various diseases.Your eyes as "bulging". This violation is called ophthalmopathy thyroid. This defeat of the soft tissues of the orbit, caused by dysfunction of the thyroid.Do not grow hair

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