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Three ways to get rid of the runny nose and cough for three days

Три способа избавится от насморка и кашля за три дня

Winter cold can anyone helps folk wisdomMethod # 1Yes, this is "grandmother's" way to breathe over boiled potatoes. Only, given the germs that you breathe in it, then it is not necessary. For heating up you can cook the potatoes whole with the peel. Then mash it before using. But not burn, the steam should not be too hot. For better exposure cover your head with a blanket. Two or three treatments, and the cough can be forgotten.Cook картошкуpixabay

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Foods for good brain work

Продукты для хорошей работы мозга

For healthy living we need to support our main body in good shape. Not necessarily to drink products, it is enough to correct diet. will tell you how to make the menuScientists have found that the work of our body depends on what we eat. Including our brain, which is one of the main organs. So you need to carefully consider your diet to the brain cells receive all the necessary elements for its correct operation

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How to prepare for bathing in the ice hole on Epiphany

In Russia this day is celebrated in a big way: in the churches queues for the Holy water, and at night from 18 to 19 January, come to the waters with their families to experience and are believed to wash away your sinsWho is forbidden to bathe?— Hypertensive patients and people suffering from arrhythmia and other diseases of the heart: immersed in ice water can cause heart attack, hypertensive crisis or stroke

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3 main exercises for beautiful legs

3 главных упражнения для красивых ног

It is time to start preparing for the season of short skirts. This does not necessarily hours exercise in the fitness centre — it is enough to use the range from WomanHit.ru1. Exercise on the front of the thigh. Involve the quadriceps as a whole, it can be called the best exercise for the teardrop-shaped muscle of the thigh (inner thigh).Natalia GubernatorovaTechnique: sit on the trainer so that the pelvis was pressed to the back of the seat

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Good-bye, cellulite: the methods of struggle that will work for sure

Прощай, целлюлит: методы борьбы, которые точно сработают

Get rid of the effects of new year holidaysSurely you know the situation, when after a protracted feast stand on the scales and was horrified to discover I've put on a few pounds. Stop! Take the time to go on a diet. Follow our tips and you'll soon notice how transformed your body.What is celluliteMany women are frightened of the word "cellulite" presenting a picture in my head flabby legs and buttocks of older women

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Medications that should not be taken to the drivers

Лекарства, которые не стоит принимать водителям

Not all tablets allow you to get behind the wheelMost are familiar with the law prohibiting driving a vehicle in a condition of alcoholic or narcotic intoxication. However, few know about the danger to remain without rights after taking "harmless" drugs. Tell you what medicines you should refrain before you get behind the wheel

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How to regain harmony after the New year

Как вернуть стройность после Нового года

Even ardent fans of a healthy lifestyle sin in the holidays. Singer Barbara knows how to restore its shape, and gives master-class readers WomanHit.ruTo be active in our world is very important. The only way to succeed and be happy. If you sit still, nothing happens. Proper nutrition gives health, the lack of "buried" negative emotions — the internal harmony and sincere optimism, sport, energy, sleep — rest. I'm used to that, and my body is thanking me

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Do body detox: a history of misconceptions

Нужен ли организму детокс: история заблуждений

Many adherents HLS sincerely believe that our body is the garden in the subtropics. And treat it accordingly follows: feed vitamins Yes tirelessly to clean away harmful toxins. But is it necessary for most of us, really?One of us after a hearty Christmas feasts were not for the thought: maybe it's time to clean the body, and the salad with a couple of herring under a fur coat inside jig-jig dancing? Further developments are in the same scenario

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Useful tips: how to get rid of a hangover find out how to reduce your suffering related to excess of alcohol during the Christmas holiday marathonBefore you go to bed, you can make a few timid attempts to alleviate their condition.The digestive enzymes. Doctors recommend that immediately after the party to take a single dose (usually it is twice more than in the instructions). The enzymes will help to relieve the digestive tract, especially if along with alcohol there were lots of snacks

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The worst methods of contraception

Худшие методы контрацепции

One of the main issues of a modern girl: what protection to use during sexual intercourse. There are a lot of recommendations what to choose, talk about the most unreliable ways to prevent pregnancyAgree, a positive pregnancy test pleased only if the expectations of the two strips. In any other case, you need to take seriously the methods of protection. Today we will tell you about the methods that should be avoided if you don't want to suddenly become a mom

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