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The opening of nutritionists: chicken eggs — the diet is not a hindrance

What happens if the usual diet for weight loss Supplement boiled egg?These results were obtained by scientists from the University of Liverpool, after completing a thorough investigation. It is considered that the egg is a source of cholesterol and in General the product is not very useful, but maybe the authors argue that this view is mistaken.The experiment involved 400 people from 25 to 45 years. They all kept the same diet for weight loss, including proteins

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Male vegans smell nicer

The smell of the male body depends largely on what products predominate in the dietSmell like women, how it relates to nutrition, what foods you need to be nicer to ladies? These questions were answered by Indian scientists on the results of an unusual study.The men were asked to wear t-shirts and how to sweat doing physical exercises. Women who agreed to participate in the experiment rated the smell of sweaty t-shirts as far as he repels, or attracts

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Who benefits from dance therapy

Dance therapy — a very fashionable hobby. Master of sports in ballroom dancing, world champion in flamenco Olga Bardysheva knows about her everything and held a short lecture about the benefits of dancingWhat is dance therapy?Dance therapy is a healing process using the body movements to the music

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How to keep tan for a long time: 6 simple recipes

Как сохранить загар надолго: 6 простых рецептов

Expert — beauty blogger, expert beauty and health, businesswoman in the field of cosmetology Julia Angel — about what you need to do to save the skin from excess ultraviolet radiationI know that for many a trip to the sea is synonymous with spectacular sun for the whole next winter. I also used to think that if I was on the beach, I bask in the sun so much until I was like "chocolate Bunny" from popular song

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Bodypositive — good or bad

Supporters and opponents do not stop a heated debate: do we need to change the usual appearance?Bodypositive — understanding that every body in its way, beautiful, has arisen not on an empty place. Proper nutrition, fitness, yoga — anything that helps to maintain good form, is a helpful, healthy ideas

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To become slim without starvation

Famous supermodels successfully used a high-calorie dietThe author of a new approach — Justin Gelbart, fitness trainer, helps to maintain the shape of many famous top models. Gelbart, convinced that nutrition is more important for harmony than training in the gym. He recently revealed the secrets of diet, popular among his busiest in the world of fashion clients.The best coach believes the so-called paleodiet himself it adheres

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Watermelon helps to lose weight and improves male potency

Unexpected beneficial properties of the berries that you didn't knowThis large berry is a storehouse of useful substances to the same product diet useful for weight loss. Watermelon helps to lose weight first, because of the low calorie — only 38 calories per 100 g. second, due to diuretic and choleretic properties. Together with the liquid from the body are carried wastes, fats, toxins. Thirdly, with the help of watermelon can be easily fooled evening hunger, which often confuses us to sleep

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Lena Lenina manicure on the fashion of the coming autumn

Лена Ленина о маникюрной моде наступающей осени

Queen high hairstyles and manicures, the owner of the franchise network studios manicure Lena Lena, the new editor in chief WomanHit and host star parties knows all about the trends of the coming seasonLena Lenin: "the First fashionable trend — fan-French, that is French, but with an original touch. For example, when the design uses a variety of additional decorations — foil, ribbon, rhinestones, sequins

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Eugene, Dulo: "If a young man says you are full, you need to tell him good-bye"

Евгения Дюло: «Если молодой человек говорит, что ты полная, нужно сказать ему 'прощай»

Plus size model gives advice on how to love yourself and become a sex symbol, even if your settings are far from generally accepted standardsPlus size model Evgeniya Dula was able to accept and love herself for who she is, and even achieve success due to their unconventional shape. Now Russia with great success working overseas. For readers Eugene has formulated rules, which helped her to love herself and become a real sex symbol

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5 signals from our feet

It seems that your body began to falterSignal No. 1If you have swollen feet, it means that bad working kidney. Tesnaya fluid from the body is difficult to remove, therefore and there are these swelling.Signal # 2Of the ankles appeared swelling and age spots? It tells about venous insufficiency. Blood hardly moves from the extremities to the heart. Perhaps your venous valves are damaged or weakened.Signal # 3Heaviness in the legs us hints about the problems with the heart

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