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Avoid these mistakes when playing sports

9 rules that many disregard many fans HLSAs it turned out, even experienced athletes during workout, commit a serious error. Some of them have already become a habit, other -imposed stereotype. However, they can cause health problems.Fitness without shoes. During biofeedback training does not adequately cushioning of the foot, shifting the center of gravity and creates a large load on your spine.Deodorant. In training, this is unnecessary, because your body is very hot

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Plastic surgery vs cigarettes

Пластическая хирургия против сигарет

Well-known Russian experts argue whether Smoking before the mammoplasty seriously increases the risksAmerican Anthony youn, a plastic surgeon, a popular blogger, suddenly shocked the public categorical statement: Smoking a cigarette on the eve of mammoplasty seriously increases the risks of necrosis of the nipple. However, he has a solution — the use of medical leeches

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Very private: everything you wanted to know about intimate plastic

Очень личное: все, что вы хотели знать об интимной пластике

Professionals claim that this area of plastic surgery are interested in more and more peopleIntimate plastic surgery is an important part of the surgery, hidden from the eye, but of great importance for the physical and psychological health. Traditionally, everything about the erogenous sensitive zones requires special trust between patient and physician

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Kiwi fruit is a vitamin bomb of the winter period

This fruit is not only great tasting, but also bring huge benefits to your bodyIf you haven't made a kiwi in your daily diet, then it's time to reveal its beneficial properties make this fruit to your favorite treat.Eating only one fruit, you get a complex of vitamins PP, E, B1, and B2, potassium, magnesium, as well as the daily norm of vitamin C. Vitamin C is great strengthens the immune system and increases resistance to viruses, which is very important in the cold season

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And the morning is good: celebrate the New year without a hangover

И утро будет добрым: отмечаем Новый год без похмелья

Expert gives tips to a festive night passed without unpleasant consequencesSome suggest to drink before the feast of milk or butter. But milk loads the pancreas, causing severe poisoning and, hence, the hangover. Oil, fat and any fat will not help either: suction surface of the gastrointestinal tract — hundreds of square meters, as much fat to eat is simply impossible. In addition, suffer the liver

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The true benefits of Hiking

These facts will make you today to give up the car or public transport15 minute walk a day will be able to pull up the press, to improve the condition of knee joints and to normalize blood pressure. But that's not all the useful properties of the walks.Improves mood. As have shown researches of the American psychological Association, just a 12-minute walk in the Park improves the General condition of the body and positively affects the mood, energizes and increases alertness

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Miracle drink for flat tummy

This recipe will not only restore the water balance in your body, but also get rid of extra inches at the waistIn the process of losing weight is very important not to forget about regular fluid intake. And if you know what ingredients to add to the drink, the extra pounds will melt right before your eyes. Here's a drink recipe that is excellent will have an impact on the metabolism, remove toxins, improve digestion and help to burn excess fat

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6 tips to help get pregnant

For fast conception it is necessary to reconsider your lifestyle and give up some habitsIf you are unable to conceive for some time, do not immediately despair and give up. Listen to the advice of experts, change your daily routine and think positively.The weight control. Overweight women or the lack of it can disrupt the mode of ovulation. The body perceives the living conditions as unfit for the birth of a child and unable to conceive

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A gift for the soul and body-control it!

Подарок для души и тела: контролируй это!

A smart watch from Garmin is made to monitor the dynamics of stress levels, calories burnt, and basic activity indicatorsSeveral times a year we miss it and think about the holidays. It is necessary to please yourself and loved ones. And immediately it seems that the earth is spinning twice as fast, and no one has time. Planning or spontaneity — it doesn't matter anyway our usual anxiety growing significantly, aiming to reach a state of panic

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5 easy exercises for a beautiful and slim legs

5 простых упражнений для красивых и стройных ног

Coaches say is the main regularityThe American coach of the stars Tracy Anderson offers the workout which requires almost no time and energy costs. It allows you to remove so-called "fat traps" on knees and hips that even slender people.Exercise # 1You'll need on his performance just three minutes, but it can be done in the morning, not getting out of bed or in the evening before bedtime. You will strengthen the front part of the hips, knees and press

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