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Aluminum foil: a potential threat to your health

It is proved that the use of aluminum products in food preparation can cause serious diseasesFoil aluminum is in almost every kitchen. A hostess baked the meat and vegetables, use it for sharpening scissors and other domestic purposes. Although the world health organization does not consider aluminium to the category of toxic substances, the use of products made from this metal for cooking can harm your body. And we'll tell you why

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Forever say goodbye to joint pain

This amazing tool consists of only three ingredientsJoint pain caused due to trauma, poor diet or a sedentary lifestyle. It is aching or cutting, increases with physical exertion. In folk medicine, have a prescription effective remedy that will eliminate pain in the joints of the hands and feet.For preparation will need:- 25 gr. beeswax;150 ml olive oil;- ½ Cup of dead bees.Heat the olive oil in a water bath. Beeswax, cut into small pieces and add to a container of oil

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3 drinks to keep your hormones in check

3 напитка, чтобы держать гормоны в норме

With age, women have to pay more attention to healthRecipe No. 1Warm water with lemon helps to lose weight, remove toxins from the body, improve immunity, skin health and digestion. The fact that the lemon can affect the satiety hormone — leptin. If it is not in balance, the body begins to store body fat.Lemon will save you from many бедpixabay.comThe recipe is very simple: squeeze the juice of half a lemon and fill it with boiling water, let it cool slightly and drink in one gulp

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Chocolate or the gym: is it possible to combine the pleasant with the useful

Шоколад или спортзал: можно ли совместить приятное с полезным

Expert Ekaterina Fedorova — psychologist-class with 14 years of experience, coach, presenter, sex coach, and a participant of TV programs, author of training books, provocative trainings and tutorials — tells what kind of candy you can safely include in your dietGive up sweets in favor of healthy lifestyle is no easy task. Most women cannot imagine a life without tiramisu, macaron or a classic "Prague." What we may invent in his defense, only to enjoy a treat with a Cup of tea

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Not to sleep, not to smoke and not to drink it

What not to do after lunch or dinner and why — in the material WomanHit.ruSmoking. For normal digestion the body the necessary oxygen. In cigarettes, as we all know, there is a high content of nicotine that reduces the level of oxygen in the blood. In the end, even one cigarette smoked immediately after eating, impairs the absorption of nutrients and allows the body to consume more carcinogens.Fruit. The ideal time for eating fruits is before a meal

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Have to sleep: 5 products from insomnia gathered a list of what you can safely turn on in the evening dietWe all know that to sleep with a stuffed stomach is harmful to health, and adequate sleep. However, on an empty stomach to sleep sometimes not. Here's what you can eat before bedtime, so as not to suffer neither remorse nor from insomnia.Nuts. Almond or walnut — choose what you prefer. A handful of those and the other contributes to the rapid falling asleep

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Bath is not suitable for all

Steam often cause migraines, fainting or even a heart attackThe people of bath is a cure-all. But in some situtsiya hike in the steam room is contraindicated.Children. If you decide to microwave the baby, be careful. Start with the adaptation of children's organism. The first procedure should last no longer than 2, and further not more than 5 minutes. Warm up the steam room to a maximum of 45 degrees. The first time you go to the sauna, where the air is more dry and is easier

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Fasten perfume for the whole day

Open the secret of how to give vitality to the beloved perfumeRemember the situation when you bought a new perfume, and he (what a shame!) turned out to be quite stable. Had to carry around a bottle to refresh weathered flavor. But now this can be avoided using a little trick. You will be able to give any vitality to the spirits.Extend the smell of your favorite songs will help you with ordinary vaseline. Spread some vaseline to the wrists and inner elbows

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Exercises to relieve fatigue

A simple and effective stretch for the legs, which will take you just 15 minutesThis bunch of exercises will save you from feelings of fatigue and make your legs more endurance. It is important that all the exercises are simple and do not require high physical fitness. Perform them 3-4 approach, and within a week you will feel the results.Stretching for the legs. Sit down on the floor face to the wall. Stretch your legs and rest against the wall feet

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7 reasons to abandon the bra

Many girls make the Breasts in Lacy captivity, not thinking about the possible dangers and other disadvantagesThe bra does not save the Breasts from sagging. The fact that the pectoral muscle is to maintain a good shape requires regular exercise. With the constant support in bra these loads are significantly reduced.With it, you can't breathe. Like the corset, tight straps and belt interfere with breathe.Pain

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