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Crossing legs is a fictional harm or a real threat

Few people think, what is the position of the feet can cause irreparable harm to our bodyWhat harm carries a habitIn the first place by crossing of the legs is bent the lower part of the spine. Pinched nerves in the lumbar area leads to tension and painful muscle spasms, poor posture.Secondly, disturbed blood flow and blood pressure. A long stay in this posture leads to weak blood circulation in the lower extremities and deterioration of the joints

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5 wonderful properties of walnut

5 чудесных свойств грецкого ореха

Do not throw away the shell, it will be usefulIt is known that walnuts have invaluable properties for the human body, but it turns out that their shell use no less. Thin internal partition, which we used to throw away, is simply a panacea for all ills.Whereas the lack of iodineThe lack of this substance in the body can trigger the development of many diseases: malfunction of the thyroid gland, mastopathy, myoma, adenoma of the prostate gland

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5 signs of early cancer, that it is important not to miss

5 признаков начала онкологии, которые важно не пропустить will tell you that women need to pay attentionThe female reproductive system is located deep inside the body, so initial changes it is very difficult to see. When they become explicit, sometimes it is too late and requires serious treatment, until the removal of organs. Unfortunately, cervical cancer is a very common and fatal disease, however, if you start treatment early, you can beat him. The alarm should beat in the following cases

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Walking — modern look at everyday fitness

Спортивная ходьба — современный взгляд на повседневный фитнес

To bring the body to the ideal of today has become much easier. Stick to a few rules, and after a couple weeks of walking you will notice how tightened figure and improved moodHow to start a "walk right"First and foremost, follow the correct posture. Back and neck should be straight, shoulders straightened.While walking, raise your pelvis and pull the belly to with every step to feel a slight tension in his muscles.Step with your heel, gently rolling the pads of the feet to the fingers

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5 cheap tools to remove the heartache

5 дешевых средств, чтобы снять сердечную боль

"Ambulance" in the home medicine CabinetIf you have health problems, use only drugs that your doctor orders. When the pain in the chest, call an ambulance. Her to wait for you will help some simple tools.No. 1 ValerianNo, extract from the root of this plant leads to a lot of cats

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5 myths about our bodies

The human body has many secrets. Some told science, other we think of ourselves, bringing them to the absurd. collected the famous statement that you should not believeGum stays in our stomach for years. Yes, the gastric juice cannot digest chewing gum, so it stays in the digestive tracks for a little longer than food, then comes naturally.The human brain is only 10%. This antediluvian statement that dispelled by modern scientists after a number of studies

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5 ways to cure cough

5 способов быстро вылечить кашель

Autumn — the season of coldsMethod # 1You will help ordinary onions. Take a pound of product, peel, chop in a blender, and add as much sugar, pour a liter of water and boil the mixture on slow fire for about three hours. When your broth has cooled a bit, place two tablespoons of honey. Pour the liquid into the bottle, carefully close and allow to stand for two hours. Take the mixture should to 30 grams, three times a day.There are many recipes treatment лукаpixabay

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The scientists were able to divide the diet into useful and useless

Ученые смогли разделить диеты на полезные и никчемные

What system of power you can't even try to tryWho among us has not dieted? Who tried to find the one that will certainly help you lose weight and at the same time will not harm the health? And if weight recognize not all of us, the fact that the diet we use without medical advice, will agree about everything. However, participation in this process, a nutritionist will not only help quickly get in shape, but to maintain health, and most importantly — money

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Heart attack: call an ambulance on time

Инфаркт: вызываем «скорую» вовремя

Annually in Russia from a heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases kill at least 50% of the population. However, these statistics can break and hit it to delay for a long timeWhat is a heart attack?In simple terms, a plot of healthy heart cells had ceased to be supplied with blood, and they died. The reason is the blockage of the vessel. But it is the cause of death, which will be written by expert

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How to give first aid for burns

Как правильно оказывать первую помощь при ожогах

Expert told when you can do it with home remedies and in some cases need to go to the doctorThere are four degrees of burns.Grade I: appear on the skin redness.Grade II: the skin blisters.III degree: suffer from deeper layers of the skinFourth degree: charring occurs not only skin, but tissue and even bone.And if I and II degree to the victim to help in the home, with III and IV degree requires the urgent intervention of a specialist

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