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How to avoid a hangover after the holidays

New year we traditionally celebrate the abundant feast and a considerable amount of alcohol consumed. figured out how to find your limits and what to do if touched with alcoholHow much to drink?The doctors determined the exact rate of alcohol, which will not bring harm to the body. You can eat every eight days 170 g of pure alcohol (about 538 ml of vodka). It can be red wine or unpasteurized beer

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5 ways to detox daily

5 способов ежедневного детокса

In the big city we all somehow exposed to toxins. How to clean your body properly will tell WomanHit.ruEach of us in his life faced with factors that are poisoning existence. In modern reality it is quite difficult to avoid the negative influence of external environment on the body. It is therefore necessary to periodically detox, is the cleansing. You can buy special preparations, but they provide only short-term effect

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Intimate gymnastics: what is it and how to perform basic exercises

Интимная гимнастика: что это такое и как выполнять основные упражнения

Sometimes in life women encounter problems of a delicate nature that even the gynecologist is not able to solve the first time. share tips on how to overcome women's ailmentsIntimate gymnastics aims to improve women's health and lead to normal hormones. Also it will be useful with prolapse of organs and incontinence.We will tell, what not so do women who engage in these exercises, and how to make them right

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The worst diets for health

Худшие диеты для здоровья

In an effort to lose weight in the shortest possible time, we often forget about health, which is extremely difficult to restore. will tell you what mistakes you need to avoid trying to get closer to the ideal parametersThe problem of excess weight is familiar to many and, unfortunately, is becoming more common, whereby the number of people who want to quickly lose weight becomes more and more

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5 doctors that need to visit every six months

5 врачей, которых нужно посещать раз в полгода

Almost everyone is getting unhappy at the thought that soon will have to go to the medical room. This applies to children and to adults. offers you a few tips, then you will not be afraid to sit in a chair specialistNot everyone likes to go to doctors. But on the other hand, is rarely useful is nice. However, you need to make an effort, because the disease is easier to prevent than to treat

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Beauty without victims: the risks after abdominoplasty and liposuction

Красота без жертв: риски после абдоминоплатики и липосакции

All know that it is absolutely safe transactions do not happen. Stanislav Yekimov, the plastic surgeon, which is included in the list of "Top best plastic surgeons," said what you need to be preparedThe interest of the fair sex to the shape of the body exists since ancient times — emphasizing the Breasts and to highlight a thin waist corset evolving for thousands of years

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Methods of applying the perfume, which few people know

Способы нанесения парфюма, о которых мало кто знает

All women love perfume, each has a favorite flavor. Every day you put it on your skin, and would listen to advice from and do it originallyYou pay attention to how you apply perfume? What points on the body to pay attention to? Maybe we will surprise you, but there is a very unusual methods of applying the fragrance. Let's take a look at them.VeilJasmine oil with no additives if you decide to breathe it will burst into your mind is powerful and tart swirl

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Why am I not losing weight: reasons why not leave weight

Почему я не худею: причины, по которым не уходит вес

Osteopath Andrey Galkin told why the body puts fat and why children fat people also usually fullThe issue of weight loss lies in several planes. For example, psychological. People can not lose weight from the point of view of psychology, seizing your stress. When a person eats delicious food, he takes pleasure in, thereby offsetting your stress (for example, sweet and flour). The body reacts appropriately, putting the food into fat

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Beautiful smile: can do bleaching during pregnancy

Красивая улыбка: можно ли делать отбеливание во время беременности

Oral surgeon, periodontist, PhD, chief doctor of dental clinic Irina Tokmakova answers to important questions that worry many moms-to-beAny woman, regardless of age, financial situation and health, you always want to look attractive. One of the secrets to success with the opposite sex is a nice smile. To add true Hollywood charm, women resort to the teeth whitening procedure

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The products we old

Продукты, которые нас старят

Nobody wants to lose the youth. But many of us customize the process. figured out what foods accelerate agingWe all get older, and that's fine. But everyone has habits that can significantly accelerate this process. From the power supply depends on the General condition of the body, the quality of the organs and all the systems. Diet heavily affects the brain

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