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Cheer up! How to resist the viruses of SARS and influenza

Выше нос! Как правильно противостоять вирусам ОРВИ и гриппа

Summer vacation is given to us not only for the pleasant memories.If the rest was correct — we had to gather strength, and immune system to recover. Often this is enough to survive the beginning of autumn when the kids go back to school and gardens, students in institutions and at work the collective is restored to its previous working composition.Meeting with old and new friends, the ability to breathe with them "one" by air increases the risk of Contracting viral diseases

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Orient Express: caring for the skin according to the recommendations of the Asian beauticians

Восточный экспресс: ухаживаем за кожей по рекомендациям азиатских косметологов

Why snail slime, what is chalk chalk and why it is important to change monthly care?This skin is only in childhood — smooth, firm, attractive, healthy. Fresh blush, microscopic pores, smooth face, which even without the decorative manipulation comes the most cherished inner radiance — a dream! However, Asian girls long ago debunked the myth that the skin can boast of only infants.It is believed that good skin is something constant that is given by nature, as, for example, thick hair

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Oily skin: 5 steps to the ideal

Проблемная кожа: 5 этапов на пути к идеалу

Expert chief physician of the clinic, dermatologist Sona kocharov — how to get rid of pimples, acne and increased pigmentationLet's discuss what kind of skin called "problem". First and foremost, the problem can be called the skin, which has any flaws. For example, pimples, acne (acne), increased pigmentation, allergic rashes, etc. Even people with perfect skin are not immune from stress, hormonal failure or other external and internal factors that affect the appearance

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Focus on eyes: best creams and serums for the most sensitive areas

Акцент на глаза: лучшие кремы и сыворотки для самой чувствительной зоны

Who said that care should cost as much as a bar of gold? tested several beauty products for the skin around the eyes and reports they deserve to live in your purseBB roller for skin around eyes "the Secret of Perfection" from AvonPhoto: materials of press-servicesThis tool solves five problems: struggling with bags and circles under the eyes, removes signs of fatigue, smoothes the skin, brightens, moisturizes. But you have to very carefully select exactly "your" shade

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Bottom lashes wait in the wings

Unexpected makeup trend: make the eyes a special expressivenessThe emphasis when painting has shifted to the lower half of the lashes. Paint them intense, with several layers of mascara use the one that gives "previously" or even "false lash effect". To use the applicator, be careful not to get ink on the lower eyelid. Upper lashes for greater contrast allocated sparingly, using another mascara.False eyelashes for the lower eyelids can also be used

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Cosmetics from the garden: how to freshen up after the summer

Косметика с грядки: как привести себя в порядок после лета learned from the experts how to care after a hot days for skin and hair, how to avoid wrinkles and age spots, should we be afraid of tumorsAs you know, over the summer we strongly peresushivaya skin and hair, tanning on the beach. So, after returning from vacation, need to deal with hydration of the skin and hair. For what I'll do and a homemade mask.The most popular vegetable that can be used for moisturizing the skin, we have always been a cucumber

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Choose concealer

If makeup base is suitable for your skin, it not only can mask minor imperfections, but also take care about its conditionBasically, the choice depends on the degree of oiliness of the skin. If it is dry, medium-effect powder you will not do. Need greasy moisturizer enriched with vitamins a, E And hyaluronic acid.For the skin with a normal level of fat vitamins and minerals — the main thing that you need, the rest doesn't matter much

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Cause of acne may be the wrong food

At all diligence cannot achieve perfectly clean skin on the face? May have to give up some productsSkin beach today. And suffer from acne not only teenagers (as generally considered), but also quite Mature women. Cosmetics, alas, are fighting with the consequence and not the cause. But it is so important to normalize the metabolism. If you eat too much sugar, the body secretes excess insulin. This substance brings out the sebum, which can clog the pores on the skin, eventually causes acne

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Wash off the makeup rules

A professional approach will help to preserve the youthfulness of the skin and literally wipe a few more yearsTo start removing the makeup with the lips. If they peel, use the scrub. Best to clean the face and neck — water and special cleansing gel. It is applied to the skin with light massaging movements, then wash off. To gently remove mascara from eyelashes without stretching the delicate skin of the lower eyelid, it hold a cotton pad soaked in cleanser to remove makeup

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How to draw a perfectly straight arrow

Как нарисовать безупречно ровные стрелки

Right to bring the eye "by hand" turns out not every, but you can use auxiliary methodsBelow the arrows on the eyes was neat and exactly the same, need a steady trained hand. But if there is no experience, no abilities, will help improvised. Take any subject that will perform the role of the ruler. Let this be a hard cardboard card for example card. It should be slightly bent to get a smooth line to attach to the edge of the eye and outline with a liquid liner

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