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Why do girls need to shave their face

Every girl dreams about the perfect makeup, going to the most courageous deedsThe first who began to offer services for shaving the face, were the Japanese. In Japan it is considered a normal thing, and the girls refer to it quite normally. There is a category of women that does shaves his face every day. This procedure has been around long before Instagram.And now, after some time, the famous beauty blogger Huda Kattan said in social networks about shaving the face

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What should be the oil blotting sheets for the face

Properly selected and used the product will help to avoid many problems with the skinWhen summer comes, most of the girls on the face appears Shine, which spoils the entire look. To get rid of this problem, some women impose a large layer of powder on the skin. However, this does not benefit female beauty and health.An excellent alternative are the oil blotting sheets that quickly deliver a person from unpleasant Shine

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Learn to stamp eyebrows

Учимся штамповать брови

There is a new product for make-up that promises to change the usual actions to make eyebrows color and shapeThis time we are before leaving the house to use the stamp for the eyebrows. It's such a beauty device that resembles an old-fashioned printing: the plastic substrate provided with a handle attached soft material in the shape of the female eyebrow. This material is impregnated with a coloring agent.Here are print for brovetto:

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Rules of summer care

Moisturize the skin not only in the heating season, but in the warm time of the yearWhen outside the sun is shining and the grass is green, each of us tempt tempted to abandon beauty rituals, had time to get bored over the winter, including to significantly reduce the number of applications a variety of masks and creams. But to yield to the calls of laziness is not worth it. To preserve youthfulness of skin in the summer to care for her need not less intensively than in winter

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Color revolution: beauty tools for a daring and sophisticated

Цветная революция: бьюти-средства для дерзких и утонченных tells about the most significant novelties of decorative cosmeticsWell, spring has finally come into its own? When Sunny outside, and I want to slightly revise the contents of their cosmetic bags. Instead of transparent gloss and balm to protect from the cold put lipstick saturated colors, add a couple of multicolored bottles with shadows and varnishes. In addition, many brands have prepared for us a pleasant novelties that will help paint the gray everyday life in bright colors

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Wisdom tooth: to treat or remove

Why do people these teeth, how they differ from others and how they "operate," says a well-known dentist, aesthetics Gleb BakedIn the past century, scientists have conducted studies and made the assumption that by the year 2000 babies are born with the rudiments of wisdom teeth. In dentistry they are called third of posterior teeth or "eights". Today we can say with confidence that studies have failed. Yes, "eight" still secretly believe a new "vestige"

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Oil skin... spoil

Japanese scientists warn about the harm that can cause the skin natural oilsDoctor of science and doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist Kazumi Toyama believes that despite the wide range of skin problems which can be resolved by natural oil (dry skin, rashes, dull complexion, increased oiliness of skin, and so on), very often it can harm.Oil to perform their tasks and did not produce side effects in its pure form it cannot be applied to the skin more than half a minute

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To make the eyebrows thick, you can use wig

Сделать брови густыми можно при помощи парика

Popular false eyebrows that help create the illusion of lush vegetation, even those who have hair in this part of the face is almost thereWhat has not come up with cosmetic companies, beauticians, and pharmacists, to make our eyebrows thicker. There are color pencils and ink, strengthening gels for eyebrows, the extensions are artificial hairs, and the injection, stimulating hair growth.Recently it became known about one more way to get beautiful eyebrows

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The execution in the name of beauty

These procedures will make you much more attractive, but will make the pain and discomfort.It would be nice if simple washing and application of moisturizer was enough to maintain beauty throughout life. But, unfortunately, the more we get, the harder it is to maintain a youthful appearance. But the fact that it is still possible, happy. Because our mothers and grandmothers did not have a way to get rid of wrinkles and "floated" oval face even for big money

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Raise, eyebrows, thick and beautiful

Invented by injection, enhance the growth of eyebrowsComposition, which estheticians offer the girls work hard in the area of eyebrows, completely natural and does not cause allergies. It is a drug from the blood. Before the procedure, a person is taken blood from a vein, it is the plasma and platelets, and voila! — a cure for the rare eyebrows done!After a course of injections with a length of 2-4 months, the density of eyebrows increased. On average, hairs becomes about 30% more

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