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Lunar calendar beauty: 22-28 April - health and Beauty -

Лунный календарь красоты: 22—28 апреля - Красота и здоровье - advises which treatments to spend this weekKsenia Парфенова22 April 2019 16:5614270Suggest a good, difoto: pixabay.comTo stay young as long as possible and beautiful, it is important to care for the health of skin and hair. If you are planned beauty treatments this week, listen to our recommendations.April 22 (Monday):While on the street the sun shines brightly, go to the beautician does the sores of treatments are long lasting

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How to repeat the makeup Valeria Kozhevnikova - health and Beauty -

Как повторить макияж Валерии Кожевниковой - Красота и здоровье -

Makeup artist actress shared with beauty secrets of her imageAnastasia Мишакова22 APR 2019 10:142310Valeria, Kozhevnikovu: materials of press-servicesValeria Kozhevnikov always looks dazzling at social events. found out her makeup artist Kirill Shabalin how to replicate one of the recent Makow actress — it is suitable for publication, and for daily life

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7 secrets of a Hollywood smile - health & Beauty -

7 секретов голливудской улыбки - Красота и здоровье -

Dentists explained how to care for your teeth and to eat to preserve the beauty of your teethKsenia Парфенова18 APR 2019 17:467070beautiful smile - decoration geninatti: pixabay.comCharming smile is something that can impress any man. In order to successfully use these "weapons", enough to know a few rules. consulted with dental professionals and is willing to tell you what you need to follow with special attention.1

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The worst tips for skin care - Beauty and health

Худшие советы по уходу за кожей - Красота и здоровье -

We all have friends who constantly give advice, but warns: not to all to listen, otherwise you risk to hurt yourselfMaria Блавацкая18 April 2019 09:382470not all tips can be prislushivalsya: all know that to maintain a good condition of the skin needs daily care in her type. However, there is popular advice that you give your surroundings: in the best case you just won't get any effect, at worst skin condition may eventually deteriorate

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The quick mask from black dots - health and Beauty -

Самые быстрые маски от черных точек - Красота и здоровье -

Not everyone can boast perfect skin, but will help you to get closer to perfectionMaria Блавацкая16 APR 2019 10:4510make the most efficient mascitto: everyone can boast of a healthy skin without acne and blackheads. If there are specific issues you need to take care of your skin to prevent degradation. Most girls face the problem of blackheads, which is not so easy to get rid of

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Rules for the use of clay - health & Beauty -

Правила использования глины - Красота и здоровье - consulted with cosmetologistsKsenia Парфенова15 April 2019 16:033670Clay is a source of useful, microelementoses: pixabay.comNatural clay is a natural source of trace elements, which positively affect the health of the skin and hair. The most useful is marine clay, mined from a depth of over 30 meters, because it has the highest concentration of minerals. If you still have not tried to apply this cosmetic product, listen to our helpful tips

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Lunar calendar beauty: 15-21 April - health and Beauty -

Лунный календарь красоты: 15—21 апреля - Красота и здоровье - advises which treatments to spend this weekKsenia Парфенова15 APR 2019 10:587960Think about your vneshnostyu: pixabay.comTo feel confident to care for beauty and health. Tell you what procedure to carry out this week.April 15 (Monday):If today you feel broken because you don't get enough sleep, it's a great excuse to spend the night out in the Spa. Take a set of procedures — make a relaxing massage with oil, peeling, seaweed wrap

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Trend spring: choose pink lipstick - health & Beauty -

Тренд весны: выбираем розовую помаду - Красота и здоровье -

If you haven't started to update the cosmetic bags, will help you find a hit for lipsMaria Блавацкая15 April 2019 12:276380pink hits Visnupada: already removed the jacket, removed a warm hat in the wardrobe but to update the cosmetic bags in the spring and did not start. We will help you not to get lost in front of a shelf full of novelties fashion brands cosmetics, and let's start with lipstick

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Wrinkle fighting: 5 effective massage techniques - health and Beauty -

Боремся с морщинами: 5 эффективных техник массажа - Красота и здоровье -

Aging is chasing each of us, so picked up best practices for countering skin agingMaria Блавацкая12 APR 2019 15:5010040the most effective metoodikate: every woman seeks to preserve a perfect oval face and flawless skin. But wrinkles are not inevitable, so you need to be ready to fight, and the sooner you start looking for ways to combat the signs of aging, the easier it will be to cope with them

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