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Reduce pores on face

Summer pores give us much more of a hassle than in winter

First, in the summer warmer, and this increases sebum production. Second, in the air a lot more small dust particles, which are deposited on the face. Thirdly, the sun destroys collagen in the skin, causing the pores to contract harder.

Since the pores expand due to several reasons we need to fight them on several fronts. Highlights: cleansing, moisturizing, special care and protection from the sun.

Clean the skin with enlarged pores, contrary to popular belief, need means, non-drying. Necessary soft gels and foams, which efficiently washed away from the skin makeup, dirt and sebum (skin oil), but not dehydrated, as dehydrated skin compensates for the lack of moisture increased sebum secretion.

Also get involved in matting cream for oily skin. The best fit hydrating texture for combination skin.

Special care-in advanced stages includes peels and masks. The first should contain acute traumatic particles that can damage the skin and dilate the already enlarged pores. Mask is better to choose the cleansing — that is capable of pulling of the skin grease tube. Only after they definitely desired a narrowing of pores tonic, otherwise the pores are instantly clogged again. The owners of pores are also shown a variety of masks based on clay.

As we have said, sunscreens are essential to maintain contractility of the pores.

Before applying makeup on the treated skin with enlarged pores, you should apply a primer base for makeup. So the cream does not "fail" in the pores.

useful tips cleansing of the face, enlarged pores


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