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Braces will help to acquire a beautiful and healthy smile

Shining Hollywood smile today is one of the components of successful image of the modern man

Unfortunately, it boasts a good teeth initially, not everyone can. Especially noticeable different malocclusion and anomalies of the dentition become with age. Therefore, orthodontists are advised not to neglect the opportunities offered by modern braces.

Types of braces

Production material the braces are divided into ceramic, plastic, metal and sapphire crystal. The most affordable models are made of metal, but the installation of invisible braces will cost a bit more. While their aesthetics will be significantly higher, because they are virtually invisible to others. So, ceramic and sapphire braces match the color shade of the tooth enamel, and are mounted on the inner lingual side of the dentition. However, from the point of view of aesthetics and ease one of the best options are considered transparent braces.

Duration of wear

The optimal age for wearing braces is between 12 to 18 years when to correct violations of the easiest. But to restore the normal position of teeth and the patients have stepped over this boundary. However, for solving problems they will have to wear braces a little longer. On average, braces are prescribed for 1.5—2 years, during which they need to wear all the time. After that, for the same period the patient sets the retainers. They are required to consolidate the results and prevent the possibility of the return of the teeth to the previous location.

Care for a bracket system

During treatment, you should follow certain rules of care of braces. First of all, should abandon hard fruits and vegetables, too hot or cold foods, carbonated beverages, coffee and tea, and a viscous confectionery. Food should be as gentle as possible so as not to harm the system and will not stain the braces (ceramic and sapphire).

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