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3 essential items in a lady's handbag

Suitcase cosmetics can leave the house


With them face always looks sculptural and fresh. Label the contours on the cheeks, do a spot of color on the forehead and chin.

3 необходимых предмета в дамской сумочке

Blush is better to have рукой

Blush can be used not only directly, but also as a concealer. They will easily cope with this role and remove the dark circles under the eyes.

They can also be used as eyeshadow, causing a thick layer.

Colorless lip balm

Chapstick with a slight movement of the brush of Rouge on the lips, turns into a color.

Balm to coat the hair ends, so they don't posiliti.

3 необходимых предмета в дамской сумочке

Lip balm and волос

Apply to eyebrows, then they will look bright and tidy.


There is no pencil and eyeliner, take a thin brush, dip it in ink and draw arrows to her.

3 необходимых предмета в дамской сумочке

That's all necessary набор

Mascara is also suitable for eyebrows. Just type it on the brush in a smaller amount and apply a thin layer.

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