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Unexpected causes of bad breath

Not always an unpleasant smell caused by poor cleaning of the teeth or onion consumption on an industrial scale

For example, the breath may change due to stress. When we experience that release adrenaline and cortisol, that sometimes creates the effect of "smell".

On breath also affects the mode of eating and drinking. If you drink too little or abusing sweet, in your oral cavity accumulates glucose, which is a perfect breeding ground for germs.

When malnutrition occurs the burning of fat reserves, which are released ketones. They can make the breath smelly.

An unpleasant odor may be required problems with the gastrointestinal tract: ulcers, gastritis, dysbiosis and so on. The same effect can produce some diseases of the kidneys, lungs and diabetes.

If sore throat from the tonsils may not be the best flavor. This is another reason not to run colds.

Despite regular cleaning of the teeth in the mouth can accumulate germs under dentures and piercings. In such cases, you need special careful care. By the way, the pad for cleaning the tongue on your toothbrush is no coincidence: the language can also smell bad.

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