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Blacklist popular recipes of beauty

When we want natural, we buy organic cosmetics or use people's recipes, but it is a useful home treatments?

It turns out that even natural ingredients can cause harm. So, lemon juice, applied on the pigmented spot, not only lighten it, but will make the skin dry, deprive her of immunity. In addition, the lemon can cause allergies that will bring much more inconvenience than the spot that you wanted to fight.

This does not mean that lemon does not apply to grooming. The extract of this fruit are part of many factory cosmetics, but there they are in safe concentrations.

Add to these problems the skin and soda. Peeling out of her can and put black dots, but so will degrease the skin which may cause wrinkles. Having lost its protective film, the skin is often covered with rashes.

It is not necessary to skrabirovanie skin and sugar. The sharp edges indissoluble particles of sugar can injure the skin, damage the skin and cause inflammation.

Smear the pimples toothpaste is not advised. This product is too aggressive, so after its application instead of the acne scars.

Dry skin needs to forget about this means moisturizing as the mayonnaise. He did not moisturize, but will only make the skin more oily and clog the pores.

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