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Beauty secrets sultry Italians

Tanned with firm, elastic skin and a radiant complexion, Italians are unable not to cause envy

Important role in maintaining the beauty of Italian women play in natural products for skin care and hair. Women from Italy would rather prefer organic hair oil than a balm filled with petroleum products. Thus they are really good condition of the hair and skin, and not a short-term decorative effect.

By the way, the oil included in the diet of the inhabitants of southern European countries, inside maintaining their health and appearance.

Секреты красоты знойных итальянок

Italians would rather prefer organic hair oil than factory, balsamroot:

Another favorite natural remedy of the Italian coffee scrub. Preparing it is simple: ground coffee mixed with natural oil and massage movements applied to the skin of the body. Only a couple of minutes and the skin is renewed and hydrated. And with regular use, the cellulite has no chance.

Sunburn peculiar to the Italians, but spots no. All business in the developed culture of using sunscreen.

Секреты красоты знойных итальянок

Italians use for slimming coffee skratta:

Italians naturally have a contrasting appearance. Typically, they have dark hair and eyes. But they manage to be even brighter and more attractive using makeup. Girls from Italy don't see anything wrong with that, to use a bright lipstick with eye makeup in the form of arrows.

The aura of youth and lightness around itself, the Italians have created with weightless delicate perfume. Suffocating heavy scents are not honored.

Italy, beauty secrets


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