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Replacement plastic: facial gymnastics

If you do these exercises every day, you can easily wipe the traces of time

Gasforming — facial gymnastics is gaining more popularity in the world. The main thing is to practice regularly, and then the result will not keep itself waiting.

Exercise 1. Sit up straight, lift your head, pull it up, trying to "push off" from the shoulders. Chin this "retract" in itself. Try to pull the top even more up and imagine how slow neck stretches and upper back stretches (Clamped areas of the neck thus relieved from strain.) Then relax.

Good posture — guarantee a beautiful neck and a smooth chin.

Exercise 2. Destroys double chin

A) stick your tongue Out as far as you can forward and down. Feel how tense the muscles of the tongue root. Hold the tension for six seconds, then relax and "take back" language in place.

B) repeatedly expose your tongue in different directions and then hide it. The exercise must be clearly and consciously. Followed by complete relaxation.

Exercise 3. Obviousi against the corners of the mouth

Smile and raise thereby the corners of the mouth upward. Put your index fingers there, where the formation of the nasolabial folds, and feel the muscle tension. Then relax and feel how the muscles are relaxed in this place.

If you have a tendency to sagging of the corners of the mouth, you have to perform this exercise.

Exercise 4. Give the cheeks smooth and elastic

A) Inflate the cheeks. Pat inflated cheeks with fingertips. Then exhale, relax, and feel a tingling sensation in this area.

B) When Pat cheeks keep the tension.

C) Slowly exhale in the course of the Pat.

Exercise 5. Perfect for the eye area

A) Connect the thumb and index fingers of the left and right hands to the "glasses" around the eyes. Very gently and easily stretch the skin up and down. Then, overcoming the resistance of the fingers, blink 10-20 times. Finally, relax your eyes.

B) the Starting position is the same as in paragraph A. Close your eyes and push the upper eyelid on the bottom. Hold the tension for about six seconds, then relax.

Exercise 6. Gives you smooth and beautiful forehead

Put your hands on your forehead so that the tips of the fingers of the left and right hands touch each other. Raise your eyebrows and eyelids, overcoming the resistance of the fingers, upwards. If your hands do not rest on your forehead, it would have formed the wrinkles. You feel tense muscles of the forehead. Hold the tension for 6-10 seconds, then relax. The skin of the forehead like "flows" in different directions.

Remarks: Each of the six exercises, repeat 10-20 times in the morning and evening — it won't take you more than ten minutes. To start exercise in front of a mirror, preferably in the evening after you have cleansed your face from makeup and applied the cream.

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