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Children's hour: gathered the best beauty products for your heirs

Tell you what to choose toothbrushes, shampoos and sun protection

Universal family complete with a baby brush in a fun design "Mickey mouse" and the latest development of the engineers Oral-B brush Oral-B GENIUS

Everyone knows how difficult it is sometimes to make brushing your child's teeth. There is a solution: Oral-B Stages Power — the German development in the field of health care of children's teeth. This brush with a fun design works in conjunction with the learning smartphone app for the Magic Timer, created with the assistance of Disney, and helps children to get used to brush teeth regularly and learn to do it correctly getting pleasure from the process. A fun game in the bathroom — a great surprise for kids teeth, healthy child is a precious gift to his parents. The sympathy of those and the other is guaranteed to you.

Детский час: собрал лучшие бьюти-средства для ваших наследников

Photo: materials of press-services

Well, that brushing one's teeth was truly a family event, complete is and "adult" electric toothbrush. And all the "adult" model of Oral-B are equipped with innovative nozzle CrossAction, which is even better and gently cleans difficult to reach places thanks to the perfect angle of the bristles 16 degrees, covering each tooth, and adapting to its form. All toothbrushes are compatible with any other heads Oral-B that allows you to select the best option to care for the oral cavity according to individual needs. For the highest quality cleaning nozzle is recommended to be changed every three months, focusing on the condition of the wear indicator bristles. That is, once acquiring a set, later you just change the nozzle that really saves the family budget.

New baby shampoo-gel for body and hair from Weleda

Детский час: собрал лучшие бьюти-средства для ваших наследников

In the creation of new shampoos gels were attended not only by professionals but also children with roditelyami: materials of press-services

All very good for the body and hair is specially created for delicate baby skin. And in their creation were not only professionals but also children with their parents. So the result is like all young butyricum. Unique creamy texture and the new formula shampoo-gel with organic sesame oil preserve the skin's natural balance and protects it from dryness after bathing.

Детский час: собрал лучшие бьюти-средства для ваших наследников

Photo: materials of press-services

Natural remedies 2 in 1 with tender texture and a vegetable cleaning base not only gently cleanse and care for sensitive children's skin and hair, but also to give freshness and good mood for little fans of Weleda. In the line series with playful aromas of lime, warm vanilla and juicy orange.

The new range of NIVEA SUN

Детский час: собрал лучшие бьюти-средства для ваших наследников

You can now have fun with the baby for fresh air without worrying about patchface: materials of press-services

As the summer came at last, it's time for gaming pleasure. And it is clear that kids need to constantly be protected from ultraviolet radiation by using special tools. That's just until recently, almost all products from sunglass lines leave stains on clothes. And usually these marks are almost impossible to wash off.

Детский час: собрал лучшие бьюти-средства для ваших наследников

Photo: materials of press-services

And now — a pleasant surprise. To make life easier for parents, the experts at NIVEA SUN, the number 1 brand for protection against the sun, found a revolutionary way to deal with this problem and released the first on the market the line of tools that care not only about skin but also about things. Now you can spend your time in the fresh air and have fun with your baby, not worrying about what spots of the cream or lotion will spoil the clothes.

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