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Veneers: myths, reality and contraindications find out all there is to do Hollywood smile

White smiles of stars many cause jealousy and modern technology allows fans of all perfect to make the teeth downright dazzling. The veneers of exotic has become a familiar procedure. However, the desire to be like the idol of many people forget about the fact that Hollywood smile is recommended is not all. consulted with a specialist.

What are veneers

Veneers — are thin, not more than one millimeter thick plates, which are mounted on the front portion of the teeth within the smile zone. They give the teeth the desired shape and color. Most often, veneers are installed on the ten lower and ten upper teeth. Veneers are made from ceramic, Zirconia and composite. Most popular are ceramic, because ceramic is similar in aesthetic properties to the tooth enamel. I want to dispel a popular myth from the 90s that under veneers teeth worn down to thin columns. It is in the past. Modern technology allows us to make the veneer thickness 0.2–0.3 mm, and thus to remain within enamel during the processing of a tooth. To the eye it is imperceptible.

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The indications for veneers include pathology and acid lesions of the enamel, as well as aesthetic flaws, such as color and shape of the teeth, increased spacing between teeth.


Dead, damaged teeth, and orthodontic problems. The latter are solved with the help of braces. Wearing braces may not want to, but if your problem is crooked teeth, and dentists insist, do not go against experts. If you have serious problems with their teeth and they look pretty good, but you just want to install veneers, because it is fashionable, think. To ruin perfectly healthy teeth you always.


Now fashion natural looking teeth and a good dentist's work is that which is invisible. Transparent cutting edge and micro - relief on the tooth. A few years ago with the filing of some stars, people began to paste in the tooth diamond. But now it is a relic of the past.


The average cost of veneers is anywhere from 7 to 10 thousand in one composite veneers. But he's not the most durable. The price for the quality of veneers may increase to 30 thousand per tooth. It all depends on the material and complexity of work.


Caring for veneers is not much different from daily care of teeth. Twice a day brush your teeth and not forget to rinse after a meal. It is better to choose a toothpaste with a low content of abrasive. But it is also possible to reduce the consumption of staining foods, such as beets, chocolate, tea, coffee, red wine. And of course, not to chew on the front teeth hard foods like nuts or seeds.

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