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Shining face: mission accomplished

To look younger and fresher is possible thanks to a few simple techniques

Good complexion has always been valued in society. Women with smooth healthy skin color, no rash, always considered pretty and buxom. But with the pace of modern life in the persons of the fair sex arise the dark shadows from lack of sleep, pimples from not very useful snacking.

Significantly improve the condition of your face will help a little trick. If you use for wiping face, not Terry towels and disposable paper. They are not piling up germs, so the amount of redness is dramatically reduced.

A beneficial effect on the color and quality leather contrasting treatments: the use of alternating hot and cold water, wiping the face with ice cubes. But be careful: if you have rosacea, such thermal experiments should not be set without consultation with a beautician.

Another great method to revitalize the complexion to make massage. Massaging the skin, use essential oils for the best glide, do the movement from bottom to top and try hard not to stretch the skin. You can even give a few light taps on the cheeks after each application of the cream.

Don't forget about the famous folk recipe of dark circles under the eyes. Place on eyes used tea bags and soak for 10-15 minutes. The skin of this area will be toned.

Has a positive impact on the complexion of a glass of water with lemon drink on an empty stomach. First, it helps the skin to remain hydrated, and secondly, provides the necessary for beauty and health vitamin C.

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