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3 reasons to plant at home al

The recipes of our grandmothers

Aloe Vera contains a huge amount of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes — a total of about 200 minerals.

To enhance immunity

Aloe juice contains vitamin C and supports the protective functions of the body.

Take one leaf of aloe and blend it, add a glass of water and a tablespoon of honey. Take in the morning, before eating. Your immune system will thank you.

To strengthen the hair

Aloe Vera juice not only strengthens the hair follicles, but also adds Shine to the hair. Tear off a leaf and crush it, add a teaspoon of almond oil. Apply on hair and hold for 20 minutes. For best results, wear a plastic cap and wrap head with a towel. Then rinse with.

For skin beauty

Aloe moisturizes and improves skin elasticity and helps to slow the aging process. Make from plant lotion and use daily. Dispense 100 grams of aloe juice, add 3 tablespoons water and 5 tablespoons of alcohol. Wipe the skin before bedtime. After 10 minutes, the composition you need to wash and apply a night cream.

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