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Choose concealer

If makeup base is suitable for your skin, it not only can mask minor imperfections, but also take care about its condition

Basically, the choice depends on the degree of oiliness of the skin. If it is dry, medium-effect powder you will not do. Need greasy moisturizer enriched with vitamins a, E And hyaluronic acid.

For the skin with a normal level of fat vitamins and minerals — the main thing that you need, the rest doesn't matter much. For the combined case preferably a rich cream, certain problematic areas of the face it will not hurt, and drier will soften and protect against peeling.

If the skin is oily, oily creams are contraindicated. Choose such that when applied create a dulling effect. Their task is to remove the Shine, not scoring the enlarged pores.

Well, for aging skin has developed a special skincare with lifting effect. They also included a rich set of vitamins A, b and C.


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