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Oily skin: 5 steps to the ideal

Expert chief physician of the clinic, dermatologist Sona kocharov — how to get rid of pimples, acne and increased pigmentation

Let's discuss what kind of skin called "problem". First and foremost, the problem can be called the skin, which has any flaws. For example, pimples, acne (acne), increased pigmentation, allergic rashes, etc. Even people with perfect skin are not immune from stress, hormonal failure or other external and internal factors that affect the appearance. The most difficult to care for sensitive and oily skin type. Sensitive skin often reacts badly to the effective means cream and other. This problem can be solved, choosing cosmetics that do not cause allergies. And the owners of oily and combination skin often suffer from acne (comedones) and acne. The main reason for the formation of acne is the disturbed function of the sebaceous glands, but there are other factors. Don't forget that we are all different, and to determine what caused a particular problem with the skin, can only be a cosmetologist. In one procedure, as promised, some beauty salons to make the skin perfect impossible (except by means of a retouch on the pictures). Problem skin treatment must be chosen individually and in several stages.

The first stage is consultation and drug treatment.

In order to get rid of comedones and inflammation, you need to identify and cure the underlying cause formations. According to the results of the consultation of the physician according to skin type, to restore the correct operation of the sebaceous glands and remove the selected medication. For quick getting rid of acne and deep inflammation, it is possible to carry out the procedure of point injection of antibiotics directly into the affected areas.

Проблемная кожа: 5 этапов на пути к идеалу

Holders of oily and combination skin often suffer from acne (comedones) and acne, sapetto:

The second stage is the elimination of the clogging of the sebaceous glands (black dots).

You need to remove the existing deep dirt with a clean face. It can be as ultrasound cleaning (effective in surface contamination and to remove the Horny layer of the skin), mechanical cleaning (with a gauze and hands of cosmetologist there is physical removal of comedones) and combination cleaning (combines both types: first, remove the surface contamination, and then deep).

The third stage is mesotherapy.

We all know the effectiveness of this procedure. The doctor prescribes mezokokteyli (mixture useful for skin of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins), which not only reduce fat, but and even out the color and texture of the skin. The effect from the procedure is visible immediately, as soon as go papules.

The fourth stage is peeling.

The peels will quickly and carefully remove scars, scars, pigment spots, narrow pores and refresh the face. You can alternate with mesotherapy for best results.

Проблемная кожа: 5 этапов на пути к идеалу

Beautician should choose a competent home uhodiat:

The fifth stage is the appointment of proper care at home.

According to the results therapist gives clear instructions on how to skin care at home, picks up cleansing, morning and evening cream.

The effectiveness and duration of the result depends not only on proper selection, quality products and procedures, but also on the level of skills of a beautician. So you should trust your face only proven professionals and clinics.


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