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Orient Express: caring for the skin according to the recommendations of the Asian beauticians

Why snail slime, what is chalk chalk and why it is important to change monthly care?

This skin is only in childhood — smooth, firm, attractive, healthy. Fresh blush, microscopic pores, smooth face, which even without the decorative manipulation comes the most cherished inner radiance — a dream! However, Asian girls long ago debunked the myth that the skin can boast of only infants.

It is believed that good skin is something constant that is given by nature, as, for example, thick hair. Indeed, there are lucky ladies who don't know bed — no pimples, no peeling, no rosacea, no oily sheen is unknown to them.

And yet, in the case of the same hair we can't change the reality: no matter how we try to improve our inborn number of hair follicles is impossible. With epidermis the same things differently. A careful and competent care corrects everything from difficult cases of acne, star-mesh vessels to constant dryness and sallow complexion. Take the same Asians that are known for their skin — smooth, glowing, smooth, like expensive fine China. It turns out that it is not a gift of nature (the Koreans — leaders of today's beauty market is often a severe form of acne and rosacea), not random luck but the result of hard work. Where to start?

Moisture benefit

Восточный экспресс: ухаживаем за кожей по рекомендациям азиатских косметологов

Hydration is the secret to preserving youth and creativeto:

Note we are not talking about creating the appearance of a healthy skin. In the end, everyone can get a tube of good mascara, a concealer and a quality set for contouring in haste. But agree, I want to be proud of their skin after wash off the layers of makeup from the face. Asian girls (who in this material are our role model) rely on body rituals based on... water. How many times the world was said about the emergency of its importance for the organism — and the same time this Manifesto was, if not ignored by Russian buyers, that certainly not perceived seriously. And a very good reason!

Are you drinking enough water and using moisturizer? By the standards of Korean girls, this is not enough. In order to achieve the famous effect slightly damp, as if recently washed skin (it is called "Chok-Chok"), the most advanced use humidifiers as bedroom and office and portable (!). In the bag of every self-respecting Asian women, you can find thermal water, natural hydrolat distilled water (based on plant extracts) or veil for the face.

In the struggle for perfect skin it is important thorough cleansing and toning, which, according to Eastern covenants in several stages. Makeup is necessary to remove hydrophilic oil (i.e., oil, wash off with water). Be sure to apply it on dry skin with light massage movements to distribute on the face, gradually dissolving daytime make-up. After some time the oil begins to transform into a substance resembling jelly, — at this point it's time to wash away all this beauty with warm water. Immediately after Umilenie face you need to wash foam. Once a week, use a home peeling. Scrubs are best avoided, but the special gel-skutki will be at the time. When you are finished cleansing, apply toner. By the way, Korean women never use cotton pads, preferring to apply lotions hands, Spryskova the skin. Finale — hydrating thermal water or spray with a calming effect. And only now you can proceed directly to applying creams, serums or oils.

Changing the mask

Восточный экспресс: ухаживаем за кожей по рекомендациям азиатских косметологов

Asian girls doing face masks almost every denitto:

European ladies used that special care "included" in the overall system from time to time when you want to treat yourself to something special. Asians with such approach do not agree. Emulsions and serums they use daily, over long periods of time, while changing brands — it is believed that the skin quickly becomes accustomed to the cosmetic effects and will not respond to stimulation.

Special relationship — to the masks. We use them two times a week (and so received only the approximate and accurate), while Korean ladies include in your care up to five masks in seven days, three of which (guess what?) moisturizing. In the course of a tissue mask impregnated with a variety of active compositions from classic oils and vitamins to exotic ingredients (Royal jelly, placenta) and the ubiquitous hyaluronic acid and snail slime. Boldly adopting Asian the frequency of use of masks: "waterlogged" skin you'll never make it, but to achieve the long-awaited lights — completely. In the pursuit of skin radiance do not ignore a night mask. Often girls with problem skin skip this stage, for fear of clogged pores and inflammation. But if the tool is matched to the skin type and takes into account its features, no unpleasant surprises no need to wait.

If you are not scared of the amount of funds included in the diet of the beauty of Asian women, adopt essences and emulsions, which are applied after toner and misty, but before the creams. Why? Essences make care work more effectively.

And who would say that no, we cannot escape from the classical formulas of beauty that does not exist without health. Proper diet and daily routine can do to your face what could neither injections nor serum, nor other means and manipulation.


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